How about a nice, fat, end of week list?

We had no internet yesterday morning. It was like the dark ages. Everything I wanted to do, I could not do.

I have been playing a new game with Mrs. Schmenkman and Capri P called Scramble With Friends. It’s like Bookworm, where you make as many words as you can with the given letters.

Shall we say I am rusty? I used to be very good at the Bookworm but I am being routinely trounced by those girls.

Plus, I can’t even figure out how to read a chat, OR what the free helps all do. It’s a work in progress.

I had a very successful day yesterday! I returned probably 7 bags of merchandise that I had accumulated over the summer. Unwanted summer apparel. Some held rejected fall clothes that I brought home to try with previously owned clothing. About three held the discarded articles of a massive bathing suit fashion show, that I subjected both Girls and Honey to.

There is not much worse than trying on bathing suits. A very sobering reminder of the ravages of time.

I am now the proud owner of ONE new bathing suit. Well, proud is way too strong a word. Let’s just say if something happens to my old one, I will not be suit less and nekkid, which I totally would have been.

I did also find thee bathing suit tankini tops at the Value World to go with my all purpose, hand me down, black bathing skirt that Mrs. Schmenkman so thoughtfully gave me. In all honesty, I like those tops way better than any that I paid much more cash money for. Hence the massive return of many suits.

I had never ventured into thrifted bathing suit territory before. I had heard plenty of Speedo success stories from Mousey and Dear Sandra, but, I don’t know, I just hadn’t. I think I was being snobby.

The Boy has found a new doctor and hospital in Chicago, Hallelujah and thank you Lord! The 2 hour train ride and the lack of confidence in his previous doctor were causing undue hardship.

The new fellow is about a block away from where he lives.

This is all in the nick of time because his chronic ITP is seriously out of control. He went from 490,000 to 70,000 in a week and drifted down to his current 12,000 within the following week. It’s like a platelet slaughter in there.

The Promacta he is on is causing his marrow to produce more platelets, which seems to be like feeding the machine. Whatever he is making is being consumed at an accelerated speed, because he has no extra platelets.

The new doctor upped the meds to try and get him a few more platelets while he reviews his records from the University of Michigan.

The Boy said this has ratcheted up his symptoms of headache and nausea.

We are praying for the doctor to have wisdom for how to proceed.

We are very thankful he is being seen by someone new.

The tide has turned in the garden. I believe we are about a mile past peaked. Everything looks tired and a bit raggedy. The zinnias are looking plain burned out and the spiky things that grow out of the tops of the coleus are coming in faster than I can pinch them off.

I have conceded defeat in my battle for the basil with the Japanese beetle. Just have them you disgusting, fornicating, iridescent mutants!!!!

We had BSF leaders workshop on Wednesday, it was such a joyful morning with hugs and greetings!!

I am very much looking forward to studying the books of Moses for the third time. There is much to be learned from his life. There is a lot to be learned about a holy and transcendent God too.

I don’t know if you have ever read Exodus, but God SHOWS UP. And He is just as present in our lives today.

BSF is going to joofer up the summer walking schedule. I have been walking the usual Tuesday and Friday mornings at 7:30 with Keelyody. We started the summer at her condo and have finished in her new subdivision. It also happens to be the subdivision where Jip the Farm Dog lives! Jip and I have been walking on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays at 8:30. This difference in time causes me to have to think every morning about what day it is and who I am walking with. I have not shown up at anyone’s doorstep on the wrong day or time. Yet. 

This is the most I have ever walked.

Jip downloaded Sports Tracker yesterday and we found out that the path we walk is almost 4 miles, or over 7000 steps, and I can’t remember how fast we walked it. 3, 4 MPH? Help me Jip.

All I can say is it’s hilly and we are sweating. It HAS to count for something. The scale is not really showing me anything helpful.

I spit on you scale.

Do you sometimes just forget the name of something? We do.

Mousey was talking about the “cold box”. AKA: cooler.

I was looking for the “counting machine”. AKA: calculator.

Do you have any forgotten words? Do tell.

I will be back tomorrow with pictures of the grandcat. They sent some good ones!!!

I guess that’s enough words, have a nice weekend.


