Diffusing the Flash

As you know, women of a certain age experience certain kinds of occurrences. These occurrences have many names. Flame outs, own personal summers, power surges, furnace flash, global warming, trip to the incinerator, nuclear meltdown or the most accurate, hell dips.

Until this year, I did not experience this middle age phenomenon much. Now? It’s like my body is suffering from faulty wiring, surging at all manner of inopportune times. I have found a new ally to wage war with the enemy.

Everyone has seen one of these guys. Rice filled friends that you can either microwave or freeze to relieve muscle soreness. Well, they are my new best friends!


All you need is one Bed Buddy, which is a truly awkward name, and a pony tail thingy.


Freeze new friend, sling around your neck and wrap the pony tail thingy around the blue handles for maximum tight closure. A hair or chip clip would work too if they were handier, and revel in the exquisite relief. They don’t even interfere with lounging on a pillow. You are welcome.

Anyone else have any tricks up their sleeve?


1 Comment

  1. honey said,

    July 11, 2014 at 1:05 AM

    ice in pants works well !!!!

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