We Valued The World

Mousey and I have had a hankering to get thrifty. It happens. Our schedules convened yesterday, so off we went to the Value World.

The very best time to thrift is when you don’t need anything, then you are open to whatever you might find. The only thing I was sort of looking for was something wooden that I could practice repainting. I have a chest of drawers I brought home from my folks house last summer. A chest of drawers that was in my room when I was a BABY. It has been a light aqua color for my entire recollection, but it is very beat up at the moment. I am thinking of using it for storage in my craft/hair room. I have another chest that I am using now that I got from my Grandmother years ago and used in our babies room. It is a beast of a thing and has always been hard to open, therefore, I would like to re-home the bugger. Before I tackle the aqua chest, I would like to practiceon something else.

All that to say, I did not find anything wooden to repaint or re-stain.

But I did find these! One can never have too many bags! This one is a Roxy and so stinkin’ cute! I though Ab-Cat might use it for BSF or an alternate library bag. Doesn’t look like it has ever been used! A good deal for $4.10.


This could be the bargain of the month. I could tell right away this was a great bag! Once again, clean as a whistle and doesn’t look like it was ever used. It said Travelers on the silver bar, but I had never heard of it. Before I saw that I thought it might have been a Sak or a Baggelini or whatever they are called.

Very nicely made and sturdy.


Pockets and storage galore! I showed it to Mousey in the store and she thought it would be an awesome purse/bag for airline travel! She read my mind!


Upon further inspection, I saw the name Chico’s inside and was able to pull it up online. It originally sold for $69.00. At $5.40 it is definitely the bargain of the month!

When we arrived home I checked email to find one from Three Good Kids saying there were two 50 %off coopins in the mail! Isn’t that the way it goes?

Anyone else have a score?


Thrifting and Gratitude

Hi Guys, it would appear the Polar Vortex has moved on. It is in the 20s again, which believe it or not, feels nice! No more slap you in the face, steal your breath, ––degree wind chill. It might actually warm up enough to clear our ice and snow caked roads a bit. That would be nice!

In other good news, our frosted door hinge has thawed.

On the other hand, our entire street still has their garbage sitting at the curb…..since Sunday night. Jip said she got an email from someone in an official capacity, who said they are just not coming this week. I guess we are all early for next week. I notice that everyone’s garbage pile just keeps growing.

Mousey and I gave in to our urge to go thrifting yesterday. Because of the inclement weather and lack of customers, the store was in MUCH better shape than usual! Better organized, well stocked and maybe even cleaned.

I looked at a lot of stuff, but in keeping with my strict guidelines, things had to pass my 2 question test to get put in the cart. Do I need it and do I have room for it? That ruled some things out. I settled on a brand spanking new Lancome makeup bag for .80 pennies, three books for the Goomba/future grandchildren box at .80, .95, and .60 cents from the left.

I have to comment on the Take Me Out of the Bathtub book. We already have one of these,I think I bought it at a Schoolastic Warehouse sale. The author, Alan Katz and the illustrator, David Catrow have made 2 darling books! They are poems made to be sung to the tune of familiar childhood songs, such as I’m Still Here in the Bathtub sung to Take Me Out to the Ballgame or I.T.C.H.Y. sung to Bingo, or the always favorite He’s Got the Whole Beach in His Pants sung to He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands. It has been one of Goomba’s favorites for a while now and I was excited to see that it had a sequel, or a prequel! I guess it is a prequel because I just observed that the one we have is called I’m Still Here in the Bathtub.

We can now sing about Sock in the Gravy sung to Rockabye Baby, Ripped My Favorite T-Shirt sung to I’m a Little Teapot and Stinky, Stinky, Diaper Change sung to Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, which I guarantee, he is going to LOVE. The pictures are so funny too!