My Favorite Summer Breakfast

I saw this on a blog. Or Pinterest. Or somewhere. But Y’All, it’s good!

Eggs reign supreme in the low carb world. Perfect little protein capsules full of healthy goodness. I like eggs, but I get very weary of eggs.

These pancakes are as easy as can be. They incorporate eggs, without being eggs! Just add a lone ripe banana to a couple eggs, and there you have it, BREAKFAST! Of course, other added things are nice too.


Here’s what I do. Add a little coconut oil to a fry pan and set to medium. You might not need the oil, but I am trying to use coconut oil when I can because it is supposed to be almost miraculous. Then you mash up a banana. This is a great way to use up the bananas no one will eat because they have spots on them. My family is especially lame about this. If you were making the two ingredient recipe, you would add the eggs at this point, stir vigorously with a fork, add some salt (still eggs and they need salt!) and fry up like regular pancakes. They are thin and can be difficult to flip, but no one’s going to prison over some strange looking pancakes.

In an effort to make them a little more sturdy without adding flour or other high carb-y things, I added a tablespoon of peanut butter to the mashed banana. It mixed up better to add it before the eggs. I have also added vanilla extract and even some chia seeds, just for variation. I don’t recommend using crunchy peanut butter. I know some pancakes have walnuts, but I thought the peanuts were weird. Just my observation.

Have you seen this? We are fans of many of the flavors but I had never seen this one. It made a nice variation!


Yesterday I used a little sugar free maple syrup and that was yummy as well. Go on, give them a whirl!

Going to The Value World this afternoon with my friend Sandra to use the last of the 6 half off your entire purchase coo-pins for the summer of 2014! I can’t remember if she said she has never been to The World or if she hasn’t been in years. But she is no stranger to thrifting. She is a seasoned Salvation Army warrior, fully capable of black belt frugality!

I reminded her they do not have dressing rooms at The World, it is their biggest flaw. I have been wearing skirts with bike shorts underneath, so as not to frighten the population whilst I try on capris, skorts and pants.

To my surprise, I have actually decided that I can wear skorts in my everyday life. I have worn them for years as walking attire instead of shorts. Years ago I decided shorts are dead to me, and it was a good call. The difference is I have been finding longer skorts, and also stretchier fabrics. I have no desire to wear a skort that is as short as shorts, or is made of constricting fabric. Why would I ever want to do that?

It’s all part of my never ending quest to find comfortable clothing for my hindquarters. I am getting worse about my intractability on this subject. Claustrophobic really. Comfort must be queen in e.v.e.r.y. article of my clothing. Shoes included.

Wish us luck!


Every year around this time our favorite friendly, nearby thrift store has some big old half off your entire purchase coo-pins. They show up in various publications and Honey graciously collects them for us. Thanks Honey! We have, or had, six. Half to be used from July 7 thru the 24th, and the other half to be used from August 4th thru the 31st.

I say had because Mousey and I had a thrift hankering and used one on Saturday. When The Boy and The Dane were home a couple weekends ago and I mentioned that we had them, they were excited! Well, The Boy was excited, The Dane is ambivalent about the Value World. She usually finds good stuff, but until her last visit had not looked much for herself. She said it felt too overwhelming.  After looking a little for herself, she usually went and joined The Boy and helped him shop for his clothes, some that she eventually permanently borrowed from him! I think she finally crossed the line of true acceptance on her last visit. By that I mean she had almost as much for herself in the cart as The Boy had!


As I said, Mousey and I had a hankering and used a coo-pin. I really needed to go to Sam’s for some ground beef and we were thisclose to Value World. Well, really a few miles but SO WHAT? I found a couple tops for myself and a pair of capris, but my favorite things were for The Ab-Cat. It must be nice to have your own personal shopper. I would like to have my own personal shopper.

Since spring, I have set my sites on a new library bag and a new Bible Study bag for The Ab-Cat. Her green library bag was previously thrifted and just worn and sad. Her thrifted BSF bag is still good, but a little small. I do still like that bag though! Both of these bags together didn’t cost $5.00.


I bought her a new Life is Good library bag for $9.99 in Virginia. I should have waited, but I was not informed that all of The Mitten would be donating their unused bags to thrift stores! Still a darling summer bag.


