A few observations for your Monday morning.

Things are WAY past peak up here in The Mitten. We have now graduated to carpets of leaves on the ground, scraggly, leafed trees and some bare branches.

Of course, our Bradford Pears are just now turning color and still fully leafed. They are introverts and like to do their shedding alone. Always late to the autumnal party so to speak.

Autumnal is a strange word.

So is jurisprudence. I never use the word jurisprudence.

Artichoke is a weird one too.

I hesitate to enjoy something with the word choke in it.

I had a cat food incident this week.

As you know, we have three old lady cats. A mother and her two daughters. They are approximately 8 and 10. Or 10 and 12 years old. They is fluffy.

They have been eating Science Diet, regular chow for their entire life with us. I realized a couple years ago that the bag said for ages 1-6, and another bag said 7 and up. I wondered if that might be why they were so …fluffy? I switched them to a mature bag. It had a different shape.  Halle Berry promptly licked the fur off her belly. Her entire belly.  I switched them back.

This summer I noticed another option, something about age defying. They did fine with that. When I went to buy a new bag, that’s when my troubles began.

When paying at the cash register, The cashier said the price was about $20 more than I had ever paid. What? I said I had not paid that last time. She said they raise the prices sometimes. By $20? I said I was going to exchange the bag. I got another one for mature cats. Unfortunately, when I got home and inspected the bag closer, I realized it was the bag where the food was a different shape. The belly licking bag!!!!

I did not open it. I took it back the next day and exchanged it for another bag of  a different old lady cat food, opened it and fed the Girls. There was food still in the bowl when it was time for the next feeding, this is an unheard of phenomenon at our house. It continued for a couple of days. No one loved this kind. Then the horking began. I’m sorry Spellcheck, you may not recognize horking, but anyone who has a cat knows what horking is. I took that bag back for a refund.

I again bought the age 1-6 kind, which I will now refer to as the fat and yummy, no horking kind.

Everybody’s happy.

My Aunt Phyllis and I are trying to convince my Uncle Bob to come to Florida when we are there. She did what she could do, I did what I could do. He recognized a well coordinated effort. She chatted on Words With Friends yesterday that she saw a chink in his armor, he said he was checking flights today. We will see!

We had Tasty Boy doughnuts this weekend. Oh. My. Goodness. Those doughnuts are sinful.

We watched home movies this weekend. They are worth their weight in PURE GOLD! Precious. Everybody take movies, right now.

Have a pleasant Monday.


1 Comment

  1. tam said,

    October 20, 2014 at 7:37 AM

    Oh my….I read this out loud so Darrel could enjoy it. We are still laughing.

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