Jiggity Jig 2014 part 2

The Bomb Cyclone is still here, but the beast of a headache has left me, thank you LORD!

Let’s go back to Florida, literally AND figuratively, because Y’All it was 17 degrees out there when Keelyody and I walked this morning!

This will be a little random and listy, so it counts as a typical Friday post.

We went to Florida with three set events to work around.

First a visit to the ocean side of the state with Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis’ to visit with their daughter and her husband, otherwise known as Team Levine. Other, otherwise known as Girl Cousin Lindsay and Rob B.

We had visited them for the first time in their new home last February, when we were there with our Girls. As they showed us around, they told us of their redecorating plans. They have been busy as bees since we were there!

This would be a great place to insert some loverly pictures wouldn’t it? Unfortunately my camera was in the pool bag, across the state. As was the iPad.

You will have to take my word for it that their new laundry room, living room and renovated bathroom were stunning and delightful!!!

It is always fun to see Team Levine! We caught up with the visiting, made a large dent in their Halloween candy, played cards, Up and Down the River, and went out for dinner at a wood fire pizza place that Honey had visited the last time we vacationed over on that side of the state.

This was where we hatched a plan. All six of us went in on some lottery tickets with the agreement that we would divide it amongst us when we won the zippity million pot!

We planned to meet the morning after the drawing for breakfast to congratulate ourselves on our phenomenal win!

We did not win. Oh well.

Second, we went and visited the Tampa Contingent. See last post.

I believe I mentioned that Honey and I did some walking while staying in Bonita Bay. We found some BIG pinecones while out one morning. I told Honey that I wanted to pick some up on our way back to the condo. I had seen what to do with them on the Pinterest.

First thing, we had to figure out how to get them back. Honey suggested we use the bags the neighborhood so thoughtfully provided for the folks who walk their dogs and forget to bring their own bags.

Once we got them home, they sat outside the condo door for about a week until I looked it up in my pinned pins. Bake at 200 for an hour to kill anything that might be lurking. I left them in another 1/2 hour of so because the thought of lurking things gave me the willies.


I brought them home in our nearly empty carry on suitcase with other random things. They made it home in one piece!

I can either swap them out for the little ones on our coffee table or do something else. The world is my oyster. My pineconed oyster.

Sweet Odin’s raven!, these were tasty!!!!


Especially that cherry almond bear claw thing in the front that we very quickly schnibbled to death. Get in ma belly!

My Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis bought a place in Naples last spring after renting for several years. They had gone down in early fall to get some things, furniture, new air conditioner, you know, things you will need to actually live in a place. Phyllis said she needed to go back because she had some things to do, had stuff to be delivered, dishes to buy, et cetera, et cetera. I told her I wished they were going to be there when we were.

That’s when she devised the plan. Bob said he didn’t want to go, he had things to do in Michigan. She said she was going to work on him. We were chatting back and forth on Words With Friends and she would say things like “it’s looking dismal”, “he’s digging in” and “I see a chink in the armor”. We met for lunch and discussed it further. She suggested I call and work the problem from my end. He’s a smart one, he knew exactly what was happening! In the end he fell victim to our onslaught, they arrived a couple days after we did!!!

We got to see their new place!


I can envision them out on the lanai, having coffee, reading their Bible study notes,


looking at their green, pretty view, while we shiver and shovel up here in The Mitten.


Their place was beautiful, I was especially coveting their island.


Serious, deep, complete…




We had a very nice time with them and I am so glad they came! We ate together, travelled together and of course visited! I even went to the Naples BSF class with Phyllis when I was down there. I had not been to a different class in 19 years!!! That was fun! It’s was nice to see God working through BSF in another state!

Just a fun fact. When you attend another BSF class they ask you to sign in as a visitor. I know this because I work at the administration table for our class. Their table was swamped because the snowbirds were starting to arrive. They had more people on their signup sheet that night than we get in a whole YEAR! There were 4 visitors in Phyllis’ discussion group, that is unheard of for our class! It was a very good experience!

The third thing set on our day planner was a meeting with a realtor. We ended up meeting with her twice to see houses and condos and carriage houses. We still don’t know what we will do but we were able to rule some things in,  some things out, and gain a little knowledge about how things work in the area of fees and taxes and over 55 communities. It was all good to know stuff. Honey is going to be keeping his eye on certain areas. We will see.

On the morning we left we took a memory foam topper we had bought at Sam’s over to Bob and Phyl’s, because the bed at our condo was so hard it was about to cripple us both. They are storing it for us in case we ever have that problem down there again!

After packing, dropping off the mattress pad, weighing our suitcases at one of the many friendly neighborhood Publix, we dropped off the rental car and waited for our flight home.

We agreed once again that we like each other and are looking forward to retirement!


Thanks Honey for taking me on bacation!!!


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  1. honey said,

    November 14, 2014 at 10:42 PM

    my pleasure for sure. wish we could have stayed longer !!!

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