The Family Wedding Part Two

I left you with The Boy, standing way up high, waiting to officiate the marriage of the bride and groom, Nora and Mike!

The Boy is not a graduate from Moody yet and really has no official ability to marry anyone, but Mike and Nora had already been married before a justice of the peace several months earlier for some sort of important reason that I am uncertain of. Taxes, health care? They just needed an officiator, and that he could do!

We thought it was so nice that they asked him and it was so fun to see! He said it was really good practice too.

Mousey and I had a good peek into how it was all going to go down as we watched The Boy and The Dane practice the service in our family room, talk things through, draw heavily from their own wedding ceremony five months earlier, and even role play a little with Mousey being Nora and The Dane being Mike!

So here he is, ready to officiate with his Harry Styles hair, looking all official.


Can I just tell you how PROUD we were of our Boy? He had just the right amount of everything! Of course, we are extremely biased. He did receive compliments from others though, it wasn’t all us!

Here is Goomba, heading up those big stairs. He executed his responsibilities with distinction. He is almost a professional ring bearer now!

 photo 1

The Bride, looking all loverly.

  photo 2

I felt for her, that was a long climb in a wedding dress!

photo 4

And so it begins! Mawage….. Capri Deb was right yesterday, it’s from The Princess Bride!


photo 5



photo 4

These two looked darling and as everyone knows, were the second most photographed couple of the evening.

photo 2

And on to the reception!

photo 4


1 Comment

  1. deb said,

    June 11, 2014 at 7:45 AM

    I am so proud of your Boy, too! Would have loved to hear what he said. A beginning to his career serving the Lord.

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