Saturday List and The Weekly Sy

Hello my People!

I have a list, because they’re my faves.

Guys, I was SO encouraged at BSF Thursday morning! We had around 150 ladies return and 18 women came to the Welcome Class!!! I know it’s not a numbers game, but growth is exciting and encouraging!

Women of all ages, mama’s with babies, Grandma’s with TWINS, like Capri Deb!!!!

My heart swelled with joy seeing her there with those precious punkins! Even at their young age they will hear that the Bible is God’s true word.

A friend, Lisa, aka ShaqTwo, from Birthday Club came with her friend. She had heard much talk of BSF at dinners and on the South Haven trip. She texted after the morning that she felt she was right where she was supposed to be.

Do you want to hear a little God thing? Lisa also texted that when Jip the Farm Dog was giving the lecture she mentioned that she had been struggling with her empty nest since her boys had left for college. Especially struggling because her youngest was struggling. Lisa said she could totally relate to that because she just dropped her son off at college in Minnesota, and she is feeling some of the same struggles. I mentioned the text to Jip, as encouragement. Jip said that it was a total God thing that she even said it. As she was going over her lecture she had mentally edited that part out, but when giving the lecture she totally said it anyway. She said God must have had that just for Lisa!!!

He’s a really good God. He created the whole universe but cares about a Mama’s sad heart.

In other news, it’s 51 degrees out there!!!! Big sigh of….. refreshment!!!!

We are seeing a few signs of autumn on our morning walks.

I pointed out a couple bright red burning bush leaves to Mousey last night. She said she didn’t want to hear it. She is dreading winter with all her being.

Jeff the Pool Guy came and closed the pool yesterday, so the season is over. He predicted a winter colder and snowier than last winter. How can THAT be????

I don’t know how he knows that, but I have heard the same thing from others. I am afeared.

Honey and I have a goal this weekend, to take the lounge chairs and solar cover down the basement to their winter storage home. I think that could be doable. We have a larger goal of not getting caught by winter storms before we get all of the outside jobs finished, like we did last year.

Once the pool is closed and the lounge chairs are gone, I lose interest in watering down there. So the pots will start to die. I will water the back porch until it frosts and makes everything ugly.

Honey also has a goal of making some sense out of the garage. I think he is going to have to take some time off work for that one. I can help him clean it, once he puts it aright, but I don’t even know what half the stuff out there IS.

The hummingbirds are drinking us out of house and home. They are loading up to get out of Dodge, that’s for sure. Maybe they know something we don’t?

If it stays this chilly I may be switching my clothes much earlier than usual! I wore a hoodie yesterday!!! I KNOW!!!!

Is anyone watching Project Runway? The Peanuts Champ came over last night to watch the Rainway episode and we could not believe how awesome Kini’s dress was! We liked the other fellows too, but I am sorry, his name is escaping me. We are fans of Kini!

Mousey just informed me that she would like to have Coney Island cater her wedding. OK.

The Girls and I had a fun night this week. We looked at Pinterest, sent pictures to The Boy of ugly Christmas sweaters, then laughed so hard we cried about something I can’t even recall, then Mousey braided her sisters hair. If we had scratched backs it would have been a perfect night.


Mousey and I sound like seagulls when we laugh hard. Really, we do.

Here is the grandcat, looking all cute as can be!





He is so uptight.


Can hardly relax at all.


Have a relaxing weekend!



How about a nice, fat, end of week list?

We had no internet yesterday morning. It was like the dark ages. Everything I wanted to do, I could not do.

I have been playing a new game with Mrs. Schmenkman and Capri P called Scramble With Friends. It’s like Bookworm, where you make as many words as you can with the given letters.

Shall we say I am rusty? I used to be very good at the Bookworm but I am being routinely trounced by those girls.

Plus, I can’t even figure out how to read a chat, OR what the free helps all do. It’s a work in progress.

I had a very successful day yesterday! I returned probably 7 bags of merchandise that I had accumulated over the summer. Unwanted summer apparel. Some held rejected fall clothes that I brought home to try with previously owned clothing. About three held the discarded articles of a massive bathing suit fashion show, that I subjected both Girls and Honey to.

There is not much worse than trying on bathing suits. A very sobering reminder of the ravages of time.

