Of All The Pets I’ve Loved before….

The Queen B tagged me for a meme. I KNOW, this must be my lucky week! First an award, now a meme.

I am feeling special, special.

 My friend, The Peanuts Champ, asked what a meme was. Since I don’t know what the actual definition is, I will just share what my best interpretation is. You answer questions about your life.

This meme is pet themed. It should be a snap, cause we love our pets.

1. What is the first pet you remember? 

When I was maybe 5 or 6, I found a stray kitten somewhere. I begged to keep it, because I have always been a cat-ish sort of girl. My parents were in the process of divorcing, but my Dad still lived there. On the couch. And evidently he was not a cat-ish sort of guy. So my Mother’s compromise was to let me keep it, but outside. We fed it in the garage, which she left open a tiny bit at the bottom. I named her Pebbles.  I loved her, and petted her and dressed her  in baby doll clothes  for maybe a month or two. Then winter came and Pebbles was gone. Maybe she went to live at another home. INDOORS. Or maybe, we lived 1 street away from a busy 4 lane highway. Anyway you look at it, I was brokenhearted.

2. How many different kinds of pets have you owned?

Only 3. The usual, fish, cats and dog. In order:

1. Pebbles, the unfortunate kitten.

2. Fish. Guppies to be exact, with 2 angel fish. That my 2 year old brother killed. Scared one to death by dropping a toothbrush in the tank, then offed the other with a pony tail thingy. Fish, the Flushable pet.

3. Muff, the oldest cat I’ve ever known. My parents put her to sleep when she was 19. She was deaf, blind and going bald. Her full name was Muffietta King Kong George Elizabeth Grenada Halstead Hoover. My kids still ask me to say her name. She was a good kitty and had a beautimous fluffy tail.

I still think the reason that our Mom let my brother and I keep this stray kitten was in some way a payback for the sad debacle of Pebbles. We loved Muff for many, many, many, many years.

4. Isabeau, aka Izzie-kitty. Our first child. I cried for days when she died.

5. Her poor terrified, retarded,  sister, Navarre. See question #3.

6. