Night With Goomba

We had a visitor last night. Goomba came to play while his parents did other things. He came bearing arms.


And even found some more over here.


We had dinner, then I sent him outside to “hunt” Abby while I cleaned up the kitchen. She was a little out in the open. Not a lot of camouflage in front of the hedge of death.


There was a lot of talk about big game and gearing up.


This is his game face. Scared me.


He was very easily lured away by the offer of a smores. And then another.

photo 4

Finger licking good!

photo 1 

He said they were so good he was losing his mind. That’s high praise. Said like Nicholas Cage, or said like Andy Samberg imitating Nicholas Cage.

photo 2

He then decided he would like to have a swim.


He played admirably by himself for a while with his Spiderman boogie board. A rolling, somersaulting sort of play….


…until Mousey came home from work!!!!! She was already suited up, as lifeguards are. She said the water was chilly.


Then the wild rumpus began!


Back flips.


A game of Guess What I’m Thinking,


or else you get dunked!


On the shoulders routine.


She tried to get the ring on, but that dog won’t hunt.


She then towed him around.


Last but not least, they were blue whales, up and DOWN!


He came to check out the video that Abby was showing to me and his Dad. It was a grandma getting scared by a shark ramming into and breaking the glass window!


He liked that!!!


Beeve threatened to give Ab a little shove, but she said he’d better not or she would pull him in with her! They decided against it because they were both holding their iPhones and that would be too costly.


Come again Goomba!


1 Comment

  1. sajdear said,

    July 11, 2014 at 7:20 PM

    Wow, your family sure has some good times.  The pictures are great and will definitely help bring back good memories.

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