The Weekly Sy and Other Schnibbles of Stuff

He was ever so glad to see his people after their week in The Mitten!


He liked the new duvet cover The Dane picked out at Ikea.



I Facetimed with The Boy yesterday to hear how his final Rituxan infusion went. He said it went well and he slept through the majority of it. Sy was especially glad to see him and I heard his happy chatting all the way up here. I then watched as he made biscuits and loved on his Dad. That cat is an excellent baker! A #1 kneader!!!!!

Hey Guys, look at all of the hyacinth beans I harvested! WOO HOO!!! I am going to start them in the house in early spring so they can get a jump start.


I ripped  this off from Pinterest, it’s what I do best.  I bought everything except the candle, which was given to me by Girl Cousin Robin! Thanks Robin, that candle smells DE-licious! I am very pleased with my copying skills.


Mousey and I bought this to try, it has evidently been around forever. She said she had read that some people like it. We then had a conversation about old fashioned things that really work.


We don’t do any corn husking around here but we gave it a whirl. Mousey slathered it all over, as she does. I tried it on my hooves. I like that it is oil free. I am not keen on getting oil all over the bedding. She loved it and I felt her legs and they did feel like silken magic. The jury is still out on my hooves. They are a tougher nut to crack. I may have to be more diligent than the one time I applied. We shall see.

Have a good weekend!


My Favorite Summer Breakfast

I saw this on a blog. Or Pinterest. Or somewhere. But Y’All, it’s good!

Eggs reign supreme in the low carb world. Perfect little protein capsules full of healthy goodness. I like eggs, but I get very weary of eggs.

These pancakes are as easy as can be. They incorporate eggs, without being eggs! Just add a lone ripe banana to a couple eggs, and there you have it, BREAKFAST! Of course, other added things are nice too.


Here’s what I do. Add a little coconut oil to a fry pan and set to medium. You might not need the oil, but I am trying to use coconut oil when I can because it is supposed to be almost miraculous. Then you mash up a banana. This is a great way to use up the bananas no one will eat because they have spots on them. My family is especially lame about this. If you were making the two ingredient recipe, you would add the eggs at this point, stir vigorously with a fork, add some salt (still eggs and they need salt!) and fry up like regular pancakes. They are thin and can be difficult to flip, but no one’s going to prison over some strange looking pancakes.

In an effort to make them a little more sturdy without adding flour or other high carb-y things, I added a tablespoon of peanut butter to the mashed banana. It mixed up better to add it before the eggs. I have also added vanilla extract and even some chia seeds, just for variation. I don’t recommend using crunchy peanut butter. I know some pancakes have walnuts, but I thought the peanuts were weird. Just my observation.

Have you seen this? We are fans of many of the flavors but I had never seen this one. It made a nice variation!


Yesterday I used a little sugar free maple syrup and that was yummy as well. Go on, give them a whirl!

Going to The Value World this afternoon with my friend Sandra to use the last of the 6 half off your entire purchase coo-pins for the summer of 2014! I can’t remember if she said she has never been to The World or if she hasn’t been in years. But she is no stranger to thrifting. She is a seasoned Salvation Army warrior, fully capable of black belt frugality!

I reminded her they do not have dressing rooms at The World, it is their biggest flaw. I have been wearing skirts with bike shorts underneath, so as not to frighten the population whilst I try on capris, skorts and pants.

To my surprise, I have actually decided that I can wear skorts in my everyday life. I have worn them for years as walking attire instead of shorts. Years ago I decided shorts are dead to me, and it was a good call. The difference is I have been finding longer skorts, and also stretchier fabrics. I have no desire to wear a skort that is as short as shorts, or is made of constricting fabric. Why would I ever want to do that?

It’s all part of my never ending quest to find comfortable clothing for my hindquarters. I am getting worse about my intractability on this subject. Claustrophobic really. Comfort must be queen in e.v.e.r.y. article of my clothing. Shoes included.

Wish us luck!

I Like Cake

My lands a living, I have surely lost my blobbing mojo. Guys, I am as dry as a bugs hull. I have fallen and I can’t get up. Get the picture?

Since I can’t seem to form a coherent thought, I will just give you a rundown of some of the doings around here. In handy dandy list format.