I am now the proud owner of ONE new bathing suit. Well, proud is way too strong a word. Let’s just say if something happens to my old one, I will not be suit less and nekkid, which I totally would have been.

I did also find thee bathing suit tankini tops at the Value World to go with my all purpose, hand me down, black bathing skirt that Mrs. Schmenkman so thoughtfully gave me. In all honesty, I like those tops way better than any that I paid much more cash money for. Hence the massive return of many suits.

I had never ventured into thrifted bathing suit territory before. I had heard plenty of Speedo success stories from Mousey and Dear Sandra, but, I don’t know, I just hadn’t. I think I was being snobby.

The Boy has found a new doctor and hospital in Chicago, Hallelujah and thank you Lord! The 2 hour train ride and the lack of confidence in his previous doctor were causing undue hardship.

The new fellow is about a block away from where he lives.

This is all in the nick of time because his chronic ITP is seriously out of control. He went from 490,000 to 70,000 in a week and drifted down to his current 12,000 within the following week. It’s like a platelet slaughter in there.

The Promacta he is on is causing his marrow to produce more platelets, which seems to be like feeding the machine. Whatever he is making is being consumed at an accelerated speed, because he has no extra platelets.

The new doctor upped the meds to try and get him a few more platelets while he reviews his records from the University of Michigan.

The Boy said this has ratcheted up his symptoms of headache and nausea.

We are praying for the doctor to have wisdom for how to proceed.

We are very thankful he is being seen by someone new.

The tide has turned in the garden. I believe we are about a mile past peaked. Everything looks tired and a bit raggedy. The zinnias are looking plain burned out and the spiky things that grow out of the tops of the coleus are coming in faster than I can pinch them off.

I have conceded defeat in my battle for the basil with the Japanese beetle. Just have them you disgusting, fornicating, iridescent mutants!!!!

We had BSF leaders workshop on Wednesday, it was such a joyful morning with hugs and greetings!!

I am very much looking forward to studying the books of Moses for the third time. There is much to be learned from his life. There is a lot to be learned about a holy and transcendent God too.

I don’t know if you have ever read Exodus, but God SHOWS UP. And He is just as present in our lives today.

BSF is going to joofer up the summer walking schedule. I have been walking the usual Tuesday and Friday mornings at 7:30 with Keelyody. We started the summer at her condo and have finished in her new subdivision. It also happens to be the subdivision where Jip the Farm Dog lives! Jip and I have been walking on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays at 8:30. This difference in time causes me to have to think every morning about what day it is and who I am walking with. I have not shown up at anyone’s doorstep on the wrong day or time. Yet. 

This is the most I have ever walked.

Jip downloaded Sports Tracker yesterday and we found out that the path we walk is almost 4 miles, or over 7000 steps, and I can’t remember how fast we walked it. 3, 4 MPH? Help me Jip.

All I can say is it’s hilly and we are sweating. It HAS to count for something. The scale is not really showing me anything helpful.

I spit on you scale.

Do you sometimes just forget the name of something? We do.

Mousey was talking about the “cold box”. AKA: cooler.

I was looking for the “counting machine”. AKA: calculator.

Do you have any forgotten words? Do tell.

I will be back tomorrow with pictures of the grandcat. They sent some good ones!!!

I guess that’s enough words, have a nice weekend.

The Last F-List of August

It’s Friday again, every time I turn around. How about a list for the last full week of summer?

I forgot to tell you the answer to the question on the South Haven post. The question was I’m gonna jerk a —- in your tail. Friend Warren may have gotten it right, unless his answer really wasn’t a typo. He said ‘know’, but the answer was knot. What say you, Warren?

Mousey went back to school last week, so her summer was already officially over.

She said physics is hard.

I have to take a picture of her in her new birthday present! It’s a Speedo that looks like it has mermaid scales! She said she thought the children she teaches swim lessons to would like it. SO cute!!!!!

She has a sore throat. That is not nice on your birthday week.

The Boy and The Dane have also started back to Moody. He said Greek is already kicking his tail.

The Boy’s platelet count went from 490,000 to 70,000 in a week. It could be safe to say that he is not in the 90th percentage of folk for whom the Promacta works.

Unfortunately, this has always been the case for him. His ITP is a particularly stubborn brand.

He said he is looking colorful with petechaie and bruises.

He is in the process of getting a new doctor at a new hospital near his residence in Chicago. Please pray that God steers him to a wise doctor.

