A Little Bit Of News

Hi Guys!

There are things to say, they may not all be kin, how about a list?

The Boy’s hematology appointment with his old friend Dr. Boxer went very well! They were very glad to see each other!

Dr. Boxer could not believe he was married! He chided him about his tattoos. He asked if The Boy was going to be a pastor.

He was also appalled that The Boy’s Chicago doctor had him on such a high dose of steroids for such a long time. I believe his words were “You’ll rot your hips!!!!”.

He began weaning him post haste. Ten days and done. Maybe now The Boy will sleep again. And lose the headache.

He had many recommendations to look into, and a caution or two.

He delivered the good news that The Boy’s platelet count was 300,000! The new platelet drug combined with the old one gave him a very nice bump up!

The Boy will seek treatment at Northwestern when he returns home to Chicago. He is excited, that hospital is only a short walk from Moody, as opposed to a 2 hour train ride.

In other news, The Dane is back in the states! She cut her trip to Denmark short, arrived at Chicago O’Hare yesterday afternoon, and caught a Greyhound to The Mitten last night.

Do you know who was beside himself with excitement? The Boy missed his WIFE!!!!!

I have not laid eyes on her yet, but I have seen footwear evidence of her arrival. It will be good to hug her neck.

Our hearts are very sad for The Dane’s parents. This vacation has not worked out for them at all. We are especially sad that they had to cancel the wedding celebration they had planned with their family and friends. We are so very sorry.

I thank you for the many prayers voiced for The Boy and the details of this trip. He is not out of the woods, just on a better path right now. We are still praying for another remission. How he might get there is to be determined. Nothing is too hard for God. It’s good to have the reminder.

I would share more but it’s time to get walking .

And then I have to hustle over to the mechanic with Honey because Juanita’s engine light came on and she is driving sort of lurch-y. That can’t be good.

I also have to say that I am shocked by the loss of Robin Williams. I have been a fan since I first saw him on Happy Days, pre Mork and Mindy, all those years ago. We had never seen anything like him and I doubt we will again.


1 Comment

  1. warrenp94 said,

    August 12, 2014 at 10:55 AM

    Glad for the good news on The Boy!

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