Then I found this brand new, cute Roxy bag at the last Value World outing for $4.10.


Along with this brand new Chico’s bag for whoever needs it for $5.40. It seemed like a good travel/airport bag to me and Mousey.


Add this handsome new one to the collection, a brand new aeropostale bag she can use for whatever she would like.


For $2.30 because of the magic 1/2 off coo-pin!!!!! Never been used! Love that! Ok, I promise, I won’t even LOOK at the bags for the rest of the year.


I also found her this cute Land’s End top that I knew she would like. It has regular sleeves. She is not a fan of the half, or cap, sleeve. She is a full, past the armpit kind of sleeve girl. It also has really cute stitching and a darling pocket on the sleeve that didn’t photograph very well.


The sleep pants were my favorite! Abby is a fan of our Tigers, now she can represent!!!!!


This was a really cute little mirror for $2.92. I may paint it, but I do like it the way it is.


I was just thinking about this Nora Ephron book the other day! It’s called I Feel Bad About My Neck and I had thrifted it several years ago and read it on vacation. It was very funny! I was thinking I would like to read it again because she had been talking about some things relating to a particular age of women and I had not yet arrived at that age. I have now arrived and I thought I would enjoy taking a second look! But Lo and behold, I must have loaned it to someone and it was not returned. But I found another for about .50 American cents, can’t beat that!

Mousey, as usual, scored several things to round out her wardrobe, or just add to her collection. Or as Honey would say, dump in her hoarders lair.

We will be heading back to value the world next weekend to further deplete our supply of coop-ins when the Chicago Two are next here. I just made that name up for The Boy and The Dane. Just now, right here.

We had planned to go to The Windy City to visit them next weekend, but due to hotel distance from their apartment, TRAFFIC, Mousey hosting a bachelorette party at our house on Saturday, and city TRAFFIC, it seemed like a better option to just bring them here. We have the beds, the pool, the Tigers, the Slows BBQ, the new Planet of the Apes movie (for a LOT LESS money I might add!), and the space to lounge right here. We will get down there some time.

Anyone score any good deals anywhere? Doesn’t have to be thrifted!

Over The Weekend

We had a fun weekend! The Boy and The Dane hitched a ride home with The Subject and his girlfriend, who came home to go to a wedding. They arrived late Friday night and left Sunday around 6:30, but we managed to cram a lot in!

We hit up The Value World, because The Boy always wants to do that and you don’t have to twist my and Mousey’s tail very hard to go. The Dane even shopped more than usual! She usually says it’s too overwhelming, but she actually went through RACKS and RACKS! And found stuff!!!!!

She found this awesome, brand new Scrabble game on a spinning base, the kind my Aunt Adalene had and I have always wanted, for $2.92!!!!! It again bears asking, why the 2 cents Value World? Due to my great enthusiasm, they let me score it. I will now be on the lookout for wooden Scrabble tiles, I guess that’s what The Dane wants anyway, do I smell a craft coming on?


The Boy said he needed a haircut, as his was ridiculously out of control. He said it was making him SO hot and he just wanted it off his head. If your sister can French braid your hair, you might want to get that taken care of. Just sayin’.


The Dane documented the shearing for Instagram. I cannot even explain the sheer volume of hairs per inch on his head. Masses and masses of thick, coarse hairs, that were bonding together, trying to felt themselves into a tight, airless, cap on the top of his head. Not to mention parting every which way as he slept, giving him a slightly homeless look on the morning train into work.

Full on wild man.


In the middle. We were practicing our sexy under bite smiles and making our faces as small as they could go. I can’t tell you why. Just passing time.

I was trying to use the clippers on the back of his head. The clippers were laughing at me. That’s no job for the weak.


There we go, there’s my handsome Boy! There was a carpet of hair on the floor. Mousey had 7 inches cut off earlier in the week, her entire pile looked like a small slice compared to two lines of his with the clippers! I don’t think we got that comparison shot. Volume I tell you, sheer volume. Now shorn.


We ate good food, had good conversations and hung out around the fire pit. It was over much too quickly.

BUT, we are doing it all again this weekend up at my Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis’ cottage!!!!! Well, minus the thrifting and haircut part, and adding some boating, cards and maybe I will bring my new Scrabble game!