The Ab-Cat received lots of good feedback on her ACL Icebucket Challenge! What a fun way to bring attention and money to a deadly serious thing.

The first 2015 Ford Mustang rolled off the assembly line yesterday!!!!!!!!

This is the reason Honey has been working like a D.O.G.

WOO HOO for Honey and the entire plant!!!!!!!

Not that anything is going to change just yet.

Did you know the Mustang has been in continuous production production for 50 years?

50 years is about how long it feels like Honey has been working like a D.O.G.!!!

I recently found some pictures I took from May. I barely remember taking them. Here you go.

This is how my family reacts when I try and take a commemorative picture. Uncooperative in the smile department. They look like crabs, don’t they?



Here we have the last day of BSF at the beginning of May. I am Johnny on the spot with these! Our fearless, previous teaching leader, Heifer Lynn! We have BSF leaders workshop next Wednesday, and for the first time in 7 years, she will not be there. Extreme sad face. I will miss you, love, Heifer Ann.


This was our administration team at BSF. We had a very fun year!! I am so sorry about the weird cropping of the picture, I realized that we all have our nametags on and that goes against the privacy clause I have on the blob.

Here we have Jip The Farm Dog, Capri K, Dear Sandra and Marilyn, whose blob name needs to be something about the fact she is not drinking the Kool Aid! All loverly ladies!


Did I ever mention who our NEW teaching leader actually was? Well, drum roll please, it’s JIP THE FARM DOG!!!!!

Girlfriend is highly qualified for the job, having been around BSF for the majority of her life. She was in the program growing up. Her mother is a former teaching leader, so she has first hand knowledge of living the life. She has been a children’s leader and a class administrator for many, many years. She had big plans for this coming year, her first with both of her sons away at college. But God has chosen to stretch her like a pretzel and she is being obedient to His call.

I am confident she is up to the task.

All I know is, if she can train me, 30 or so other women should be a piece of cake!!!! I am looking forward to a wonderful new year!

Why is it when you walk near your pets they move out of your way in the exact wrong direction?? Right into your path and almost lay you flat???

Our Lucy excels in this skill.

Our Halle Berry never moves, which is good, you just walk around her. None of those split second, herky jerky decisions on which way to go. Thank you Halle Baby.

Mia can go either way.

I made this burrito bowl for dinner last night. Except not in the crock pot. Long story, but I will next time. I liked it. I will have to serve the black beans separately in the future if I want Mousey to partake.

I was cleaning out a cupboard and found some Glade plug in thingy in a citrus scent. I plugged it in the coat room where the litter boxes are, because that seemed appropriate. ***Disclaimer*** I never smell the litter boxes in our home, they get changed regularly, but it seemed like a good spot. Thank you for your time.

The citrus smell is so strong, I don’t think it’s going to make it.

This is causing me to remember a conversation we had in South Haven where we talked about this very subject. I seem to recall someone saying they are not good for you. Can anyone help me out here?

I’m pretty sure the cats don’t care about either of the smells.

Speaking of the felines. There was a fly in the house yesterday and OH.MY.WORD., I did not know those portly older women could move so quickly! That’s a lot of girth units moving at a high rate of speed!

Flies are the best present in the world for cats. I wish I felt that way.

Enjoy your weekend. I’ll be back tomorrow with The Weekly Sy. They sent some good ones!

In Need of Prayer

I am producing a list today, for lack of anything else to offer.

Here we are on the last day of July. How did that happen?

It has been unseasonably cool here in the mornings, not that I am complaining. Walking has been much more pleasant.

In some ways I feel we have gotten a few things accomplished around here, in others, not so much.

The last few days have been occupied by concern for our Boy.

His ITP is rearing its ugly head.

After a month or so of having his platelet count kept afloat by steroids, his platelet count has sunk below the surface.

Just in time to joopher up his trip to Denmark.

He and The Dane are very frustrated with his doctor in Chicago. To put it mildly.

His doctor had told him about a new treatment she wanted to try called Promacta. She said it works in 90% of the patients. That’s encouraging!

But when she saw him toward the beginning of the July, and it was apparent the steroids were not doing their thing anymore, instead of starting the new therapy so she could monitor his reaction to the new meds, she increased the steroids again.

