The Family Wedding Part Three

The Reception!

The bride and groom!

photo 4

Cousins Lindsay and Robbie, also known as Team Levine!


The bride Nora, dancing with her step father Ethan, who we hear is a mighty fine university teacher!


The groom Michael and his Mama, otherwise known as Aunt Phyllis.


Parents of the groom, Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis, LOOKING VERY SPIFFY!


Team Levine!!!!!


I always take two pictures because I need to have a choice. Both of these were darling so I had to use each of them!

This was MY favorite! Mrs. H is SO fun!


But they may prefer this one. I have to give props to the Grandpa! he is notorious for closing his eyes in pictures and he looked great in EVERY picture!!!!!


The band, The Shenanigans, was very good. There was a rumor that the girl singer had been on American Idol at some point, some year, and maybe been top twenty. They were loud, which caused a lot of “WHAT?” Aunt Phyllis and Mousey hit up the dance floor. I am sure Goomba was already there because he danced about NONSTOP for three hours!


Honey declared several years ago that he didn’t dance anymore. Just gave it up except for my one slow dance per event. Before anyone knew what was happening, he was out there dancing all cute with Mousey Ann!


Having SO much fun that Aunt Phyllis said I want to dance with HIM and cut in!


There is Goomba, big old fancy dancer that he is! He is a hip hop lesson graduate.


It was shortly after this moment that Honey had an….incident. Beeve calls it The Grassy Knoll!  All of the sudden Honey said it felt like someone kicked him from behind in the hip! He had to leave the floor. He broke himself! It would have been funnier, but I could tell he was in some pain! He said to me when leaving the dance floor, “we have to move more!” He valiantly went back out on the floor to try and loosen whatever it was up, to no avail. By the time we got home he required a heavy duty back pill! He did feel some better the next day, to our relief, and will hopefully live to dance another day!

After a couple days he was feeling much better but then he noticed that he had a HUGE bruise! Something happened in there, but we have no idea what!!!!!

Beeve and Mousey.


Then the Ab-Cat joined them!


I am not sure if this was before or after The Grassy Knoll.


I am thinking it was before, he is leaning pretty well!


That’s my Boy!


And his Girl! I could tell that they worked well together planning the ceremony, she is the peas to his carrots! Name that movie!


I heard a rumor that Honey wiped away a tear watching his Boy participating in the marriage. Unconfirmed, of course. Not really a stretch to believe though. He’s a weeper, according to his son.


Our progeny.


Plus one grafted on!


Our Mother’s progeny! We share genes, a bond, and A.D.D.


Stacey, our other grafted on, and her and Beeve’s progeny!


TEAM LEVINE!!!!! I can hardly remember when Robbie wasn’t grafted on!


My only Girl Cousin on this side of the family!


I believe I have mentioned in the past that I always have to convince my Uncle Bob to smile. He actually showered me with this “smile” the first time. I lowered the camera to have the talk. In the end I said just act like you like her!


He’s a hard nut to crack. Aunt Phyllis looks darling, focus on her!


Did I mention how proud we were of this one?


Then all heck broke loose on the dance floor!


It pretty much takes Beyonce to get The Ab-Cat out there.


But then she stayed! Poor Honey, giving it the old college try!


Joined by Team Levine. We pretty much hogged our corner of the floor.


We all had a LOT of fun! Thanks to these two!


Mike and Nora. The mawage that brought us together!


  1. Laurie said,

    June 12, 2014 at 7:38 AM

    “Forrest Gump” is the movie. And the wedding festivities look like a blast for one and all.

  2. Vickie said,

    June 19, 2014 at 7:42 PM

    love all the pictures of the dancing and comments. LOVELOVELOVE your mom and son picture! #lovethatboy!

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