Pillow Magic

Capri Patt came and worked her magic on The Ab-Cat’s room last fall. I talked about the process here and here.  We painted and shopped and decorated until it was a thing a great beauty! Abby LOVED it! I was in there the other day and commented fondly that I still loved her room, she said she did too!

Her comforter and shams came from Target and because her twin bed is higher than usual, I wanted the comforter to be longer than a traditional twin. We chose a full and it works great. She had an extra pillow that we put into one of the shams, but we still had an extra sham kicking around.

Onto the sheet situation. We bought her sheets from Ikea, a most loverly shade of green that matched her room colors perfectly! Capri Patt had a great idea to buy an extra set and put the fitted sheet on the bottom mattress to cover all the off white we had going on down there. It blended nicely as well, because she is a little baby genius about things like that. An extra pillowcase is always a nice handy thing to have around and it stores easily in the linen closet. So then we had an extra top sheet kicking around. they are not usually needed…ever.

Before we redid Abby’s room she had been using a king sized pillow with a blue quilted sham for many of her lounging needs. After the makeover, that blue quilted pillow was a big old eyesore in her fashionable black, white and green room. Sadly the pillow went into her closet until I could find some kind of cover for it. I was not having luck in this department. Abby told me on several occasions that she missed her big, comfy, pillow.

Capri P suggested I give the extra new sham and flat sheet, along with the old quilted sham to use as a template, to Capri Deb to work her quilting magic on. That was a GREAT IDEA!!!!!!! Capri Deb asked if we were in a hurry to have it back, because she wanted to spend some time making it all purty-ful. We were more than willing to wait for that!

Capri Deb excels at ALL things crafty, and quilting is something she particularly enjoys. She took those extra bits of fabric , added some she had on hand, and gave it back looking like this!


All lovingly quilted and beautimous!


She even make this darling pillow for the reading chair! Both are backed with the extra flat sheet!


Abby and I both LOVED the covers!!!!!!!

Both of those gals are kisses on the cheek from a really good God!

Thanks Capri Deb!!!!!!!



  1. deb said,

    June 24, 2014 at 7:52 AM

    You are welcome! I LOVE how Ab’s room turned out!

  2. Laurie said,

    June 24, 2014 at 8:34 AM

    Once again — I have to comment on the creative powers of Deb. The pillows are wonderful.

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