What did you all do over the weekend? Speak up!

We Valued The World

Mousey and I have had a hankering to get thrifty. It happens. Our schedules convened yesterday, so off we went to the Value World.

The very best time to thrift is when you don’t need anything, then you are open to whatever you might find. The only thing I was sort of looking for was something wooden that I could practice repainting. I have a chest of drawers I brought home from my folks house last summer. A chest of drawers that was in my room when I was a BABY. It has been a light aqua color for my entire recollection, but it is very beat up at the moment. I am thinking of using it for storage in my craft/hair room. I have another chest that I am using now that I got from my Grandmother years ago and used in our babies room. It is a beast of a thing and has always been hard to open, therefore, I would like to re-home the bugger. Before I tackle the aqua chest, I would like to practiceon something else.

All that to say, I did not find anything wooden to repaint or re-stain.

But I did find these! One can never have too many bags! This one is a Roxy and so stinkin’ cute! I though Ab-Cat might use it for BSF or an alternate library bag. Doesn’t look like it has ever been used! A good deal for $4.10.


This could be the bargain of the month. I could tell right away this was a great bag! Once again, clean as a whistle and doesn’t look like it was ever used. It said Travelers on the silver bar, but I had never heard of it. Before I saw that I thought it might have been a Sak or a Baggelini or whatever they are called.

Very nicely made and sturdy.


Pockets and storage galore! I showed it to Mousey in the store and she thought it would be an awesome purse/bag for airline travel! She read my mind!


Upon further inspection, I saw the name Chico’s inside and was able to pull it up online. It originally sold for $69.00. At $5.40 it is definitely the bargain of the month!

When we arrived home I checked email to find one from Three Good Kids saying there were two 50 %off coopins in the mail! Isn’t that the way it goes?

Anyone else have a score?

Shopping With Schmenky

I have been back from my visit with Mrs. Schmenkman in Virginia for two weeks, it is high time I blobbed about the visit!

One of our favorite things to do together is shop. I am not much of a shopper anymore, but I DO shop intensively this one week of the year. Between shopping with Schmenky and shopping on vacation in Florida, I manage to get all I need for the upcoming seasons. It really serves me well for the rest of the year, when I only occasionally have to pick up a few things on an as needed basis. Sometimes you just don’t think that far ahead.

Mrs. Schmenkman is an excellent shopping partner! We usually start out together, then become separated, bump into each other a couple of times and exchange things we have found that the other might be looking for (she is better about this than I am, I am not a great multi task shopper), occasionally reunite in the dressing room so we can complain to each other how we do not like the state of our figures, then come along side each other and proceed to the check out. She is a quicker shopper than I am. This leaves her time to examine everything with an eagle eye and find goodies that I would walk right past, unacknowledged, a hundred times. She has great skills!

As usual, I travelled to Virginia with my carry on case packed inside my big suitcase, in anticipation of all the bargains that would present themselves. I did alright! I tried to bring home a jacket that Schmenky’s brother, BFG, left after his visit earlier this year. I did have it packed, but after the last stop of the trip, on the way to the airport, sadly, the jacket came out. I am so sorry Jeff!

Ok, here we go, the Virginia shopping recap!

I believe I have mentioned my great love of the legging pant. The comfort is unsurpassed, in my humble opinion. They also feature the only thin part left on my body; my legs from about 6 inches above my knees and down. Oh, and my wrists are thin.

I currently had 2 pair, both black, one pair more cottony and the other more….shiny. I wore the shiny pair most, they seemed dressier with the kinds of tops I wore them with. Both were worn with my trusty black boots. I am going to cry when those boots wear out.

I felt the urge to add to the collection of leggings. The drawback was I don’t shop much, therefore I saw none to buy. It was on my radar this trip and I found two pair. They look quite busy and could be overwhelming, but I have a couple long black tops that do a very nice job of toning down the garishness of the bold print.


I don’t want to look like Laverne on the old Cher show, leopard print and bulges everywhere! Does anyone remember that skit? It was my favorite.