1. We had family over for dinner on Saturday night to celebrate many birthdays from the past couple of months. Dinner was very good, and so was dessert. I made a cake and holy Schnikeys it was good!!!!


I even bought a Wilton cake decorating thingy to make it look somewhat like the Pinterest picture. The Heifer told me about it and she was right. Very worthy my Friends. You can check it out here.


2. The Boy is home! Honey and I picked him up at the Megabus stop in Ann Arbor at 10:30 on Saturday night. It was so good to see that college Boy! Then he took off his hat. Oh.My.WORD! His hair is ridiculous!

3. He was starving, so he had left over birthday dinner. We all sat around the table bothering him while he ate.

4. After a bit he had to leave to go sleep at our neighbors house. He is dog sitting their old man Ziggy for a couple of weeks while they soak up the sunshine in Florida.

5. As he was leaving, Honey said to be careful walking around the block.

6. The Boy asked if he was he kidding him? He had just left CHICAGO, that day, where he walks all over the dang city!!!!!

7. I didn’t go to bed until after 12:30.

8. I don’t even know how I stayed up that late!

9. I like cake.

10. I leave for The Memorial Day Hootenanny at Mrs. Schmenkman’s house in 10 days!!!!!

Have a good Monday and I hope you get some cake. Somewhere.

The Grouting Class

I believe I mentioned last week that Capri Deb was giving me a grouting lesson. She is a most wonderful teacher in all things mosaic! Among other crafty things.

This was a mirror I purchased at a garage sale, and had mosaiced last fall. It wintered under a couch on Deb’s enclosed back porch. We taped the mirror and covered the sides with blue painters tape, and away we went. Deb tells me the taping is very important, because grout is a messy business, and you can’t always get it off after it dries.

I chose sand grout, because I am boring and always chose sand grout. Colored grout instills fear in my bones. Because I have no vision.

I asked Deb if she had a ratio formula to mix grout. She said, she did not, but you add a scoop of grout and a very little bit of water and stir. The goal is the texture of peanut butter. I understand this sort of food terminology. As a hairdresser, we routinely say to bring hi-lights up to the color of the inside of a banana peel. I understand the food references. I eat.

You then put on gloves and take a blob of grout and moozsh it around. I don’t know how to spell that word, I only know how to say it. It’s a good word. No other word will do. Maybe moojsh? Anyway, spread (moojz) it thoroughly in between the things to be grouted. I found a circular motion helpful to get in all the cracks.


Get all around the inside AND outside edges.


All good and grouty. Let it dry a bit.


We then moved onto the next grout-ee. I started this one on The Memorial Day Extravaganza at Mrs. Schmenkmans’ in May, and finished it a couple weeks ago. Schmenky did all of the coneflower petals for me when I went upstairs to do something. Like maybe shower? She is a professional. And I was having my usual mental logjam. I loved what she did.


More grout. More moojing.


Deb was doing her own grouting. She is also a professional, selling her wares for much sums of money.


She is very brave. She uses colored grout. It looks a little like your teeth when you eat black licorice.


But it cleans up nicely.


Marlo was our helper. She kept all rabbits away from our area. We never even saw one, that’s how good she did her job.


After the grout dried a little, Deb suggested I take the end of a toothbrush and go around the, the, the….thingies. It worked very well, made them more defined, not so grouty.


Then have your work checked by The Teacher.


The third piece was started last winter and finished recently. Deb grouted it for me. The whole toothbrush around the thingies was a little time consuming. There were a lot of thingies. Then you wipe most of the grout off the glass, maybe with paper towels? I forget. Then let it dry some more.


Finally, you take pieces of Deb’s husband BFG’s old t-shirt and polish the rest of the grout off the glass. I’m pretty sure you can use any old t-shirt, although BFG is a pretty nice guy, so his t-shirts might be special special!


Finally, you lay your projects on the grass and take pictures for your blob!


Then you give your Teacher a big hug and a kiss and thank her for the lesson!

Oh, and remember I saw these at the garden walk last week and asked what they were? My Teacher has them in her own personal back yard, and said she would share her Japanese fern!!! I heart them!


Thanks Capri Deb, most excellent Teacher!

Mosaic-ian Tribal Meeting

We got right to mosaic-ing the very next day!

