52 @ 49-50-51-and 52!!!!

When I set this goal of a picture a week last January, I never expected that it would be such a challenge! Some weeks, it was easy as pie. But some weeks, oh my lands a living’, it was hard.

But I persevered, I finished strong, if not a tad behind. And I even gave you one extra photo, as a bonus. Or a P.S. Or an extra little schnibble of digital goodness.

These pictures were taken at EEEEK’s Memorial Bonfire, hosted in Capri Deb and BFG’s backyard.

It was a fine toasty fire. Fueled mainly by the beech tree that fell down in their backyard last year.


Honey was in attendance, although I personally do not have photographic evidence of it.


The Capri’s, all featuring our Delicious Scarves. Back row; Capri Kel and Capri Lis (Mrs. Schmenkman), front row, Capri Deb, newly minted Capri Laurie from Idaho, and Capri Patt, with her eyes closed, who I am so sorry to say was thrown under the bus here. At least it is a good picture of her with her eyes closed. The other shots were truly heinous of certain people. And you know who you are.


Capri Lis with her brother, BFG. She was having technical difficulties with her new camera. BFG is the resident genius, able to fix most anything.


All of EEEK’s children.

Jim, John, Jeff, with Lisa, Laurie and Patrice.


Her finest work.

The children have already started to disperse to the four corners. Schmenky and newly minted Capri Laurie will head home this week.

There will be another bonfire in August, to celebrate what would have been EEEK’s 90th birthday. Those who are able will gather up north to the family cottage in the Upper Peninsula. Where there will be another bonfire, and EEEK’s ashes will be scattered in Lake Michigan. The same thing was done about a decade ago when their father, Captain Jack, passed away. It is their way.

It has been my great honor to spend this time with them. They are a fine, fine legacy of a truly exceptional woman.

They have done their Mama proud.

Happy New Year to you all!!!!!!!



A couple weeks ago, The Ab-Cat so graciously took Honey, Mousey and I out to lunch at Cheeseburger Cheeseburger. She was also going to take us to Coldstone Creamery. Because she had been dreaming of a Key Lime pie with graham bits and raspberry sundae for quite some time. The hankering was strong. 

Guess what? The Coldstone Creamery had gone out of business! The three we knew about in our area, have all gone belly up. It’s a bad time to be expensive ice cream I guess.

Instead of expensive Key Lime sundaes, we had ice cream at Cheeseburger Cheeseburger. The Ab-Cat and I split a banana split! It was so yummy! The next weekend, Honey suggested we duplicate the yumminess at home. So we did.

We purchased all of the necessary ingredients. Everything was deliciousioso! Except the marshmallow fluff. It just got hard and very chewy. They must thin it with something. We will have to do some research because we all agreed, it is a necessary ingredient.

We substituted black cherry for strawberry, only because the on sale ice cream seemed to be missing that flavor. It was more than fine.


Here is Honey’s masterpiece.


Mousey and Ab-Cat’s. Everyone has different whip cream needs I see.


And mine.


I think this will be repeated again. Soon.

52@48-Dolls From My Past

I loved dolls. I asked for a doll every Christmas, and usually got one.

I remember poring over the Sears and JC Penny catalogues every year with Beeve and my next door neighbor, Tina.

I am sure I had more than these, but these were all I could remember, and they seem like QUITE enough!

Here goes.

Yes, I had one of these scary, chubby, pop eyed dolls. Mine had a plaid kilt or skirt or something. We always made it  the boy doll for some reason. As I look at this picture, I guess mine was actually a girl doll, as she was the blond one.


Beanie. Another somewhat creepy doll. Was this a character from something? I remember he had a propeller on his hat, and my Beanie had no hands. Evidently I ripped them off dragging him around. My Mom sewed them straight across at the wrist. Also creepy. Wasn’t I progressive, having a disabled doll?


Ahhh, Mrs.. Beasley. Featured on the tv show, Family Affair, which I thought was the bomb! I loved, loved, loved this doll. Carried her everywhere. This summer, my Dad brought over a big box of my old toys that he had kept at his house for our kids to play with. Mrs.. Beasley was in there. Looking very poorly, I might add. All her stuffing was hanging out and her hair was a fright! She has gone to heaven now. RIP, Beas.


Baby First Step. This doll had a strange, Frankenstein gait. Back and forth rocking that propelled her about a foot in an hour. What I most remember about her is Beeve LOVED watching her!


Baby I’ve Got A Secret. Also in the big box brought over from my Dad. My doll had been blond, but unfortunately was nearly bald at the time of her passing. She had a pull cord and said things like “I hurt my finger, please kiss it for me”, and “ something, something, something, and you can too!”  When she talked, her soft face wiggled a bit. I remember thinking she was a beautiful doll.