She knew he was leaving the country because when he left that appointment she said she wanted to see him again right before he left.

That was last Monday. They were leaving on Wednesday night.

His counts on Monday were 21,000 and she told him not to fly. They could not believe what they were hearing!

She wanted to start him on the new drug, two days before he was to leave the country, another reason she did not want him to leave.

Her timing has been truly….. inconceivable.

There was then considerable runaround trying to get the Promacta, which apparently was only in stock at one pharmacy of the 40 or so that The Dane called.

Even then the doctor had to call and have it approved because our insurance did not cover it. They do that sometimes when there is not a generic alternative.

He finally took his first pill on Tuesday.

The medicine was $6000 for 60 pills. He paid $12. Thank you Lord for insurance!

After much back and forth, they decided The Dane would leave for Denmark as planned last night. Without her husband.

If all goes well and his platelet count rises, The Boy will follow on Monday.

Minus the $500 to change his flight. There is a possibility this will be refunded if his doctor writes a note.

The Dane also has an uncle who works for the airline who has offered his services to try and help in that regard.

So far he has had no known side effects from the new meds, for which we are thankful. He said the information sheet that came with the prescription said the side effects were all pain. And blood clots. Yikes.

So The Dane is on her way and The Boy is home with his cat and his friend Critcher, who came from Ohio to babysit Sy and apartment hunt.

On the off chance that the meds do not induce platelet growth, he said he and Sy are just coming home for the duration of his non trip.

To say they are sad and discouraged is an understatement of epic proportions.

In addition to screwing up their vacation, it is also jeopardizing a wedding reception The Dane’s parents have planned for their friends and family who were unable to attend their Chicago wedding last December.

Also there is uncertainty as to when they will be able to visit with her people again, because once she applies for her green card she cannot leave the country until it is approved. We know of one that took almost a year.

Angst abounds.

But they have seen much evidence of the Lord intervening on their behalf, that always helps.

If you think of him, prayers would be appreciated.

How about a happier subject?

I don’t know about you, but this makes me happy.


I am sincerely hoping there will be coleus in heaven.


Just as I am sincerely hoping there will not be Japanese beetles.


They are making a big old mess on the sweet potato vines.

I think we have driven them away. There were no unwanteds this morning and only 2 yesterday.

Enjoy your Thursday. Thank you for your prayers, they availeth much.

List of Things

I believe we are living in the dog days of summer. Things have been going on, but not much is noteworthy.

I asked The Dane to send me some pictures of last weekend from her fancy phone. She obliged me.

The Boy. Honey and Elyk. three very fine Tiger fans.


From our surprisingly comfortable handicapped seats.



I don’t know if I have mentioned this or not but Mousey has a thing for beards. She lives for No Shave November. The Dane sent this picture to her saying “I saw your boyfriend”. She declined. This fellow was a mystery to me. He had on regular clothes, a Tiger shirt and ball cap, was a decent looking guy, was with normal friends, carried an iphone, had a v e r y long ZZ Top beard. One of these things was not like the other.


In other news, we have men sleeping in our basement the next couple nights. Mousey is in her friend Beatrix Potter’s wedding on Saturday night and the groom and his posse are bunking down the basement. I just met them as they were leaving for the day. They seemed like very nice fellows, which would explain why I did not hear a peep out of them when they arrived last night well after midnight.

The Ab-Cat and I went to a neighboring town to see Jurassic Park at their cute little theater. Three dollar tickets and small town vibe. It was very fun and the velociraptors were were exactly as horrifying as I remembered from 20 years ago!


I have been walking with Jip the Farm Dog this summer on the days that I don’t walk with Keelyody. It’s nice to keep momentum going on solving all the worlds problems. I have to say that walking in Jip’s neighborhood is a far more strenuous path than my own. Her area is hilly, unlike my own flat path. Keelyody is moving into Jip’s subdivision next month, so it appears the path will be a constant. Bring it on.

My days seem to run together in a mix of walking, lawn cutting, weeding and trimming, wondering what to make for dinner, bringing food and goods into the house and toting out the trash on Sunday nights. There have been fun things sprinkled in to cut the mundane. Our Birthday Club has their annual South Haven Girls Trip next month and that is always fun.

Other than that, I will be home.

Cleaning out cupboards.

Brushing cats and getting enough fur to build a new kitten.

Watering and weeding, they go hand in hand.