Laurie completed a trio of small mosaics. Just darling!


I set to work on this thrifted picture frame. 90 cents from The Value World. It already had a picture I liked on it, so I copied. Well, isn’t that a surprise.

I think this must be my mosaic-ing face, because I am sporting it in the next picture as well.


I am glad to say that it has not been taking me an eternity to figure out what I am making lately. Like it used to. Maybe I am just getting better at figuring out how I want to copy. There are no original ideas in my head.


Schmenky’s glass on glass. It goes to a box that she also thrifted from The Value World.

Everything is un-grouted.


Deb’s commissioned work. Yes, she is a paid arteest.


Deb’s daughter Jackie’s picture frame. She was giving it away for a birthday present. How fun is that?


My unfinished work in progress.


It was so FUN!

I have never mosaic-ed at home, by myself, even though I now have a decent amount of my own glass. I know the others do. I guess it seems like a tribal activity to me!

When I Got My Craft On

I believe I may have mentioned that I made a couple of things this holiday season.

I have made calendars many times. For my Mom and Dad, my Grandma Hoover, my Father and his Wife, and Honey. I have tapered off in past years as the kids got older and fought me like dogs whenever I tried to take their picture.

After Goomba was born, I started making them again for my Mom, as she was one who liked to show pictures of her grandchildren. Since I was making one for her and had all the junk out, I made one for my sister in law, Stacey as well.

I went back and forth about making any this year. A part of me didn’t want to, but another part of me sort of did. It might have all fallen by the wayside if my SIL hadn’t mentioned that Goomba liked to look at theirs.

I started looking through the year in pictures. I had quite a few cute ones of Goomba and my Dad’s Great Grandson, Michael. And surprisingly, I had some decent ones of our children!

After many years of not getting one, Honey got one! I thought maybe he could take it to work.

So I got my craft on.

Below are the ones I made for my SIL, Honey, and my Dad. The only calendars I found, besides big, honking ones, were these itty bitty ones. After Christmas was over, I did see some that were a little bigger, but you can’t really pre-buy calendars for the next year, can you now? I wished that these were big enough to have a couple pictures on each page, but really, I wouldn’t waste a wish on it.

There wasn’t even much room for stickers, so the vast majority were just paper on paper.



My other craft was from an idea given to me by Friend NanC. She said the year her Mother passed away, she made picture Christmas ornaments for her siblings and her Mother’s good friend. On the back she wrote her name and her birth and death date.

I made them for Mousey, my Dad, Beeve, my Mom’s brother Bob, and as it ended up, a couple for us because I couldn’t decide which picture I liked best.

I chose a younger picture of my Mom for Bob’s and Mousey’s. I thought he might think of her young more, and young Mouse is captivated by her glamorous Grandma.

For my Dad, I chose a really good picture from the 50th birthday party he threw for her. Beeve and our Grandma Georgia were also in it.

Beeve has the same picture, but I was able to crop it so they were the only ones in it.


These are ours. I just liked them both so much, I couldn’t decide. The first one was a bit off center, but that was the only way it could be cropped.


I was pleased with how all of them turned out.

Thanks NanC for the great idea!!

And a Partridge on a Mug Tree

Now all you Bird People are going to tell me that is not a partridge. That may well be true. All I can say about that, is I wouldn’t know a partridge from any other bird in the whole avian kingdom. Except a robin. I can identify a robin because it is the official Bird of Michigan!!!!! And our flower is the apple blossom, our tree is the pine, or maybe the evergreen. Our animal is the wolverine. And a hearty thank you to my first grade teacher, Mrs. Horton, for those important lessons!

Many, many, moons ago, my Aunt Ava and Uncle Frank gave us a mug tree with Christmas mugs as a gift. Over the years, the mug tree has not fared well. It was getting pretty wobbly. Last year, we gave it permission to rest in peace. After I unpacked the mugs this year, they were just  sitting on the counter, waiting and lonely. This was the only mug tree I saw in the whole Homegoods. Good thing I liked it, I loved it!


After dinner last night, I had a hankering. And I had some apples. See how these things dovetailed nicely? Mmmmm, apple crisp.


I have to go the chiropractor this morning. It’s either that, or I am going to personally cut the nerve that runs down my thigh to my knee. With a chain saw.