Pepper! My first or second Barbie type doll. Hey, I just remembered that I had a Mary Poppins type doll. Given to me by me by my Aunt Ava, Uncle Frank, and no doubt heavily coached by Girl Cousins, Lynn and Kay. I looked for a picture of her, but the pictures were not of the one I had.

Back to Pepper. She was a lesser Barbie. Her legs did not bend, and she was made of a harder plastic. Most disconcerting? She would never look me in the eye. I liked her, even if she always acted like she would rather be somewhere else.


And now we arrive at The Kiddles. These were a phenomenon that ripped through our generation. I was not privileged to have very many, but Girl Cousin Kay, oh, she had the mother lode!!!!! How I LOVED to play with her Kiddles. She had this case, just stuffed with all things Kiddle.


Just looking at this gives me a little thrill.

2006-04-02 163

I did have the Cinderella Castle case, as did Girl Cousin Kay. We got them from our Grandma and Grandpa Hoover for Christmas one year. I never did see one picture of this case in all of my combing of the internet yesterday. I have a picture of Kay and I, playing with them, I will try and hunt it down.

This is Cinderella here, sleeping on her hard bed. You know, it has just occurred to me that maybe she was Sleeping Beauty! Hmmmm. What I can tell you about her, is I thought she was BEE-YOU-TI-FULL. I didn’t have that guy. Kay probably did.


Peter Paniddle. One of our favorites. Kay had him.


I can’t recall her name. Miss Muffet-iddle? Kay had her.


Bunson Bernie. Kay had him.


These were the only ones I had. Because I was a deprived child. They had a powerful smell to them. Their names were flower related, therefore they smelled like whatever their name was. I remember that I had a Lily of the Valley, and a Sweet Pea, and some sort of Rose. Among others. I’m sure Kay had them as well.

These things kicked around in my room, far longer than I played with them, and I want to tell you that they still smelled YEARS after. That was some powerful perfume they used.


I also had a couple of these treasures. I would bet cash money that Kay had them too.


Had one. I think one of these survived to be passed down to The Ab-Cat.

Years ago, while reminicing on the Kiddles phase of our life, I remember asking Kay whatever happened to all of her Kiddles. She said they were up in her parents barn. Her parents just purged their home up north this summer, and moved lock stock and barrel, down to Florida. I wonder whatever happened to her stash?  I will have to find out.


Darling Tippy Toes. This may have been the first doll that best friend, and convenient, next door neighbor, Tina, and I both had. At some point, we decided that we needed to get the exact same doll every Christmas.


Newborn Thumbelina. You pulled her string and she wiggled, and if memory serves me correctly, she rolled herself over. What I liked most about her was she was so tiny. Poor ugly, doll, child.


Now for the exact opposite! The adorable Baby Go Bye Bye! Tina had it.


Last but not least, my favorite and last doll, Baby Tender Love. The most realistic baby I ever had, she was very movable, smelled good and had delicious, squnchable cheeks. Tina had her as well.

Speaking of that new doll smell, doesn’t it just take you back? Every now and then, usually at Christmas, I get a whiff of that new plastic smell, and just have a stroll down memory lane.


I kept her until her leg fell off. Looking at that bottle in the picture, she may have been a tinkler doll. I think she was.


Every girl I knew had Barbie’s. Oodles, and oodles of Barbie’s. The first one I had, had non-bendable legs. Sort of awkward to sit like a lady in those pretty party dresses. Here is Malibu Barbie. Loved her.


Our Girls had many, many, Barbie’s as well, but what did the manufacturers do to the hair? My Barbie’s hair never looked like the RAT”S NESTS  of these Barbie’s today! Of course our doll’s hairs were straight and silky, which I would infinitely prefer to the Wreck of the Hesperus Barbie’s they have nowdays.

Malibu P.J. Loved the pig tails and how much did I adore the beads? SOooooo groovy!


Here is Stacy. I loved her red hair. Maybe this is where I developed my penchant for red hair. She may have been my first bendy leg Barbie. All dolls were Barbie’s, no matter what their names were.


THEN, we all graduated to Dawn Dolls! Here was where I had the mother lode!!!! My Mom must have felt bad about my unfulfilled longing for ALL things Kiddle, and indulged me with all things Dawn.  All of these girls AND their clothes look familiar to me.


Here as well. I think the second one from the left was actually Dawn. I think the red head was Gloria and then Girl #5 was Angie? They had the coolest clothes. I never had that many Barbie clothes, but I made up for it in Dawn Doll apparel.


Last, but not least, is my Precious, Tucky. Given to me by my Grandmother Georgia one year, after her trip to Kentucky. Her felt face has been worn off, her blue silky hair ribbins worn away,  from hours of playing. Even when no longer played with, she had a place of honor on my made bed, for YEARS. I didn’t even have to look to find her, she is still in my closet to this day. Just looking at her reminds me of my Grandmother, gone now for 18 years, but lovingly remembered.