I feel the need to point out the line of pleather on this sweet pair. I think they could give me a little sass next winter. I will run the fashion choice by Mousey, my consultant, because she knows it is my deepest desire to NOT look like Hag Barbie.


I have worn the black and white pair quite a few times over the past 2 weeks, prompting Mousey to ask me why I take so many clothes on vacation when I wear the same thing multiple times at home? I don’t have an answer for that, but it does give me pause. Perhaps I will consider that fact next trip.

Found some new long tops to wear with black leggings, not the fussy ones above. I had never before worn long leggings with sandals, I find I quite like it.


I think I have identified my addiction. Hello my name is Capri Kel and I have a shoe problem.

In my defense, I have also identified my other problem; I don’t like to get rid of my old sandals. That’s why I have so many, see? Plus I have to have comfortable shoes and they are getting harder for to find as the years go by. They seem comfortable for a while, then they are not. Then I only wear them occasionally because they are not very comfortable. And because they are not worn out, I find it hard to discard them. You see? A vicious circle of shoe collection.

There’s a pretty Lucy kitty!


I was a little on the fence about the black B.O.C. pair, only because I sort of don’t need another pair of black sandals. Honey would say that I TOTALLY don’t need another pair of black sandals, but that is just an opinion. They were the first thing I bought the day I arrived and I waffled over them the whole trip. I finally decided to bring them home, because they were from a store I could return them to in The Mitten, if I so desired. I wore them to a wedding this weekend, DECISION MADE. Loved them!

I was looking for new silver sandals because they are my new catnip. I bought these two last year and I still love them, although the lower heel pair are fine for most use, they are not all day worthy. The higher wedge are darling and comfortable but too high a heel to wear with Honey, as we are about the same height. Or we used to be, he is shrinking slightly faster than me.


These new sandals could possibly be the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned! Purchased at TJ Maxx, they are called Malu, a brand I have never heard of, and they are proudly stamped in multiple places, “made in Brazil, SUPER COMFORTABLE”. Those shoes don’t lie! Airport worthy, all day shopping worthy, and no breaking in period! In the act of full disclosure, I must confess that I altered their appearance a teency weency bit. There were navy blue petals around the little silver decorative thingy and I snipped them off. I couldn’t really figure out why they would put them on, especially in Navy, because that limits the wearing options. I would mainly wear them with black, and those navy petals would have been a serious infraction of my fashion rules. Pure silver goes with BOTH splendidly. So far, I LOVE the Malu’s, and may be scouring TJ Maxx for other Malu possibilities!


Various cute, flow away from the waist tops, to camouflage my traitorous mid section.


I had been looking for some new, causal, jean capris that were comfortable. Seems to be a pattern here. I got these at Gabe’s, or as we call it, The Big Cheap Store. They fit the bill and I especially liked the Liverpool name. It returned me to my teenage Beatlemaniac self. A very satisfying amount of non clinging stretch.


Pants always photograph in the most boring way imaginable. Very dark blue wash, plum jeggings, and black jean. Lovingly stored in my winter storage wicker box.


This amused me.


And this. I am seeing a pattern that I was not aware I was creating.


Books from Ollie’s Discount store. The John McArthur is a twinkie for Honey, who loves him so. All were $2.99.


This could possibly be my favorite purchase! Other than the comfy silver sandals, it’s a toss up.


This is going to be my new best friend! So lightweight and easy to store? My hurty elbow and shoulder thank you! My new Precious, positively purring over here! I have already mentioned to Honey that I would like one for the backyard as well. Just a little hint, but bolder.

Alrighty, those are a good representation of my purchases. I will be back again with pictures from Sassy Cat Hill and other Virginia thoughts.

There is also the family wedding we attended to talk about. That needs to wait until I receive some pictures from The Dane.

I have some good news to share! The Boy had his blood drawn on Friday and his platelet count was 195,000!!!!!!! A very welcome change from 6000, I must say! Thank you for your prayers! They will begin weaning him off steroids soon and we pray he will be able to sustain the number on his own. Thank you Lord!!!

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. It’s still May, right? When were you last in the middle of something that might be described as mayhem?

It seems like we have a lot of mayhem going on but I am having a difficult time remembering any!