The other purchases were warm, zip up fleece cardi’s for $2 to 4 dollars each. These were very much needed because Honey has not been able to find his and has accused us Girls of theft. He can now lounge again in complete, warm comfort. The black one is for me, added to the two I have, because those 2 clash with some of my sleep pants, color wise. Many of you might not care about that, but I feel Mrs. Schnenkman will be uber proud of me! By default I get one of the red ones too. I bought 2 to give him a choice, so I get the other.

The real bargain of the month goes to Miss Mousey Ann! A super clean, very good condition, vintage Coach purse for $19.99! She is as pleased as she can be with her bargain! She looked it up on line and found it is going for $298.00.


We did find some clues to its age in a pocket, a ticket stub for a Detroit Tigers vs the Chicago White Sox  game and a movie stub for Notting Hill, both from 1999


Has to be Bargain of the Month!

I have been thinking about adding something to the end of my blob posts in 2014. Sort of like a gratitude journal or a thank you God section. I am still unclear if I should attempt an every post or once a week format. I am also unclear if it should be one thing or several. Since it’s Friday, I can start today and it can be either or! I could start every post and then switch to weekly if need be, that is the beauty of blob ownership! Here we go!

*******Thank you God for…

Only one dead car battery during the Polar Vortex. Honey took care of it and Mousey is back on the road.

Honey’s safe travels during the Polar Vortex. We don’t take safety for granted. Ever.

Causing the new urologist to do something that he hadn’t planned on doing, and finding out something that he was surprised to see. I know that was Your doing, You know all things.

You all are most welcome to join me and add what you are thankful for in the comments!

Have a good weekend!

A Blue Coat Every Five Years

Mousey found a new coat on the previously mentioned trip to The Value World. She needed a bigger, warmer, comfy coat to wear to work at her job of lifeguarding. She wears rather bulky clothes there and back and she is usually damp from swimming after her shift, so she needed something warm to zip herself into. She found this Eddie Bauer jacket with the questionable fur collar that mercifully snaps off. The inside tag says it is premium quality goose down. All for the bargain basement price of $1.60. No stains or tears or worn places, just unloved and unused. Except for that ratty collar, what up with that? The picture doesn’t expose the true ickiness of it.


This jacket reminds me of a purchase we made five years ago at a different Value World. Another blue coat for a Young Mouse. She needed it to go on a winter retreat with the youth group.

We did discover why that one was donated to the thrift store, it shed feathers like crazy.  She didn’t use it long. But it was cute. We re-donated it somewhere.

So far, so good on the feather shedding. We have not seen a one floating around.

I nominate the $1.60 Eddie Bauer down coat for the bargain of the month!

How about you? Any good deals out there?

The Year of the Corduroy

Hey Y’All, hope you are getting along swell in this first month of the new year. For us, it started off thrift-ily!

Honey texted all of his Girls that The Salvation Army was having a half off clothing sale on New Years Day from 7-10. In a New Year MIRACLE, I convinced The Ab-Cat to join me!!!! I seduced her with anticipation of books, five for a dollar. She even drove her own car so she could split when she was finished, therefore not cramping MY style, or cramping hers by having to wait for me.

While she was happily perusing the well stocked bookshelves, I was filling my cart with things she could try on. That Girl is NOT a shopper, and I know to strike while the iron is hot, make hay while the sun shines, and get when the gettin’s good!!! Oh yes I do! I may never get her into a store for the rest of the year!!! She gave me the stink eye when she saw my heaped cart, full of possibilities for her. But she gritted her teeth and started trying on pants. All manner of pants. Jeans, khakis and corduroy.

The pile on the right is her stash, FIVE new pair of cords and some aqua Life is Good pajama bottoms, S.C.O.R.E.!!!!!!  The brands were Ann Taylor Loft, Jones New York, J Crew, Chaps and Gloria Vanderbilt. These will probably come in handy whenever she gets that job she is looking for. She also found the cute black star bag, to carry her BSF things in, that fits perfectly behind her wheelchair.


