Shopping With Schmenky

I have been back from my visit with Mrs. Schmenkman in Virginia for two weeks, it is high time I blobbed about the visit!

One of our favorite things to do together is shop. I am not much of a shopper anymore, but I DO shop intensively this one week of the year. Between shopping with Schmenky and shopping on vacation in Florida, I manage to get all I need for the upcoming seasons. It really serves me well for the rest of the year, when I only occasionally have to pick up a few things on an as needed basis. Sometimes you just don’t think that far ahead.

Mrs. Schmenkman is an excellent shopping partner! We usually start out together, then become separated, bump into each other a couple of times and exchange things we have found that the other might be looking for (she is better about this than I am, I am not a great multi task shopper), occasionally reunite in the dressing room so we can complain to each other how we do not like the state of our figures, then come along side each other and proceed to the check out. She is a quicker shopper than I am. This leaves her time to examine everything with an eagle eye and find goodies that I would walk right past, unacknowledged, a hundred times. She has great skills!

As usual, I travelled to Virginia with my carry on case packed inside my big suitcase, in anticipation of all the bargains that would present themselves. I did alright! I tried to bring home a jacket that Schmenky’s brother, BFG, left after his visit earlier this year. I did have it packed, but after the last stop of the trip, on the way to the airport, sadly, the jacket came out. I am so sorry Jeff!

Ok, here we go, the Virginia shopping recap!

I believe I have mentioned my great love of the legging pant. The comfort is unsurpassed, in my humble opinion. They also feature the only thin part left on my body; my legs from about 6 inches above my knees and down. Oh, and my wrists are thin.

I currently had 2 pair, both black, one pair more cottony and the other more….shiny. I wore the shiny pair most, they seemed dressier with the kinds of tops I wore them with. Both were worn with my trusty black boots. I am going to cry when those boots wear out.

I felt the urge to add to the collection of leggings. The drawback was I don’t shop much, therefore I saw none to buy. It was on my radar this trip and I found two pair. They look quite busy and could be overwhelming, but I have a couple long black tops that do a very nice job of toning down the garishness of the bold print.


I don’t want to look like Laverne on the old Cher show, leopard print and bulges everywhere! Does anyone remember that skit? It was my favorite.


I feel the need to point out the line of pleather on this sweet pair. I think they could give me a little sass next winter. I will run the fashion choice by Mousey, my consultant, because she knows it is my deepest desire to NOT look like Hag Barbie.


I have worn the black and white pair quite a few times over the past 2 weeks, prompting Mousey to ask me why I take so many clothes on vacation when I wear the same thing multiple times at home? I don’t have an answer for that, but it does give me pause. Perhaps I will consider that fact next trip.

Found some new long tops to wear with black leggings, not the fussy ones above. I had never before worn long leggings with sandals, I find I quite like it.


I think I have identified my addiction. Hello my name is Capri Kel and I have a shoe problem.

In my defense, I have also identified my other problem; I don’t like to get rid of my old sandals. That’s why I have so many, see? Plus I have to have comfortable shoes and they are getting harder for to find as the years go by. They seem comfortable for a while, then they are not. Then I only wear them occasionally because they are not very comfortable. And because they are not worn out, I find it hard to discard them. You see? A vicious circle of shoe collection.

There’s a pretty Lucy kitty!


I was a little on the fence about the black B.O.C. pair, only because I sort of don’t need another pair of black sandals. Honey would say that I TOTALLY don’t need another pair of black sandals, but that is just an opinion. They were the first thing I bought the day I arrived and I waffled over them the whole trip. I finally decided to bring them home, because they were from a store I could return them to in The Mitten, if I so desired. I wore them to a wedding this weekend, DECISION MADE. Loved them!

I was looking for new silver sandals because they are my new catnip. I bought these two last year and I still love them, although the lower heel pair are fine for most use, they are not all day worthy. The higher wedge are darling and comfortable but too high a heel to wear with Honey, as we are about the same height. Or we used to be, he is shrinking slightly faster than me.


These new sandals could possibly be the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned! Purchased at TJ Maxx, they are called Malu, a brand I have never heard of, and they are proudly stamped in multiple places, “made in Brazil, SUPER COMFORTABLE”. Those shoes don’t lie! Airport worthy, all day shopping worthy, and no breaking in period! In the act of full disclosure, I must confess that I altered their appearance a teency weency bit. There were navy blue petals around the little silver decorative thingy and I snipped them off. I couldn’t really figure out why they would put them on, especially in Navy, because that limits the wearing options. I would mainly wear them with black, and those navy petals would have been a serious infraction of my fashion rules. Pure silver goes with BOTH splendidly. So far, I LOVE the Malu’s, and may be scouring TJ Maxx for other Malu possibilities!


Various cute, flow away from the waist tops, to camouflage my traitorous mid section.


I had been looking for some new, causal, jean capris that were comfortable. Seems to be a pattern here. I got these at Gabe’s, or as we call it, The Big Cheap Store. They fit the bill and I especially liked the Liverpool name. It returned me to my teenage Beatlemaniac self. A very satisfying amount of non clinging stretch.


Pants always photograph in the most boring way imaginable. Very dark blue wash, plum jeggings, and black jean. Lovingly stored in my winter storage wicker box.


This amused me.


And this. I am seeing a pattern that I was not aware I was creating.


Books from Ollie’s Discount store. The John McArthur is a twinkie for Honey, who loves him so. All were $2.99.


This could possibly be my favorite purchase! Other than the comfy silver sandals, it’s a toss up.


This is going to be my new best friend! So lightweight and easy to store? My hurty elbow and shoulder thank you! My new Precious, positively purring over here! I have already mentioned to Honey that I would like one for the backyard as well. Just a little hint, but bolder.

Alrighty, those are a good representation of my purchases. I will be back again with pictures from Sassy Cat Hill and other Virginia thoughts.

There is also the family wedding we attended to talk about. That needs to wait until I receive some pictures from The Dane.

I have some good news to share! The Boy had his blood drawn on Friday and his platelet count was 195,000!!!!!!! A very welcome change from 6000, I must say! Thank you for your prayers! They will begin weaning him off steroids soon and we pray he will be able to sustain the number on his own. Thank you Lord!!!



  1. tam said,

    June 2, 2014 at 8:06 AM

    Thank you God! The boy and Dane have been on my heart since I first read about it. I know momma feels better also.

    I will.confess, I do covet your new shoe collection. I finally cleaned out my collection and I have it down to less than 45 pair. Your pictures are giving me back some shoe shopping juju.

  2. caprilis said,

    June 2, 2014 at 8:47 AM

    “I’m not much of a shopper anymore” HUH??!!
    Thrifting counts!

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