List of Things

I believe we are living in the dog days of summer. Things have been going on, but not much is noteworthy.

I asked The Dane to send me some pictures of last weekend from her fancy phone. She obliged me.

The Boy. Honey and Elyk. three very fine Tiger fans.


From our surprisingly comfortable handicapped seats.



I don’t know if I have mentioned this or not but Mousey has a thing for beards. She lives for No Shave November. The Dane sent this picture to her saying “I saw your boyfriend”. She declined. This fellow was a mystery to me. He had on regular clothes, a Tiger shirt and ball cap, was a decent looking guy, was with normal friends, carried an iphone, had a v e r y long ZZ Top beard. One of these things was not like the other.


In other news, we have men sleeping in our basement the next couple nights. Mousey is in her friend Beatrix Potter’s wedding on Saturday night and the groom and his posse are bunking down the basement. I just met them as they were leaving for the day. They seemed like very nice fellows, which would explain why I did not hear a peep out of them when they arrived last night well after midnight.

The Ab-Cat and I went to a neighboring town to see Jurassic Park at their cute little theater. Three dollar tickets and small town vibe. It was very fun and the velociraptors were were exactly as horrifying as I remembered from 20 years ago!


I have been walking with Jip the Farm Dog this summer on the days that I don’t walk with Keelyody. It’s nice to keep momentum going on solving all the worlds problems. I have to say that walking in Jip’s neighborhood is a far more strenuous path than my own. Her area is hilly, unlike my own flat path. Keelyody is moving into Jip’s subdivision next month, so it appears the path will be a constant. Bring it on.

My days seem to run together in a mix of walking, lawn cutting, weeding and trimming, wondering what to make for dinner, bringing food and goods into the house and toting out the trash on Sunday nights. There have been fun things sprinkled in to cut the mundane. Our Birthday Club has their annual South Haven Girls Trip next month and that is always fun.

Other than that, I will be home.

Cleaning out cupboards.

Brushing cats and getting enough fur to build a new kitten.

Watering and weeding, they go hand in hand.

Going with Honey to replace the things that wear out and break around here. This week? Spare bedroom bed frame and dehumidifier.

Alternating going to Sam’s and Meijer for groceries.

Viewing Pinterest. That takes a lot of time.

What have you been doing?

1 Comment

  1. jodaley said,

    July 25, 2014 at 11:13 AM

    Ah yes, Pinterest is time consuming. I’m not a fan of those big beards unless you actually ARE a member of ZZ Top or Duck Dynasty. Enjoy your cupboard cleaning.

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