I know a lot of you told me your favorites yesterday, but maybe this has jogged your memory further. Tell me what you think, or remember, or WISHED you had. Any Kiddle envy out there? Just try living with Kay, the Kiddle magnet!!!

Guy’s, we want to hear about your favorite toys too!

52@47 PIZZA!

I never did dress yesterday. But I did wash my face and brush my fangs.

I decided to nap, so I would be fresh for our Introduction To Christmas Movie later that evening. We did watch The Grinch, and it was fabulous! There are so many funny one liners in that movie, and Jim Carey makes us laugh.

While I was sleeping, which is another fine Christmas movie, Honey went out and hunter/gathered some supplies for our supper. Because he was out anyway, getting new tires for his distinguished Grandpa Grey Taurus. He had a hankering for pizza pie. I knew he would be hankering for something.

A brief back story. When we were in Florida, Honey became reacquainted with his fondness for thin crust, coal fired, pizza. We had it twice, and he has been mentioning it.

We bought this bread at Gordon Food Services on Wednesday. I had done all of my necessary holiday food shopping on Tuesday, to avoid the crowds. Which was, by the way, not successful. It would appear that that same thought had occurred to everyone else in our town as well.

As I was making the cheese ball, I discovered, to my horror, that I was out of dried parsley. That is not an ingredient that you can just forgo. I decided that of my shopping choices, Gordon’s was likely to be the least horrifically busy. I chose…..wisely. We were in and out.

But, since we were there, Honey and I perused the aisles, because we don’t shop there but a handful of times a year. We are more Sam’s Club folk. We saw this bread, and Honey was inspired to make some hummus. Then yesterday, he was re-inspired to use the bread for thin crust pizza. It was a very good inspiration!

We normally buy dough from Trader Joe’s, which is very good, but the whole dough thing is kind of messy, and it takes much longer to bake. These pizza’s only needed to be in the oven until the cheese melted. Maybe 10 minutes to say, 20-25 minutes. Eating sooner is always a worthy goal.

It had a very nice taste as well, not just dry, card-boardy pita flavor. Who knew that Naan, the authentic taste of India, would make such a tasty Italian pizza?


Because the memory card on my camera told me it was FULL,  I was super busy with deleting superfluous blob photos in hopes of refilling it with more good pictures, that I would need to keep. That’s what I do. I save the memory card when it is full. I am a little leery of reusing the memory cards. I like to protect myself from all tech errors. Usually caused by me. My own personal insurance plan.

So anyway, all that to say, Honey did the dicing and the slicing.


When discussing making the pizza earlier, Honey said he wanted to get real pepperoni, not that plastic stuff we usually get. This was the first I had heard about the plasticity of our previous pepperoni, but whatever, I am not one to quibble about food. Food is very important to Honey. Me? Not so much.

The pepperoni he chose looked very old. Evidently, that is the look you are going for when you want non-plastic pepperoni.


The Ab-Cat at work. Notice Katie sniffing around, eyes peeled for the refreshments.


Another bonus of the Naan, official taste of India, they were smaller, and everyone’s pizza fit on our two pizza stones. No one had to wait for the additional 20-25 minutes of dough pizza. Always a plus.


This was mine. I thought I had a lot of mushrooms, but I could have used more. There was shrinkage. The kids were experimenting with using feta on their pizza. They loved it. I think it was fine, but in all honesty, maybe a little salty. Everyone was glad to try the new, non-plastic, pepperoni. I got one, but that is ok. I have been known to share mine with Katie anyway. It was very good! And much more expensive than our usual plastic pepperoni, therefore, much too good for dogs.


Honey’s masterpiece. He was the only one who partook of the tomatoes.


He also provided us with treats from the Italian market, where he shopped. He liked his tuxedo thingy on the top left. The baklava was good, Ab liked her cupcake, but the lemon thing? It was just plain ODD. It was not tart at all. It was WIERD. Mousey said it tasted like smarties. Not Canadian Smarties, which are really M&M’s, but Halloween Smarties. Honey tasted it and agreed it was strange, but he couldn’t place the flavor. Then it hit me. It tasted like Johnson’s baby aspirin. Oh yes, it did. Sadly, it was not eaten.


Then we watched The Grinch. And laughed.

It has gotten cold here in The Mitten. 24 this morning. Bare naked trees and grey skies. Hello, winter.

Tonight: steak and homemade French fries!!!

52@46-Random Remnants of the Florida Trip of Twenty-Ten

The rest of the pictures I want to show you are an eclectic bunch. Let’s get to it, shall we?


Honey does love his papers. News, real estate, flyers, just about any kind you print.


