A Visit To the Tampa Contingent

My Aunt Ava and Uncle Frank live in Florida now days. When they were in The Mitten this summer, I mentioned that Honey and I would be in their neck of the woods at the end of October and would they like some company? They said sure, come on up! Since my Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis were also in Florida, they joined us for the excursion. We agreed on the day, they picked the restaurant, and we had a very nice visit!

After lunch we went back to their place for dessert and were joined by their daughter, Girl Cousin Lynn! I was SO glad she was able to work her schedule around so we could see her!


We got all caught up on important business and had cake. What’s not to love?


Uncle Bob was smiling without too much tail twisting. He is usually a sober judge. Maybe he said something clever, Aunt Phyllis seems amused, and she has heard it ALL before.


I was able to get a Girl Cousin picture before Lynn had to get cracking back to work.


They have lived in Tampa about 4 years now and I like seeing and hearing about their new adventures!


Aunt Ava is my Father’s sister and she sure did pick a keeper in Uncle Frank!


We heard about how these 4 went on a camping trip with others many, many years ago.


Bob is amusing himself again. I can’t help it, I have to record it to believe it actually happened. THREE smiles in ONE post!


Aunt Ava told a funny story about how someone at church told them how cute she and Uncle Frank were, always holding hands together. Aunt Ava said that it wasn’t so much about the romance, together they made a wider base!

I am so glad they were up for company, it’s good to take a road trip to see loved ones!



1 Comment

  1. Robin said,

    November 11, 2014 at 10:36 PM

    Aww…you all look so good! Love these people!

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