My haul on the left is also corduroy heavy. I have recently discovered they have a nice amount of give to them, making them most desirable to me. The brands were Liz Claiborne, Sonoma, Jones New York, 2 pair of Christopher Banks, and the Bargain of the Month, 7 For All Mankind. I have heard of this brand on blogs, and tried on some of their jeans at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, but if memory serves me correctly, found them to be too short. Or too ill fitting. Or something, because I did not purchase them. These were long, and nice fitting, and are now MINE! They don’t even look like they have been worn!


When I got home I goggled them and found they were easily over $100. new. That just is unbelievable to me. HALF OFF $4.99 seems like a steal!!! I mainly bought them because they met all of my personal criteria, long and fits. I’m pretty easy. I am pleased with my purchase!


Abby’s books! She chose…..wisely.


How about you Guys? Any bargains out there with your name on them? Do tell.

Last Bargains of the Year and A Brown Dane

Hi Guys!

Happy New Years Eve! We are going to get our celebration on later this evening with a little homemade pizza, maybe some banana splits and surely some cards. There are things to do before that though. Things like vacuuming and last minute grocery store visits and the last chiropractic visit of 2012.

I went up to Kohl’s over the weekend  to spend the twenty dollars in Kohl’s bucks that were burning a hole in my purse. Not exactly burning a hole in my purse, more like a constant nagging that I would forget to use them. It has happened before and it’s not a good feeling. I usually give them to the Girls to buy unmentionables but I had offered and no one took me up on it, therefore they were squarely back burning holes in my pocketbook and nagging me.

The last time we used Kohl’s bucks our coffee maker had conveniently died, making our Kohl’s bucks purchase easy. We ended up paying $9 dollars for a new one, pretty good deal! This time, there was no obvious purchase so I started perusing. I had a vague idea that I would like a new pair of swippers. I have a quasi new pair, but I really like to have two pair. Because sometimes you can’t find one pair. This wasn’t the pair I had envisioned, but very similar and they were only $7. I am nothing if not flexible.


I was not looking for a new scarf but this one caught my eye with it’s purty colors and tiny bit of sparkly bling. When I read $3.60 on the tag I snapped it up! You can’t even buy yarn for $3.60!!!!! The regular price said $36.00 but who would pay that? For a scarf!! At Kohl’s!!??


I perused for quite a while in the rug section because our bathroom rugs died a noble death a month or so ago. They were a color that could not be duplicated this season so I focused my attention on greens. They will do, and then I found some for The Ab-Cat’s bathroom. And then I remembered that I needed one by the front door where folks take their shoes off. I was regretting my decision to forgo a cart at this juncture. Especially when I saw that I was going to have to wait in line for many minutes

When I reached the cashier she informed me that clearance was an extra 25% off! I had no idea! So my swippers were $5 and my scarf was $2.90! Bargains of the month!

The Dane has been wanting to do a little something with her hairs. She makes a loverly blonde, but the upkeep is a bane to her existence.


She needed to do something. Clearly.


She decided to go brown. Light brown, not a shoe polish dark brown, or heaven forbid, black. We mixed up copious amount of equal parts chestnut and brandy, applied liberally, and plunked her under the dryer for 13 minutes, then cooled her jets for 10.


Then rinse, rinsing, rinsed all that color off.


It turned out well, and made her pretty eyes look SO blue!


A new look for a new year!

Have a wonderful evening and I will talk to you in 2013!

An Anniversary, Great Jeans, and On Fire Tiger’s, What More Could You Want?

My lands a livin’, we have had some life going on over here. And I don’t even really have the time to tell you about it today, so I am going to share two things and get cracking on my to do list.

First and foremost, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY HONEY!!!!!!! Twenty seven years, gone by in a blink of an eye. We are not celebrating today, but I wanted to say it anyway.

The second thing is, Mousey and I went over to our friendly, neighborhood, Salvation Army last night. She had a birthday gift card from her sister, burning a hole in her across the body purse. When I mentioned our plans to Honey his comment was “What does she need?” Clearly, 27 years of living with me has not shown him that need is not always the impetus for shopping. The heart wants what the heart wants, and sometimes you just get a hankering for a little retail therapy. At least she finds comfort in thrifting, as opposed to spending many hundreds at a fashionable, expensive store.