Going with Honey to replace the things that wear out and break around here. This week? Spare bedroom bed frame and dehumidifier.

Alternating going to Sam’s and Meijer for groceries.

Viewing Pinterest. That takes a lot of time.

What have you been doing?

A List For Your Viewing Pleasure

Hi Guys! How about a little list before I go offline for a little staycation? That’s the plan anyway.

Honey is off for the next 4 days, WOO to the HOOTY HOO!!!!!!! He surely could use the break! He has been working 7 days for a sweet forever and 10 to 12 hours for the majority of them.

That dang 2015 Ford Mustang just won’t launch itself.

Because we were supposed to go to Chicago to visit the kids, we are not supposed to be home. Therefore we will not be doing chore/maintenance type things, because we are not supposed to be here.

Did you follow that?

I am going to twist Honey’s tail if he gets off track too. Twist it right good.

Honey might be able to a little chore/maintenance type things today though because the kids do not arrive until tonight, so free day!

The Boy and The Dane arrive tonight from Chicago, on the train. This is a new mode of transportation for them.

They will be just like Laura Ingalls and Mary and Carrie and Ma, going across the country to meet up with Pa.

Kind of, but not really at all.

They are getting frisky with their transportation options.

For the past two years, they arrived on the Megabus, a straight shot from Chicago. The last few times, due to cheaper tickets, they travelled on Greyhound, which they said they liked better! More comfortable and with a single stop in Kalamazoo.

We shall see what they think of train travel, it could be the best option of all!

Or the worst, or the second best. Has to be one of the three.

Anyway, back to the staycation. We are discussing food options, dessert options and activity options. I will let you know how it all goes down.

In other news, I have been on Pinterest a lot.

Really, a LOT.

I have had the thing for about a year but always forgot to go on for some reason.

Before I had my own, my friend CMB used to sign into her account on my computer when she was over getting her hairs cut. It would remain signed in as her for a long time and I would occasionally look around on her pins.

Mainly for blog related purposes.

I feel I need to tell you that she was completely aware of this.

So now I have my own and she no longer needs to share her Pinterest with me.

Oh.My.Goodness is Pinterest a time sucker!!!!!!!

You are not even aware of the passage, it’s just G.O.N.E.

Keelyody sent me this. True dat.

this is true!!!

I am especially interested in the recipes, organization things, and the things to make.

Because i like the idea of cooking, being organized and creative. We will see if any of this translates to actual usage.

I find Capri Deb’s pin boards to be stimulating, like catnip. She is an arty one!

CMB has a lot of good recipes and ideas as well.

The Heifer is just all around time consuming.

I am still getting around to seeing what others have pinned.

Let me know if you participate so I can stalk/follow your boards too!

Because I evidently have nothing but time!

I know my heavy Words With Friends schedule has suffered.

No one but my Aunt Phyllis has probably even noticed.

Phyl would notice because we have about 12 games going.

In other news, the backyard coleus are growing big and loverly!

This is my favorite.


No, maybe these fine specimens.


Or perhaps this big boy.


Or maybe these guys. They are all my friends.


Gratuitous picture of Mousey at Gun Lake, 2000.



Ok, that’s it for today. I will be back for The Weekly Sy tomorrow because they have already sent the grandcat pictures and we wouldn’t want to waste those!

Have a great weekend!

War and Wound

I have a Friday list for today, a couple things that are not connected, but have occupied my week.

First up, we are at WAR over here.

Ants. Brown. EVERYWHERE.

Well, not everywhere, it just seems that way. They are around the island, but it feels like everywhere.

We have had a few ants in the spring before. We put out a couple ant traps and that was that. Not this year.

There is an open door somewhere, and they are waltzing right in.

And they are bringing their friends. It’s like mass illegal immigration.

I need to secure our borders. To keep out these little boarders.

I think I will have destroyed them all and in the morning there will be a hundred of them around a potato chip crumb.

We may have to get another dog. To take care of the crumb issue.

We tried some Borax, sugar, oil recipe on a paper plate recipe we found on line. I suppose I was supposed to wait for them to take the delicious treat back to their nest for maximum damage, but when I got up there were so many milling around on the plate that I sprayed them with ant spray to stop my head from exploding.

Now I feel I have poisoned our house and we are tracking it throughout. I am steaming the floors today.