The last time I was there, the doctor fixed it nicely and the pain has been absent for about a month, maybe two. But, it is back, with a vengeance. He says it is a pinched nerve. Do I need that nerve? Can it be removed? Or would it affect important things, like walking?

Well, the jury is still out on the tree skirt. So far it is an even 2 for 2. Schmenky and her sister Laurie gave it a thumbs down, and Capri’s Deb and Patt gave it a thumbs up. They do have a slight advantage, having actually eyeballed it in person. I could use a few more opinions please.

After cutting Deb and Patt’s hairs yesterday, we went to lunch at Chip and Dip, and I continued on alone to Homegoods to peruse their tree skirts. They did not have any others that I seriously considered.

Ok Guy’s, seriously, how bout that tree skirt? I need some more input.

At The Beginning

Well, I don’t know how I managed this, but here is part one of the post that I posted about mosaicing on Capri Week. I am not sure how I missed it and posted the second one instead, but I am going to just throw it in here. ALL OUT OF ORDER!!!! Because it’s IMPORTANT information, and I am a share-er. Plus, I want to add on IMPORTANT information at the end. So here you go.

We must have mosaiced about four days. Everyone had a project, and some had been working on them for some time.

Schmenky bought these three frames at The Big Cheap Store. So did Deb and I. She worked diligently at them all week. Jackie, Deb’s daughter, said she had been working on her mirror for a long time. She is a wee bit busy. Nursing school can be time consuming.


I am jumping ahead here, but Jackie’s project turned out SO cute, and she wasn’t there the day we grouted. So I am going to show you all now!


There was MUCH discussion about Patt’s work. It is a big old work of art. Here, the talk was about flukes.


Jackie finished her one piece, then quickly finished another. Who knows when she would be able to work on it again? What with working and caring for patients, and studying and all.


Ahhh, the raw materials of the trade. I love the bits box. I can pretty much use it for everything.


Bigger bits boxes. Deb has MUCH glass. I repeat, this is DEB’S glass!


Schmenk needed to replace the blade on her nippers, that she dropped the day before. Deb directed us to a stained glass store that had some. They also had a bits box where you could purchase glass pieces for $2 a pound. Oh my GOODNESS, did I have fun picking out about 6 pounds of broken glass! The cashier mentioned that we should come back next week, as their classes were going to be doing a LOT of cutting. Deb and I have already made plans to check it out! The store is in an especially dangerous location for me. On the way home from BSF. Where I go twice a week!

Next time, I will show you what we worked on!

Just pretend I am not the idjit I appear to be. Well, I went back to the glass place last week without Deb, because she had something on her agenda already. I didn’t find a ton, but I did score some pretties.

It appears that the glass lady told me wrong anyway. The new classes just met last week, not the week before. So there will be new pretty glass this week. SO, I may have to go BACK. Because it is my goal in life to have an eighth of as much glass as Deb!

How is your agenda looking Deb?

Arranging The Bits of Glass

Schmenky, Deb and I bought these little framed pictures at The Big Cheap Store. They were U.G.L.Y. pictures, but as usual, Schmenk realized the potential of the raw material. She mosaiced right on the glass. Over the ugly picture. I think she took the ugly picture out completely, and has plans to hang these in a window, so the light can reflect through. Deb and I didn’t get around to ours yet.


Schmenky decided on flowers.


The flowers were done pretty quick. Then she worked on filling in the background. She filled. And filled.


Then filled some more. Quite loverly!


Deb did some grouting, that I did not get a picture of. She then started working on a rooster. She sells a lot of her work at a store in a nearby mall. She is a professional artist!


He is looking rooster-y! I like his cute feet and chicken-y tail feathers!


This has been Patt’s work in progress. She is making Gloria for her tiki bar in Florida. She used crash glass for her skin.





Ready to grout! There are shells to add after.


Patt’s next project was a turtle for her friend, Fuzzy. I can’t remember what she named him, it meant something though.


The start of my penny ball. Schmenk found a basket of rolled pennies on a bookshelf down in my haircutting room. Honey and I had moved them from house to house since we moved back from Canada, 23 years ago. Never quite sure what to do with them, we just ignored them. UNTIL, I needed pennies for my bowling ball!!!


