South Haven 2014

Hi Guys! It’s good to be back! Much fun was had on the 6th annual trip to Lake Michigan!


We all met at Three Good Kids house to load up her van. Every year we think we will never get it all in, but every year we do! Suitcases, tote bags, other bags, pillows, a rolled up mattress pad, coolers, beach chairs and us and our purses! There were also many water bottles, a roll of paper towels, other flotsam and a watermelon jammed in a perfect nook. We were loaded for bear.

loaded for bear

 Thoroughly equipped, as for a demanding task or confrontation.

You are most welcome.

It was brought to my attention again this week that not all are familiar with the ins and ism’s that I was raised with. While playing a game of Taboo, I was trying to get my team to say the correct word, I offered up the expression “ I’m gonna jerk a _____ in your tail!”. They did not answer correctly. I will see if any of you can get the right answer in the comments!

From the left; The Oreo Mom, The Peanuts Champ, The Mayor, Three Good Kids, and our new friend, Shaq 2!! I was SO happy to have another tall gal to vacation with me and the shortest women I know!!!


We travelled across The Mitten uneventfully, but as soon as we arrived in South Haven the heavens unleashed. Torrential rain, flooding streets, downed branches and a strong desire to have a higher speed of windshield wipers, but Three Good Kids navigated the van like a pro. We arrived a little later than expected to a waning storm and no electricity. The power came on within the hour and all was well.

It’s a purty town with a cute downtown area, darling lake homes and a very nice beach.


I pictured a family of critters living in that hole!


We made it to a couple sunsets, and as in previous years, sailboats graced my pictures!


So lovely. Sigh.


There was a fellow who offered to take our picture. Picture a nerdy-ish Justin Long.

He was very nice and patient, taking our picture with multiple phones and cameras and even The Mayor’s iPad. I have to confess that he knew WAY more about my camera than I did. Who knew there was a sunset mode? Not me.


We decided to eat at the house more than we have in the past. We have not had much luck with the restaurants, for various reasons, so we cooked two dinners and had one grazers paradise at lunchtime. All were delicious and it was so successful I think it may be repeated next year.


All of the ladies in attendance are part of our monthly Birthday Club. There are more Clubbers that were not able to attend, but since we actually had a birthday girl present, we celebrated! It was fun to wish Shaqtoo a happy day with cupcakes bought stealthily in town earlier in the afternoon!

photo 2

Speaking of being in town, something funny happened when we were there shopping!!! As I was walking down the street I saw a couple that looked very familiar!!! Sure enough, on closer inspection, it was Schmenky’s, and Capri Patt and Deb’s nephew Ben and his wife JoanieK!!!! Fancy that!! I sure wish I had thought to take a picture of them to show y’all, because that was a moment to remember! Small world!

We spent a day at the beach, played games and cards, watched a couple movies, or tried to. I know I stayed up WAY later than my usual bedtime! Of course there was plenty of snacking and talking, funny things, solving world problem things, faith walk things and some tearful things.


It was time to travel back across The Mitten before we knew it. We headed to the beach for one last photo shoot until next summer.


We loaded the van up a little easier on the way home. Probably halfway home Three Good Kids said something had happened to the van! We limped to an exit and she called her husband. They had travel insurance for towing if you were under 100 miles from home, I think we were around 87 miles from home!!!!! Thank you LORD!

AAA sent a flatbed to tow the van.


We had lunch at McDonald’s and hung around at a truck stop until our ride came.

We managed to have fun and find some things to laugh about while waiting.


Here is our knight in shining armor! Mr. Three Good Kids came to our rescue!!!!!


Thankfully, their van was not horribly broken, as a matter of fact it was fixed before we all got back! Another huge thank you LORD!!!!!

Special thanks to The Peanuts Champ for being our travel planner extraordinaire!!!! We made some new memories this year!!! Until next year!



  1. Barb said,

    August 25, 2014 at 8:28 PM

    Very nice post Kelly! Thanks for chronicling our trip. I wish I would have sent you a photo of the van packed with all our stuff. It was quite a major feat. We are amazing packers.

  2. warrenp94 said,

    August 26, 2014 at 1:40 PM

    We always said jerk a know in your tail but I have heard another expression that just doesn’t seem to want to come to mind for me now…I bet that’s the real word you are seeking…bummer

  3. JoanieK said,

    August 29, 2014 at 4:01 PM

    Looks like you all had great fun! South Haven is really a beautiful little town this side of the mitten. It was too cool that we got to see you! Ben said we are celebrities because we made the blog. 🙂

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