As we were perusing the aisles, someone came on the store microphone announcing that it was Ladies Night!!! And that evidently meant all ladies clothes were 50% off!!! WOO to the HOOdy HOO!!!

She found her usual cart of useful items and big, old lady, nautical sweaters, with a purse thrown in for good measure. She done good, she only had to add 56 cents to her gift card!!!

Even with the added bonus of LADIES NIGHT, I only purchased 4 things. A grey cardigan that I will show to The Boy. I am not sure if he is still in his Mr. Rogers, sexy cardi phase. A pink print, caftan shirt thing, that I could not find to photograph, which leads me to believe that Mousey graciously threw it in with her MOUNTAIN of laundry that she started last night. Seriously, she can use half of her room again, that is how much dirty laundry she had in there.

Here are my final 2 purchases, being carefully checked for contraband by a careful mother and daughter team.


I love the print of this sweater by Madison, whom I have never heard of, and super comfy jeans by Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, whom I have also never heard of. Two dollars and fifty cents each.


I almost didn’t even try the jeans on because the name seemed creepy to me, but oh my WORD, they are a comfortable dream disguised as denim!

As I was showing my finds to Mouse-Ann, a woman shopping nearby chimed in that those jeans are regularly a $100-150 item. Imagine that?! And I got them for $2.50 American cash money!!

I just goggled them, and she is correct! Well, they are comfortable, not a bunch of spangles on the rear end and L.O.N.G., so they meet all of my jean criteria.

I must get cracking on my list of things for today. I should be able to resume my regularly scheduled program of useless information soon.

Oh, one more thing, GO TIGER’S!!!!!!!

Thrifty Virginia Bargains

Because Mrs. Schmenkman and I have no needs, we did quite a bit of shopping at thrift stores, for sport. We visited some we had frequented before, but also scoped out quite a few we had never been to before. Some we will revisit, some were not worth the effort.

This was not from a thrift store. It was the first thing I bought on the way home from the airport at Ruby Tuesday Morning. I plan to put it out in the garden on a shepherds hook. Note the word plan, lets see how long this takes me.


Here are the thrifted goods. All from Salvation Army or The Goodwill, and maybe a couple from the odd little thrift store.


I wore the top on the left to Mousey’s graduation last Sunday with a pair of thrifted white capris. Loved them! I wore the one on the right today when I did The Saint’s hairs, Hi Wendy!


The pajama segment of the program. Four-ple score for Capri Kel! Especially heart the pink animal print!


I found these at a little downtown place where Schmenk lives. The Chico’s dress was $5.95.

Schmenkerton was the winner here. She found a really lovely black dress, suitable to wear to a wedding, special occasion or a funeral. It was about $15, a fortune at a thrift store. She tried it on and said it fit so well she decided to get it, even though she didn’t really need it. When she went to pay she found out that it had a lucky pink ticket, the color of the week!! She bought that beautimous dress for twenty five cents!!!!!!! Most assuredly the bargain of the month!


These were from Ross, I wore the dress home on the airplane. Super comfy! Looking forward to wearing the skirt.


And the last thing I bought on the way back to the airport. I have been needing a new pair of black sandals and these Clarks for $24.99 were a good deal. I hope they are up to the task of being my best black sandals, because that is what I need them to be. I couldn’t pass up the gold wedges for $12.99. Especially since I am SO loving my silver sandals this year. Everyone needs a little gold with their silver!


So there you have most of my Memorial Day Extravaganza Hootenanny bargains of 2012!

How about you Guys? Anything to hoot about?

February Photo Challenge-Your Shoes

My black Pr!vo’s, purchased in Key West at Ross Dress for Less for the bargain price of only $13.99! I have never owned this brand before, but I am pleased with how they look after 2 years.


That is what I am wearing now, I wore black boots to BSF.