I had heard about The Isles of Capri, and on our way over to the gulf side, I called Capri Patt to get more info. She said to wait while she Goggled it. We happened to be down that way, so we swung by. I was hoping to purchase some sort of Capri merchandise, but it was really just a small community with no stores. Therefore, I have no Capri merchandise to share with my fellow Capri’s. I personally have a Capri necklace, mug and tote bag, while the original Capri’s do not. I was hoping to even it up a bit. Sorry Girls.


When we went to Outback for my birthday in September, they gave everyone a scratch off card that offered a FREE dessert in October/November. Just a little carrot to lure you back in. Well, it worked for us.

The first time we went, we had a ginormous sampler plate that had cheesecake, carrot cake, and this made in heaven tasty thing, Chocolate Thunder from Down Under. Since we ate at Outback THREE times, we used THREE coo-pins for THREE desserts. After the sampler on the first visit, we just stuck with this.  Oh.My.Goodness. The YUM factor was off the chart. I highly recommend it.


We tried again to catch a sunset on our last night there. Too many clouds though. It was getting chilly too!


Here is where a nice man on the beach was taking pictures for others.


There were lots of shells at Fort Myers Beach. A carpet of shells.


Honey calls this “Rays of God”. It does look like heaven shining through.

I believe that is it for pictures of the twenty fifth anniversary trip. Thank you very much Honey, you are my favorite traveling partner!

52@43,44,&45 at Fort Myers Beach

On one of our many drives up and down the Tamiami Trail, we swung on over to Fort Myers Beach. It was later than we expected, getting dark, sort of grey, and looked as if a storm was brewing. But HEY, there was a parking space!


The faint remains of a sunset that we didn’t see.


Honey was looking at a phenomenon that I had never seen before. See the shore line? It was a ledge. The surf was eroding the beach in a strange way. Maybe it does this every night, and then puts it all back by morning. I don’t know, but it was like a step down to the ocean.


See? A shelf.


Honey so graciously carried our sandals so I could man the camera. One of the few times that I actually remembered that I had a camera with me.


There were tracks on the beach, so obviously, it was a driving beach. Another thing I did not know.


One of only two pictures of us together. The other one, at another beach, was taken by a thoughtful man who was taking pictures for others as well. Thank you , Thoughtful Man!


I have some more pictures of another beach excursion, but we will save that for another time.

Have a loverly weekend! I think we are having a raking leaves, shoveling dirt sort of weekend. Oh, the joy.


At Goomba’s birthday party last week, as usual, there was horsing around.

Grandpa, Honey, The Boy and Beeve. This is how I like them best.


Thursday evening, The Goomba dropped by while his parents went somewhere. Beeve told me yesterday on the phone that when he told him he was coming over, he said “oh COOL, we can read!!” And that is what we did.


I don’t want you to get the idea that his parents don’t read at home, because they do, all the time. Which is why the statement is so funny.

In other news, Mousey went to the doctor yesterday morning. The quick strep test came back negative, but I guess they always culture it to be sure. The doctor said strep is rampant at the moment. Last night, she started with a cough. Maybe it is just viral after all. The doctor was good to give Mouse-tine a note for school. I guess a medical note is better than a plain old excused absence.

Thank you for all of your well wishes!

Have a grand weekend.


Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement and kindness. They were much appreciated. We will go forward now and try to put the episode behind us. We have found that God, with His grace and mercy, is immensely helpful in times like these.



Last week, I overheard Honey telling The Boy that he was having some work delivered.

The ground around our brand, spanking, new, sewer line is settling. This is actually a good thing. We need settle-age to be able to put everything back together. Once we spread out the dirt, it can settle a little more, then we can put the retaining wall back around, plant some plants, put down some weed block, and begin hauling rocks. Maybe even have the new driveway poured. If it doesn’t get done before the second week of November, I guess we have to wait until spring. Evidently, there are rules in Michigan about concrete. Freezing and all.

One step closer to our front yard becoming whole again. A very welcome step, I might add.


I may have mentioned, a time or dozen, that my once reliable body has been betraying me.

I have been trying to take myself in hand. I have not been particularly successful.

It has been my own fault. I seem to think that I should be able to have a little of this, and a schnibble of that, any time there is something available. What I have come to understand is, there is always something available.

So, this week, I suspended the availability. I just told myself no.

I actually ate lunch at Panera’s this week and did not have a bear claw. Not even a toe. I know, I can hear some of you gasping. Because it is unheard of that I would go to Panera and NOT have a bear claw. There are many other things that I have not had this week, but that example is the most notable.

Last night we had CareGroup . And you know what that means. SNACKS!!!!!

I put out a vegetable plate with a little dip. I told myself I was going to have to be content with that.

And I was, until I saw the other snacks. Kettle corn, mustard and onion pretzel bits, chocolate chip cookies. And then, Three Good Kids brought this.


Apple crisp. Oh dear. WAS IT EVER DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!

It was my most favorite thing I ate all week. And worthy of a 52 picture.

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