2. When did you last feel dismayed?

A couple of days ago The Boy sent me a picture of his arm covered in petechia . He said there was a lot more where that came from.  That means his platelet count is low and that also means that there is some sort of ITP activity going on in his body.  He is in the process of getting his blood drawn  so they can see what is going on in there.  He has been in remission for the the last 9 years. Let’s hope it’s a blip. Mama is dismayed.

3. What’s a food combination you like, but other people may find strange?

Strange is in the eye of the beholder. I like my mashed potatoes and corn mixed together.  Apple sauce and cottage cheese mixed.  My recent favorite is dark chocolate and orange, but that is not strange, there are a lot of others who buy that!

4. “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” Do you think that’s true? Why or why not?

I think it depends on what you are talking about.  It is never too late  for God to transform my mind and show me who He has always wanted me to be, no matter the late date.  But I am pretty sure my dream of being a gymnast is shot all to pieces. That ship has sailed.

5. US News and World Report listed the best historic destinations in the US as follows-Washington D.C, Philadelphia PA, Williamsburg VA, Charleston SC, Boston MA, Richmnd VA, Savannah, GA, Santa Fe NM, Yellowstone, San Antonio TX, San Francisco CA, New Orleans LA, and Charlottesville VA.

Of those listed how many have you seen in person? Which two sites on the list would you most like to see in person?

I have been to four, Washington D.C., Charlottesville, Virginia,  San Antonio, Texas, and San Francisco, California. I will choose  Williamsburg, Virginia and Yellowstone. We have plans to get out west with The Schmenkman’s some day, Yellowstone is on that list.

6. May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. If you had to participate in a single fitness activity for the next half hour, which activity would you choose?

All I do is walk. I have always wanted to try yoga. I’m not much on intentionally perspiring. Honey and I have big plans to get our bikes up and running this summer.

7. What did you like best about the city, town, or neighborhood where you grew up?

There were a lot of kids in our neighborhood and we were all outside for a majority of the time. That seems to be a extinct thing anymore. We played a lot of those games that we talked about last week on The Hodgepodge!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I am in Virginia this morning with Mrs. Schmenkman, having a cup of chai, looking out on her loverly,  foggy yard, and getting ready to  perm her hair and have my own highlighted. The eating,  shopping and bargain hunting has commenced. Life is good!


Winter Retreat Part Two

Let’s go back to Florida, no REALLY, let’s! We only had two things on our calendar that week because that’s the way we like it. First up was visiting Girl Cousin Lindsay and her hubby, Rob B., also known as the internationally famed Team Levine!

They had lived in Orlando for several years and last year moved down to Cooper City, which was straight across the state, somewhere near Hollywood. We had never been able to visit them in Orland so we wanted to get over there and see the new place. It was SO nice!

Team Levine.


My Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis, otherwise known as G.C. Lindsay’s parents, were there as well. They had a GREAT backyard, 045

no cage over their swimming pool!


They made us a yummy supper and then we played PEANUTS, because Rob B. was wanting to finally play at HIS house! They had a perfect little permanent Peanuts table, fancy that!


The Girl Cousins.


Plus one Boy.


Thank you Team Levine for a loverly day!


The other thing on the calendar was The Ab-Cat’s birthday on the 25th. Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis joined us at The Cheesecake Factory in Naples. I said everybody smile and this was the look I got from Uncle Bob. What is it about this generation and smiling in pictures??? I said ARE YOU KIDDING ME?


He did better on the next one.


The 25 year old birthday girl!!! She had strawberry shortcake, which has a special place in her heart. Unfortunately, the wait staff sang to her, which does not have a special place in her heart.


Since we basically made Abby go with us, we promised we would curb the shopping, which she does not favor. Mousey and I DO favor the shopping. We managed to get some thrifting in, and Abby managed to scour the book sections. Bargains were found by all. Ab still complained we shopped too much and Mousey and I just shake our heads that our sacrifice was not appreciated!

Honey and The Boy always used to find ugly matching shirts and say they were going to get them for Fitchin’ shirts. Mousey found matching shirts (they weren’t too bad) and said Hey, they can be our fitchin’ shirts! We both tried them on and sadly, we both discarded them. No fitchin’ shirts 😦


I saw this sparkling beauty at the Ft. Myers airport on the way home. Now you all may not know the artist here, but The Capri’s will!! She is Leoma Lovegrove from  Matlacha Island, the little town that The Capri’s pass through when visiting Capri Patt’s island of North Captiva.