Tomorrows photo prompt is inside your bathroom cabinet. Riveting. Do you think they mean the medicine chest, or linen closet, or it could even be under the sink? Decisions, decisions!

What do you think?

End of the Week Wrap up

Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner for Bargain of the Month! Sixty cents worth of eye candy!


I have a few end of the week type things to share.

I talked to The Boy on Thursday this week as he was walking to a job interview. It was freezing and he had not realized that before he set out. He said the job was watching some kids at a private school after school was out. Baby sitting, if you will. Only 6 hours a week, perfect he thought. He forgot his gloves so he had to get off the phone before too long to put his hand back in his pocket. Hope it works out.

Mousey was texting with The Subject and asked if he had secured employment. He said he was working at the zoo, preparing meals for the animals. I don’t believe him though. He is a known spoofer.

In other news, the “storm” was less than spectacular. A couple of inches of white powder, requiring care on the roads, but hardly what I had been hearing about. We were prepared though. Fortunately, I had been to Sam’s AND Kroger’s this week, so we were stocked up on the essentials. You know, cream, cheese, butter and chips. Also some non-essentials like catfish, marshmallows and Rice Krispies. Mousey has been on a Rice Krispie Treat tear.

We watched the disaster movie 2012 last night on FX. It was exhausting. All that disaster, danger and drama.

When I turn the corner onto our street, I still find myself looking for The Boy’s truck to see if he is home. Sad for two reasons, first he is in Chicago without us, and second, we have no truck.  😦

I am wearing the big, burgundy, man fleece, robe. It is super toasty and worth every penny of that $1.55.

Katie had a bath and pedicure last night. She was bushed before the movie even started.

I will be back tomorrow with a celebration!

Have a pleasant Saturday.

Thrifting With Capri Deb

First of all, I just need to report it is 3 degrees up here in The Mitten. Not whining, just saying.

I believe I mentioned that I was going to The Value World yesterday. Capri Deb had a 50% off EVERYTHING coo-pin and she so graciously offered to share! We braved a sudden blizzard on the way to Panera, and by the time we left, it was sunny and bright. Welcome to Michigan.

After we got our carts, I bid the Force be with her and we parted ways. We mingled in and out of contact for the next bit of time. She scored 2 comfy pair of jammies, and one was Life is Good! I did not. I know you are having a hard time believing that one!

I tried on many tops, but since I have no pressing needs, I could afford to be choosy. I was drawn to warm clothes, because I heard a rumor that we are getting blasted with a winter storm producing 3-5 inches this weekend.

Converse hoodie $1.60, I picked it with The Ab-Cat in mind, but it fits me if she doesn’t like it.  Susan Bristol sweater .60 American cents!


All this stitching is SO cute


These are the Goodwill pants I found earlier in the week, randomly stuck in the middle of this post. Gap $3.99 activewear. Can’t wait to wear them, they are like jammies!


I picked up a nearly new under armour sports bra for .50, thinking it would be for Mousey and that lacrosse business she participates in. The more I look at it though I think I may keep it. My sports bras look like I stole them from hobos, and I already spent cash money buying her 2 new black ones last season. If the bra fits, I’m gonna wear it!

I like this V neck, rust  Eddie Bauer sweater for $1.00, and the Carolyn Taylor plum sweater for $1.30. Every thing I bought was conducive to layering.


I don’t wear a  robe. I used to wear a robe, but I don’t now. But sometimes you need some fleece whilst wearing your bed clothes. I picked these up in the man section, big, fleecy and warm. We tend to layer up around here anyway. Something about Honey not liking BIG heat bills. Burgundy St. John’s Bay fleece $1.55, Team USA fleece, .50 cents. Fifty pennies!


How ironic that Team USA was made in China. Irksome.


Thanks for sharing Deb, I had a most enjoyable afternoon!

You tell me, which should be the bargain of the month? The Susan Bristol sweater, the sport bra or the Team USA fleece? The one with the most votes/comments WINS! Lets hear some chatter!

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