An October List

It’s Friday and October, time to get my list on.

It’s dark out there! Keelyody and I are supposed to walk in 15 minutes and we may need a flash light. I think a little daylight savings time will help, but I goggled it and that doesn’t kick in until November 2.  :/

I wanted to take my camera on our walk and show you some pretty things, but I can’t tell what the weather is yet. I was hoping to do that on a sunny day.

As you know, I am all about the Pinterest lately. I found a recipe for streak free window cleaner that I would like to share. 2 cups of water, 1/2 cup white vinegar, 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol. I think it could be magic. Of course we have had no actual streaming sunlight since I wiped down my door wall, but it looks awesome anyway. Mousey and I used it on our car windshield too. Once again, looks real good, but need the sun. To be continued with the onset of sun.

It’s getting a little lighter, see some pink, could be a good sign.

Has anyone seen Fixer Upper on HGTV? I am quite liking it.

I am still working on getting my fall wardrobe ready. I am having second thoughts about my brown boots. I kept the B.O.C comfortable ones, and I do love them, but there is a problem. Of course. When I tried them on, put all the pieces together to copy the Pinterest outfit, I realized they are not really the color I need. I wanted more of a caramel color. My boots are sitting squarely in the dark brown camp. I think I need the more caramel color for all the plans I have for the brown boots.

I am going to wait on them and look around in Florida. Wait, do people wear boots in Florida?

Just got back from walking. It was surprisingly warm and windy. Keelyody said she had looked at the weather radar and observed the chances were good of getting get caught in the deluge hurtling our way.

It got increasingly ugly, so we cut off the end loop of our walk. When we were back on her street, the hurtling deluge caught us. Goodness!!

Did I mention that I am also liking Trisha Yearwood’s cooking show on Food Network’s  Saturday morning roster? I can’t remember if I did. She is so cute. I think we could be friends.

Saw this on the Pinterest. Truth and Love.


I apologize Warren.

I am guessing that everyone has heard about some Ebola in Texas?

Is anyone else wondering why this man came home right after helping someone who DIED of Ebola? Did it not occur to him that he could be infected????

Is anyone else wondering why this man was turned away at the hospital when he admitted being in Africa?

Is anyone else wondering why people are living quarantined in his apartment that has not been CLEANED?????

Does anyone remember the kids movie Tiny Tunes Adventures How I Spent My Summer Vacation?

And Hampton’s family put on hazmat type suits so they could clean the public restrooms, and they sprayed disinfecting foam everywhere?

That’s what I would want to do.

I highly recommend Tiny Tunes Adventures How I Spent My Summer Vacation. It was a highly quotable movie. It was memorable.

Is anyone else excited that Gilmore Girls came to Netflix on October 1? I think excited is too strong a word. But I am pleased. I never saw the beginning or the end.

Ok, that’s enough. Be back tomorrow with The Weekly Sy. Have a good Friday.



  1. jodaley said,

    October 3, 2014 at 10:55 AM

    It’s hard to believe he was sent home from the hospital. Seems like hospitals everywhere should be on high alert. Always lots of air travel in our family and with the Ebola news I’m even less excited about the flying than normal.

  2. October 3, 2014 at 5:24 PM

    Great ‘pinterest’ post today! I love it.


  3. Pam D said,

    December 2, 2014 at 12:30 PM

    I know it was a long time ago, but did your “streak-free window cleaner” work once the sun came out?

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