Leoma is known for her vibrant color and whimsical reflection. I totally lifted that from Goggle. I tried to link to her website but it didn’t come up. I went to her gallery last November with Capri P, it is quite something to see and her gardens were so unique!


She has clothing that looks much the same. I saw a cute dress with the tags still on it at the Goodwill. I would have bought it but it was too big.


That’s it for the pictures from Florida. I may have to sneak some thoughts in if they come to me, but for now, that’s all she wrote. Thanks Honey for another fun get away!

Thrifting and Gratitude

Hi Guys, it would appear the Polar Vortex has moved on. It is in the 20s again, which believe it or not, feels nice! No more slap you in the face, steal your breath, ––degree wind chill. It might actually warm up enough to clear our ice and snow caked roads a bit. That would be nice!

In other good news, our frosted door hinge has thawed.

On the other hand, our entire street still has their garbage sitting at the curb…..since Sunday night. Jip said she got an email from someone in an official capacity, who said they are just not coming this week. I guess we are all early for next week. I notice that everyone’s garbage pile just keeps growing.

Mousey and I gave in to our urge to go thrifting yesterday. Because of the inclement weather and lack of customers, the store was in MUCH better shape than usual! Better organized, well stocked and maybe even cleaned.

I looked at a lot of stuff, but in keeping with my strict guidelines, things had to pass my 2 question test to get put in the cart. Do I need it and do I have room for it? That ruled some things out. I settled on a brand spanking new Lancome makeup bag for .80 pennies, three books for the Goomba/future grandchildren box at .80, .95, and .60 cents from the left.

I have to comment on the Take Me Out of the Bathtub book. We already have one of these,I think I bought it at a Schoolastic Warehouse sale. The author, Alan Katz and the illustrator, David Catrow have made 2 darling books! They are poems made to be sung to the tune of familiar childhood songs, such as I’m Still Here in the Bathtub sung to Take Me Out to the Ballgame or I.T.C.H.Y. sung to Bingo, or the always favorite He’s Got the Whole Beach in His Pants sung to He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands. It has been one of Goomba’s favorites for a while now and I was excited to see that it had a sequel, or a prequel! I guess it is a prequel because I just observed that the one we have is called I’m Still Here in the Bathtub.

We can now sing about Sock in the Gravy sung to Rockabye Baby, Ripped My Favorite T-Shirt sung to I’m a Little Teapot and Stinky, Stinky, Diaper Change sung to Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, which I guarantee, he is going to LOVE. The pictures are so funny too!


The other purchases were warm, zip up fleece cardi’s for $2 to 4 dollars each. These were very much needed because Honey has not been able to find his and has accused us Girls of theft. He can now lounge again in complete, warm comfort. The black one is for me, added to the two I have, because those 2 clash with some of my sleep pants, color wise. Many of you might not care about that, but I feel Mrs. Schnenkman will be uber proud of me! By default I get one of the red ones too. I bought 2 to give him a choice, so I get the other.

The real bargain of the month goes to Miss Mousey Ann! A super clean, very good condition, vintage Coach purse for $19.99! She is as pleased as she can be with her bargain! She looked it up on line and found it is going for $298.00.


We did find some clues to its age in a pocket, a ticket stub for a Detroit Tigers vs the Chicago White Sox  game and a movie stub for Notting Hill, both from 1999


Has to be Bargain of the Month!

I have been thinking about adding something to the end of my blob posts in 2014. Sort of like a gratitude journal or a thank you God section. I am still unclear if I should attempt an every post or once a week format. I am also unclear if it should be one thing or several. Since it’s Friday, I can start today and it can be either or! I could start every post and then switch to weekly if need be, that is the beauty of blob ownership! Here we go!

*******Thank you God for…

Only one dead car battery during the Polar Vortex. Honey took care of it and Mousey is back on the road.

Honey’s safe travels during the Polar Vortex. We don’t take safety for granted. Ever.