My friend The Saint came yesterday to get her hairs cut and hi-lighted. She said they were waging the same war over at her house. She recommended these.


The lady at Home Depot said she had used them too.

Then when I got home there was a text from The Saint saying she found a few ants when she got home after being ant free for weeks. It’s a curse I tell you.

In other news, The Boy called earlier in the week. From the emergency room. He just can’t stay away.

His platelet count is fine, good thing too because he cut his finger.

He said it bled enough with platelets around 100,000. Blood all over his shirt, glasses, face. He was cleaning a light at work. Something about glass and a hinge?

image (1)

He cut a nerve and is supposed to go to a hand doctor. On the upside, he said it doesn’t hurt! He can still use it.

image (3)

He did a good job.

image (5)

Nine stitches, three days off from his janitorial job, days he can spend playing fetch with Seymour the Grandcat. He is s t r e t c h ing for the crumpled up ball of paper.

image (6)

He’s a fairly uptight, stressed out kitty. Sure he is.

image (7)

That’s enough words for today.


Hi Guys, a list is on the agenda for today. Not a complete surprise after the plethora of posts about the family wedding from May 31st. Onward we go, in random order of course.

We have no wedding this weekend. No one is home for a wedding either. What we have this weekend are grad parties.

Big Mama asked for some summer reading suggestions yesterday. I wrote down about a dozen or so ideas. It’s hard to judge if they will be solid gold though as I do not know her people, but I do know you people. Any recommendations from the known people?

I am going to the library this afternoon with The Ab-Cat. So be quick about it!

Capri Deb and Capri Laurie are the winners in the name the movies from the last posts. The Princess Bride and Forrest Gump, respectively.

Speaking of movies, we watched Monuments Men last night. I had been looking forward to it since seeing a trailer at the big movies. I like history, and WW2 things in particular, so I had high hopes. Well, the review is mixed from me. The girls would give it a total thumbs down, Mousey didn’t even finish it. The story and acting were very good. Really liked the story lines I could follow and there was my problem. I wasn’t sure what was going on a good bit of the time. In my research after watching, I am a little more aware. It was quite a story. I guess I needed to be briefed before I watched. Just a little confusing.

The pool is OPEN! Honey and I tackled it yesterday morning. Guess what? It did not require a DROP of additional water this year. A small bonus from the record breaking total snowfall we survived this winter.

Speaking of The Polar Vortex, we are almost finished getting rid of the carnage. Most of the death has been trimmed, chopped or removed. We are in the process of getting estimates to axe The Hedge of Death down to about a foot. We could do it, but that is a LOT of branch to dispose of.


It is going to look weird out there for the next few years.


A little purty to offset all the ugly. The iron and wine weigelia did not care one whit about our nasty old winter. It’s blooming its little heart out!


As is the peony that my Mom gave me shortly before she passed away. Hi Mama!


In other news, I bought the felines a new bed. They use their beds a great deal, and the bed in this spot had seen finer days. This bed is called a deep dish cuddler. Since summer has arrived, no one is very interested in warmth or cuddling, so it has not been broken in. My only concern is their girth. They could be like Pooh Bear, wedged in a great tightness.


Hence this purchase. Staging an intervention. NOW.


Back tomorrow with The Weekly Sy.

Don’t forget to suggest your summer reading suggestions! Who made up the word suggest anyway? Its kind of an ugly word.

Have a good Friday.


It has been a month since we last had a list! Can you believe it?? It has been a little hectic since I returned from Virginia, I had much to share, plus things were happening here and yada yada yada, here we are.

I think this will be super random because it would be super taxing to try and keep things in an orderly fashion. Hold on tight, here we go.

Mrs. Schmenkman no longer has Sirrus radio in her car!!!!! Even though we loved it so, we managed just fine.

The week I returned I had some temple maintenance to attend to.

First up, the urologist ordered an MRI of my urology parts. I am very happy to tell you that this did not require me to undress the urology parts. I did have to change into their fashionable scrub/patient pants, but I am SO ok with that.

Other than remaining perfectly still for an eternity and mild to middling periodic claustrophobia, I did just fine.

The no eating or drinking for 4 hours before my 10 a.m. appointment was harder. No morning chai 😦

They called a week later to tell me that my urology parts did not show what they were looking for.

Once again, glad to rule something out, but what the heck is my problem?

