Trailwood Garden Walk 2014

I did a fun thing on Tuesday! The Peanuts Champ, The Back Door Neighbor and I went on our annual pilgrimage to see some purty gardens!


My Mother belonged to The Trailwood Garden Club, and for several years before she passed away she took me to the preview. We would get to tour the gardens the evening before because the club members would be working the day of the walk, usually at only one house. It has been a pleasure to continue to see the garden walks with these loverly ladies!


The weather was iffy. Black skies, humidity so thick you could cut a slice and take a bite. Thank you Scooby Doo for that lingering thought. I am pretty sure he did it with fog though.

We were all oohing and aahhing at the first house because we thought these were real flowers. They were not! Some kind of metal work. It amused us though!


Once again I saw many different colors of hosta, once again I was reminded that I want some. Especially the delicious avocado colored and huge leafed ones. 


This moss was intriguing.


As were the delicious lilies. That color was scrumptious! It’s the exact pinky-coral-y color of nail polish I am looking for and cannot find. They are all too orangey. Not cool OPI and Essie.


Did I say I would like a hosta garden? I did? Sorry to be so repetitious.


This gal had coleus just planted in her front yard. I like that. Immensely. Coleus are my best girls.


Next house. Sun was out. Getting hotter and muggier. This house evidently had a swimming pool at one time.


They had a winding pond/stream all across the yard, so just a different water feature than the previous pool.


It was beautiful, but looked like a lot of work, what with koi fish and endless little waterfalls and cascades and rock buildups. I am sorry to differ with you spellcheck, koi is totally a word, even Words With Friends recognizes it. Get with the program.


I was already astounded that The Polar Vortex did not wreak complete havoc with these yards! I am sure that there was some fallout, and I am positive that the homeowners put forth a Herculean effort getting their yards in super spiffy, ready for their close up condition, but they could not have had the time nor the money to replace everything!

The next house was the biggest surprise! The neighborhood was full of small colonials and darling little ranch style homes. I had never been back in this neighborhood, and was very pleasantly surprised! The house was on a court and was so cute as we walked up. The weather was getting angry about now.


Nice walk back to the yard.


The minute we rounded the corner the heavens let LOOSE!


But look what we saw!!!!!!! A thing of rare beauty to behold!


The owners graciously let us up on the beautiful, relaxing porch. We sat, I don’t know, 10-15 minutes? I got caught up with a friend of my Mother’s, and we heard about the gardens from the owners. I am pretty sure that was them standing in the center.


To the right was a mother-in-law suite they added for her 97 year old mother, who was evidently in terrific shape! Maybe she helped them with all the gardening! We sat there for the entire squall and didn’t feel a drop. It was as close as I have ever gotten to being outside, but not really outside. I couldn’t help but think how much The Ab-Cat would have loved  to sit on that back porch and view thunderstorms that she loves so muchly!


They had bird feeding stations strategically set up right off the porch. They had good views. I see this in Honey’s future. He is enamored of our hummingbirds. Greatly!


They also had a water feature. That seems to almost be a requisite these days. Loved the mama duck and her ducklings.


This yard went on forever! The owners said when they bought the house in 2001 the backyard was empty except for the tall shade trees. They call it their “Up North refuge” in the middle of suburbia.


It backed to Tonquish Creek. We guessed they had a few mosquitoes around those parts. Loved the log path.


Pretty little things all over.


And these little guys filling in the gaps. Everybody doing their part for the sake of garden beauty!


A view from the back.


Who would have guessed all that was back there???


There were not too many pictures of the next house. It was very….white. Way less natural. But I did love that clematis going crazy all over that trellis!


Part 2 tomorrow!

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  1. caprilis said,

    June 26, 2014 at 9:21 AM

    All so purty!

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