Causing the new urologist to do something that he hadn’t planned on doing, and finding out something that he was surprised to see. I know that was Your doing, You know all things.

You all are most welcome to join me and add what you are thankful for in the comments!

Have a good weekend!

Tuesday Flotsam

We spent quite a bit of time last night playing guess how cold it is now? I can’t ever remember The Mitten behaving so, so……frostily. And FYI, our house is cold, but it is not 62, this thingy sits close to the door wall, so it’s a little skewed.


It keeps saying online that the temps are about-12 for our area and the wind chills are about 30 below, but this device is in a sheltered place on our back porch, not exposed to wind, so I am going with the 26 below!

Mousey left for work at 6:30 and when she pushed the new automatic start on her little black car…..nothing. Dead as a doornail.

As dead as a doornail


Dead, devoid of life (when applied to people, plants or animals). Finished with, unusable (when applied to inanimate objects).

I met her at the back door with the keys to garage parked Juanita, who started right up. She texted after arriving that the roads were not as bad as she had feared, or else Juanita is way better than her car! Could be a bit of both!

Well, I have no need to brave all that mess, so it looks like another homebound day for Capri Kel.

I am glad you are so gracious about the list format because I may just use it again for more random things that don’t fit neatly into a category.

The Boy told me to download Quiz Up on the iPad. I should not have done that. The game matches you up with random partners of like skill for a match of various trivia. As you know, I am a fountain of useless information, this could quite possibly keep me busy until the 12th of NEVER! I have mainly played 20th century history, but last night I discovered they have a Beatles category! I am a little rusty, but I should do very well here!!!! The kids like the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones categories right nice.

Goomba did not visit with us yesterday, he opted to share his snow day with his mom at her work. Stacey had a picture on instagram of him sitting at a desk, working on some sort of a screen, looking very executive-ish!

I used my extra time to de-silver my part, finish my BSF lesson, Catch up on Words With Friends, read The Long Winter, watch a marathon of House Hunters- Where Are They Now, watch Stargate with The Ab-Cat, and you know, test the limits of my skills on Quiz Up.

Our house has been devoid of Christmas decorations since New Years Day. Hallelujah!!!!!!! Going to bed at 1 a.m. did not stop me from waking at the crack of dawn. After the Danes left at 9 to go back to Chicago, I had an entire day looming ahead of me with no plans. Honey helped me bring up all the boxes before he went back to bed and I just started packing up. I finished around 11 and then joined Honey for a nap. I was very glad to have it done. I always feel like everything needs a super good vacuuming and dusting after all the stuff has been sitting around for a month or so. Yay me!

Mousey and I are having hankerings to hit up a thrift store. We were going to take Danish Fred to the Value World when he was here, but time did not permit. We have no needs, just a strong desire for the hunt of a good bargain. Cheap entertainment. We have tentative plans to meet up with my Father and his wife Marilyn this week in their town for lunch and a field trip. When we visited them last month, our finely tuned thrift senses noticed a HUGE Salvation Army very near them! I am not kidding even a little when I say it was HUGE. They said they had been there briefly before and it sounds interesting. It won’t happen today, as Mousey is already guarding lives and will continue to do so until 4.

Maybe our new couches will come this month!

When my Uncle Bob was here over Christmas we discovered that we share a strange quirk. We knew we both had heels that require the previously mentioned Ped-Egg. We also have an inexplicable itch on our right hip in the winter. How can that be genetic?

Honey sent me this email last night.

Subject: Fwd: Keeping things in perspective………….

March 21, 2010 to October 1, 2013 is 3 years, 6 months and 10 days.
(December 7, 1941 to May 8, 1945 is 3 years, 5 months and 1 day)
What this means is that in the time we were attacked at Pearl Harbor
To the day Germany surrendered is not enough time for this Federal
Government to build a working webpage.  Mobilization of millions, building
Tens of thousands of tanks, planes, jeeps, subs, cruisers, destroyers,
Torpedoes, millions upon millions of guns, bombs, ammo, etc.  Turning
The tide in North Africa, invading Italy , D-Day, Battle of the Bulge, Race
To Berlin – all while we were also fighting the Japanese in the Pacific!
And they can’t build a freaking webpage?

Have a good perspective today.

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