Two days after the MRI, I got a crown. Or a temporary. It was my third. I am getting better at this, other than the shot of numbing I had no sedative. This is huge, considering I am a dental weenie.

I went back on Wednesday to get my real fake tooth installed.

The biggest difference between the two fake molars? The new one is smoother and my gum doesn’t get stuck on it.

That gum thing was weird.

The Boy and The Dane were here from Chicago last weekend  for our cousin Mike’s wedding. I have many pictures to show but I felt like I needed to tie up that Virginia trip before I forgot any more of it.

Next week, it’s a date!

The Boy is home again this weekend for another wedding! He came in last night and will leave Saturday afternoon, so it is a very quick visit. We take what we can get.

I got all the flowers planted and I can’t believe how much they have grown already! It could have something to do with the buckets of rain we have had. Buckets I say.

Buckets is a funny word to say. Buck-ets.

Keelyody and I have been on a pretty good walking groove. I feel the better for it.

Hey, I had my first pedicure in over 25 years!!!! The gal used some sort of callus remover on my feet and I said I’VE GOT TO GET ME SOME OF THAT!!!!!!!

The Ab-Cat gave me the pedicure as a Mothers Day present! She is a big old hunk of honey!

Mousey and I went to the beauty supply yesterday and got the stuff for the magic feet. I am going to practice on myself first before I take the show on the road. First to The Boy, then my Uncle Bob. We all share the family hooves.

Honey and I went to Lowe’s last night to get a replacement toilet seat. Our love spans decades.. And is red hot.

This is how I know Honey loves me. He knew that I wanted the hinges to be square, because I think they are easier to clean. He actually said that. We were looking for a wooden one, thought we had it when he said , no, that’s not the kind you like.

He loves me best.

I have a great idea that I want to run by The Boy.

As I may have mentioned a time or twenty, I am a grandmother to a precious grandcat. His name is Seymour and I require regular pictures of him to chart his progress. They Boy enables me in this way, and The Dane occasionally as well. I want to have a new feature on the blob. I am going to call it The Weekly Sy.

Get it? Sy is a known nickname for Seymour, and Sy is a play on sigh.

The Weekly Sy! It makes me sigh, and smile!

Maybe it will be my Saturday post. Because the Saturday post fell off the face of the earth.

Or it could be the Thursday post, because when BSF is going, Wednesday and Thursday are my busiest days of the week.

OR I could change it up to suit my needs! We shall see!

Ok, need to git, Keelyody’s waiting.

Have a great weekend, I might be back with Sy tomorrow!

Friday List

I have a list because it’s Friday. Seems like a good enough reason.

Keelyody and I started walking on Tuesday.

I felt fine that day.

The next day, whole ‘nother story! I felt like I had been beaten like a rented mule.

It was subsiding a little by yesterday. We are going again this morning, I am uncertain what to expect.

I guess I should have done something over the winter. The Old Gray Mare? She ain’t what she used to be.

Really spell check? You don’t recognize ain’t as a word?

On Wednesday I went for a follow up appointment with the Dr. who did my kidney stone removal surgery.

Let’s just call it what it was. NOT a procedure. I think I had convinced myself that it was a minor stone retrieval, after all they only made about a two inch incision.

I did not know they were sending in a wrecking crew to root around in there, crush up the boulder, then vacuum up the debris. I felt like my kidney was liposuctioned. Have you ever seen that procedure on tv? They are rougher than seems necessary.

I like my doctor a lot, he does not appear to be a person who would intentionally do me great bodily harm. I choose to believe he had my best interests at heart.

Anyway, he had good news and uncertain news.

Good news first. The very large kidney stones were NOT infected!!!!!!! This is very good because that would have been an unsolvable problem.

Because there were many more stones where they came from and he said he could not get to them because they were in very complicated places.

I am taking this as very good news. I am attached to this right kidney, literally and figuratively. It is not a pretty kidney but it works, therefore I am glad for it’s presence.

The uncertain news is we are now back to square one.

I will continue to take the antibiotic for six months. I asked him if anyone had ever have this problem just resolve and he said surprisingly, yes.

He ordered an MRI to investigate another possibility.

So I am back to waiting.

But I am very thankful to not have infected kidney stones inside my body, because that seems gross.

I am pretty sure God knows what is going on.

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