Our Fourth of July Suarez

When my Uncle Bob called to invite us to join them for the holiday up at the cottage, we didn’t have to think very hard. It is always a pleasure to head up to gun Lake! The Girls and I left on Friday morning. Honey was needed by Ford Motor Company and was not able to come. I was very sad.


I don’t think we have ever been over Fourth of July.


We hadn’t been there too long when the sunning and boat rides began. The Boy was The Ab-Cat’s personal….handler. Mousey is especially working on her tan, she is in a friends wedding later this month. The Dane is just glad to get her sun exposure where she can find it! She doesn’t get to lounge outside much in Chicago.


Our Skipper, aka Uncle Bob. He was smiling in such a way as to remind me of his father, aka my Grandpa. I don’t usually see that in him.


He was a good tour guide! This is our Governor’s summer home. Rick Snyder, one tough nerd was his campaign slogan. Or something like that.


Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis bussed these two in from The Windy City. They were thoroughly enjoying the wind of another city!


There is a story behind the Skipper’s hat. He bought the hat a couple years ago and then lost the hat. Wrote it off as loss. Aunt Phyllis found it recently in the pocket in the back seat of their car! He promptly began wearing it again, like no time had passed. It did blow off into the water when he was on the dock, but he was able to fish it out. It wants to be lost.


Boating beauties.


There is just something relaxing about being on the water.


This was the infamous site of the viral video of an entire wedding party falling into the lake when the dock collapsed under them. I remember seeing this video but did not know it was on Gun Lake!


Al Capone’s summer retreat.


The biggest house on the lake. It was ginormous, and SO deep. I would not want to clean that!


Back to the cottage where Aunt Phyllis was waiting, probably reading her French book.


Lots of people were reading.


Command central, where the meals were prepared. We ate well. And desserted well.


The Skipper manned the BBQ.


I had told my Uncle about my recent pedicure. We share the family heels, aka hooves. I purchased some magic stuff at the beauty supply and told him that he, The Boy and I were having a little pedi session.


First we soak, apply the magic gel, then sand away. He said he liked it better than the Ped-egg because his heels didn’t hurt after.


The Boy was next. He wins the award by a long shot for the worst hooves. Waiting for the magic gel to do its thing.


I could have sanded his heels until the Lord returned.


The Dane graciously did mine. They do feel better!!!!

I believe I may have mentioned this swing last week and erroneously said it was gone. I was mistaken, it’s still there!!!! And was used continuously all weekend!


We played a lot of cards. Quiddler, 31, Golf, Euchre, Speed, and PEANUTS!!!!! This word was in honor of Honey, cause HE’S A DOER!!!!!


Back on the boat. Some people thought it was chilly. I was not those people.


Bob was trying to get Mousey to help him with something and tried to show her a couple times. I don’t know if she ever got it.


It was breezy.


The Ab-Cab was representing the country of her Father’s birth on the birthday of our country.


Oh Canada, she stands on guard for thee.


The Skipper and Gilligan. The Boy was helping him with all the docking business.


To her displeasure, he carried her off the boat like a sack of potatoes.


Command central for cards.


We saw fireworks on the lake, a decorated bike and wagon parade, went on morning walks, got Phyllis set up on instagram, tried to determine if the noises coming out of their chimney were birds or bats (thankfully, they were birds!) and talked a whole bunch.

Aunt Phyllis was trying to finish the French book she has been reading for a year. She had about 9 pages left.


This is how one reads a French book when French is not one’s native language.


The novel on top of the French/American dictionary!


I am so glad we were able to go! They keep saying they are going to sell the cottage, so every time I go I always feel like it could be the last time, and that will be a sad day.

Many thanks to Bob and Phyllis for a wonderful time!

What did you do over the Fourth?



  1. sajdear said,

    July 8, 2014 at 12:05 PM

    Wow! Thanks for sharing.  It looks like you had a wonderful 4th with all except honey.  What did I do over the 4th? Well, after we got the work done my hubby wanted to finish-i.e. porch, finances, grass-I headed to S.A. for their 1/2 off clothing sale.  Mom was coming for dinner and we still had to get groceries so I got in line and waited and waited and waited-1 hr. to be exact. Called mom delayed dinner, got groceries then fixed dinner, went to music in the park, grabbed a free cannoned t-shirt, had ice cream, went back to S.A. finished up my shopping then came home and stood in the driveway and watched fireworks well into midnight. We slept in until 7:30 the first time in a long time. Well, you asked, that was my fourth. Got some great stuff! Are you home now?  Any chance I could get a haircut this Thursday or Friday? We are leaving for camping Sunday.

  2. warrenp94 said,

    July 16, 2014 at 10:06 AM

    We read so much more on vacation…weird I guess. We read a lot anyhow, but it is ridiculous when we are away…makes me wonder if we can afford to retire someday if we will read all the time. Anyhow, Quiddler…one of the best games ever!

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