Every year around this time our favorite friendly, nearby thrift store has some big old half off your entire purchase coo-pins. They show up in various publications and Honey graciously collects them for us. Thanks Honey! We have, or had, six. Half to be used from July 7 thru the 24th, and the other half to be used from August 4th thru the 31st.

I say had because Mousey and I had a thrift hankering and used one on Saturday. When The Boy and The Dane were home a couple weekends ago and I mentioned that we had them, they were excited! Well, The Boy was excited, The Dane is ambivalent about the Value World. She usually finds good stuff, but until her last visit had not looked much for herself. She said it felt too overwhelming.  After looking a little for herself, she usually went and joined The Boy and helped him shop for his clothes, some that she eventually permanently borrowed from him! I think she finally crossed the line of true acceptance on her last visit. By that I mean she had almost as much for herself in the cart as The Boy had!


As I said, Mousey and I had a hankering and used a coo-pin. I really needed to go to Sam’s for some ground beef and we were thisclose to Value World. Well, really a few miles but SO WHAT? I found a couple tops for myself and a pair of capris, but my favorite things were for The Ab-Cat. It must be nice to have your own personal shopper. I would like to have my own personal shopper.

Since spring, I have set my sites on a new library bag and a new Bible Study bag for The Ab-Cat. Her green library bag was previously thrifted and just worn and sad. Her thrifted BSF bag is still good, but a little small. I do still like that bag though! Both of these bags together didn’t cost $5.00.


I bought her a new Life is Good library bag for $9.99 in Virginia. I should have waited, but I was not informed that all of The Mitten would be donating their unused bags to thrift stores! Still a darling summer bag.


Then I found this brand new, cute Roxy bag at the last Value World outing for $4.10.


Along with this brand new Chico’s bag for whoever needs it for $5.40. It seemed like a good travel/airport bag to me and Mousey.


Add this handsome new one to the collection, a brand new aeropostale bag she can use for whatever she would like.


For $2.30 because of the magic 1/2 off coo-pin!!!!! Never been used! Love that! Ok, I promise, I won’t even LOOK at the bags for the rest of the year.


I also found her this cute Land’s End top that I knew she would like. It has regular sleeves. She is not a fan of the half, or cap, sleeve. She is a full, past the armpit kind of sleeve girl. It also has really cute stitching and a darling pocket on the sleeve that didn’t photograph very well.


The sleep pants were my favorite! Abby is a fan of our Tigers, now she can represent!!!!!


This was a really cute little mirror for $2.92. I may paint it, but I do like it the way it is.


I was just thinking about this Nora Ephron book the other day! It’s called I Feel Bad About My Neck and I had thrifted it several years ago and read it on vacation. It was very funny! I was thinking I would like to read it again because she had been talking about some things relating to a particular age of women and I had not yet arrived at that age. I have now arrived and I thought I would enjoy taking a second look! But Lo and behold, I must have loaned it to someone and it was not returned. But I found another for about .50 American cents, can’t beat that!

Mousey, as usual, scored several things to round out her wardrobe, or just add to her collection. Or as Honey would say, dump in her hoarders lair.

We will be heading back to value the world next weekend to further deplete our supply of coop-ins when the Chicago Two are next here. I just made that name up for The Boy and The Dane. Just now, right here.

We had planned to go to The Windy City to visit them next weekend, but due to hotel distance from their apartment, TRAFFIC, Mousey hosting a bachelorette party at our house on Saturday, and city TRAFFIC, it seemed like a better option to just bring them here. We have the beds, the pool, the Tigers, the Slows BBQ, the new Planet of the Apes movie (for a LOT LESS money I might add!), and the space to lounge right here. We will get down there some time.

Anyone score any good deals anywhere? Doesn’t have to be thrifted!



  1. deb said,

    July 14, 2014 at 6:22 AM

    Thank you….because of your post I searched the recycle pile and found myself some coopins!

  2. Laurie said,

    July 14, 2014 at 8:52 AM

    Wish we had a Value World here — the closest thing is St. Vinnies and it is way smaller than Value world. The bags were great. However, I find a bag I like and use it until it dies. I do switch out for winter/summer but still rotate the same two bags forever. I did like that Chico bag and would be very tempted had I seen it.

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