Honey’s bowling ball! All Canadian maple leafs up!


I started the second ball. This one was harder to glue. The discs were slidey! I guess if you have intentions of putting your ball outside, you need to use this E-6000 glue. Deb said so. And I believe Deb.

Here’s a little useless information. Both of the bowling balls were bought at The Value World, and both balls belonged to a gal named Bettie!


Project number three for me. I bought this mirror for my laundry room at a garage sale this summer for $3.00. I liked it’s size and shape. I bought it planning to mosaic it. The first color palate didn’t suit me. It looked like candy. Not the look I was going for.


I decided I liked these colors. I really wanted to use the blue and aqua. Those colors don’t go anywhere in our house, but the laundry room is green, so I figured this would be my chance to sneak them in. It is waiting patiently to be grouted.

That’s it for the mosaic part of the week!



I am trying the new Live Writer thingy, so I have no idea what is going on here. Let’s hope for the best. SO far, loading the pictures was MUCH easier!

We’re heading back to Virginny. I need to tell you more about the Memorial Day Schmenk-a-Palooza. I totally stole that from Mrs. Schmenkman.

I had seen this little gem on Schmenky’s blob, but I did not remember that she had put a picture of her beloved Buster Butterbean, who has gone to heaven, in the center. It had a loverly place of prominence in her family room. I just love the hummingbirds. They were a personal favorite of my own Mother, who has probably now made Buster’s acquaintance in heaven.


Here was my creation for the trip. Un-grouted. I must say Deb, I am getting MUCH better at STARTING! I didn’t have to sit there for an hour, sighing loudly. I saved the sighing loudly for when I was cutting little bitty pieces to go around all the jagged edges of the flowers. It’s good to know that taking pictures on the floor brings out the Sassy Cats as well. I thought it was my own personal cats that were so NOSY.


Schmenky fed me on occasion. She actually fed me a lot, because if you know me, you are aware that I get grouchy when hungry. No one wants to see that mess.

These were my very favorite new things! Use those Scoops tortilla chips, add a little cheese and pop them in the broiler, add a little salsa and sour cream, and eat yourself bald.

When I came home, telling Honey about them in glowing terms, he had a couple more ideas. Because he is all about building a better mousetrap. His ideas included adding a little ground beef, and anything else he might put on a taco. Like maybe onion. To which I say, yuck. Raw onion=bad breath. But I had the thought to add a little guacamole, no bad breath there. But he said yuck. Guacamole=barf to him. Anyway, the possibilities are many. Go for it.


The cookie sheet was full. I said to myself, Self, we will NEVER eat all of those. My self said I was a liar. Self was right. Not a morsel left. As I re-read this, it sounds like I ate them all my self. I assure you, I did not.

I believe I may have mentioned that The Schmenkman’s have fowl. Many egg producing fowl. Schmenk said she often used them up making egg salad.  WELL, I love egg salad and I would be proud to help her eat up those units of protein!


Look how healthy that is! We ate it almost every breakfast. So’s we could off set all the eatin’ we done for lunch! Eatin’ involving onion rings, and lemon cake, and Rice Krispie Treats.

Poppet was just waiting for me to sit down, so she could sit on me. Schmenk said she was shameless. I said she just knows who she loves best!


A couple of times I had the pleasure of a two-fer. I called Poppet and Casey the “Downstairs Cats” They were around the most. Three more, Kismet, Kubota, and Bits were “Upstairs Cats”, and Kibbles and Roxie are “Basement Cats”. Spreads the fur ALL over.


Longsuffering, ever so hospitable, practicing Good Ole Boy, Mr. C. He occupied himself with fitching, chopping wood, mowing the property, and staining the decks. And he rewarded himself every evening with a big bowl of peanut butter ice cream. Until one night he dreamt he was working at K-Mart. That was the end of that. 


Schmenk and I were both married in October 1985. It was a good year. We both married Keepers! We chose…..wisely.

Schmenkerton and her youngest fur-baby.


Since tomorrow is Saturday, it is 52 day, than Sunday is Potent Quotable, so I guess I will present you with Virginia-Tres on Monday. It could involve bargains. I can see you shivering with an-tic-i- (say it, say it) pation!

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