How about a nice, fat, end of week list?

We had no internet yesterday morning. It was like the dark ages. Everything I wanted to do, I could not do.

I have been playing a new game with Mrs. Schmenkman and Capri P called Scramble With Friends. It’s like Bookworm, where you make as many words as you can with the given letters.

Shall we say I am rusty? I used to be very good at the Bookworm but I am being routinely trounced by those girls.

Plus, I can’t even figure out how to read a chat, OR what the free helps all do. It’s a work in progress.

I had a very successful day yesterday! I returned probably 7 bags of merchandise that I had accumulated over the summer. Unwanted summer apparel. Some held rejected fall clothes that I brought home to try with previously owned clothing. About three held the discarded articles of a massive bathing suit fashion show, that I subjected both Girls and Honey to.

There is not much worse than trying on bathing suits. A very sobering reminder of the ravages of time.

I am now the proud owner of ONE new bathing suit. Well, proud is way too strong a word. Let’s just say if something happens to my old one, I will not be suit less and nekkid, which I totally would have been.

I did also find thee bathing suit tankini tops at the Value World to go with my all purpose, hand me down, black bathing skirt that Mrs. Schmenkman so thoughtfully gave me. In all honesty, I like those tops way better than any that I paid much more cash money for. Hence the massive return of many suits.

I had never ventured into thrifted bathing suit territory before. I had heard plenty of Speedo success stories from Mousey and Dear Sandra, but, I don’t know, I just hadn’t. I think I was being snobby.

The Boy has found a new doctor and hospital in Chicago, Hallelujah and thank you Lord! The 2 hour train ride and the lack of confidence in his previous doctor were causing undue hardship.

The new fellow is about a block away from where he lives.

This is all in the nick of time because his chronic ITP is seriously out of control. He went from 490,000 to 70,000 in a week and drifted down to his current 12,000 within the following week. It’s like a platelet slaughter in there.

The Promacta he is on is causing his marrow to produce more platelets, which seems to be like feeding the machine. Whatever he is making is being consumed at an accelerated speed, because he has no extra platelets.

The new doctor upped the meds to try and get him a few more platelets while he reviews his records from the University of Michigan.

The Boy said this has ratcheted up his symptoms of headache and nausea.

We are praying for the doctor to have wisdom for how to proceed.

We are very thankful he is being seen by someone new.

The tide has turned in the garden. I believe we are about a mile past peaked. Everything looks tired and a bit raggedy. The zinnias are looking plain burned out and the spiky things that grow out of the tops of the coleus are coming in faster than I can pinch them off.

I have conceded defeat in my battle for the basil with the Japanese beetle. Just have them you disgusting, fornicating, iridescent mutants!!!!

We had BSF leaders workshop on Wednesday, it was such a joyful morning with hugs and greetings!!

I am very much looking forward to studying the books of Moses for the third time. There is much to be learned from his life. There is a lot to be learned about a holy and transcendent God too.

I don’t know if you have ever read Exodus, but God SHOWS UP. And He is just as present in our lives today.

BSF is going to joofer up the summer walking schedule. I have been walking the usual Tuesday and Friday mornings at 7:30 with Keelyody. We started the summer at her condo and have finished in her new subdivision. It also happens to be the subdivision where Jip the Farm Dog lives! Jip and I have been walking on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays at 8:30. This difference in time causes me to have to think every morning about what day it is and who I am walking with. I have not shown up at anyone’s doorstep on the wrong day or time. Yet. 

This is the most I have ever walked.

Jip downloaded Sports Tracker yesterday and we found out that the path we walk is almost 4 miles, or over 7000 steps, and I can’t remember how fast we walked it. 3, 4 MPH? Help me Jip.

All I can say is it’s hilly and we are sweating. It HAS to count for something. The scale is not really showing me anything helpful.

I spit on you scale.

Do you sometimes just forget the name of something? We do.

Mousey was talking about the “cold box”. AKA: cooler.

I was looking for the “counting machine”. AKA: calculator.

Do you have any forgotten words? Do tell.

I will be back tomorrow with pictures of the grandcat. They sent some good ones!!!

I guess that’s enough words, have a nice weekend.


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