War and Wound

I have a Friday list for today, a couple things that are not connected, but have occupied my week.

First up, we are at WAR over here.

Ants. Brown. EVERYWHERE.

Well, not everywhere, it just seems that way. They are around the island, but it feels like everywhere.

We have had a few ants in the spring before. We put out a couple ant traps and that was that. Not this year.

There is an open door somewhere, and they are waltzing right in.

And they are bringing their friends. It’s like mass illegal immigration.

I need to secure our borders. To keep out these little boarders.

I think I will have destroyed them all and in the morning there will be a hundred of them around a potato chip crumb.

We may have to get another dog. To take care of the crumb issue.

We tried some Borax, sugar, oil recipe on a paper plate recipe we found on line. I suppose I was supposed to wait for them to take the delicious treat back to their nest for maximum damage, but when I got up there were so many milling around on the plate that I sprayed them with ant spray to stop my head from exploding.

Now I feel I have poisoned our house and we are tracking it throughout. I am steaming the floors today.

My friend The Saint came yesterday to get her hairs cut and hi-lighted. She said they were waging the same war over at her house. She recommended these.


The lady at Home Depot said she had used them too.

Then when I got home there was a text from The Saint saying she found a few ants when she got home after being ant free for weeks. It’s a curse I tell you.

In other news, The Boy called earlier in the week. From the emergency room. He just can’t stay away.

His platelet count is fine, good thing too because he cut his finger.

He said it bled enough with platelets around 100,000. Blood all over his shirt, glasses, face. He was cleaning a light at work. Something about glass and a hinge?

image (1)

He cut a nerve and is supposed to go to a hand doctor. On the upside, he said it doesn’t hurt! He can still use it.

image (3)

He did a good job.

image (5)

Nine stitches, three days off from his janitorial job, days he can spend playing fetch with Seymour the Grandcat. He is s t r e t c h ing for the crumpled up ball of paper.

image (6)

He’s a fairly uptight, stressed out kitty. Sure he is.

image (7)

That’s enough words for today.


  1. deb said,

    June 20, 2014 at 8:09 AM

    Okay, I got the faint feeling after seeing the boys hand. …yikes, ouch, so sorry C. I defer the ant solution to BFG. He has successfully eradicated the masses of ants from our house. He sprays the exterior foundation, being careful not to leave a single point of entry …he uses Home Defense.

  2. Barb said,

    June 20, 2014 at 8:32 AM

    Sorry to hear of your ant troubles. I have been watching youtube videos about getting rid of carpenter ants this am. Fun. And sorry to hear of Connor’s troubles too. Although of course his platelet count is a wonderful hallelujah.
    Must admit I chuckled out loud when I saw the pic of the kitty. Thank you Lord for that little kitty. SO cute.

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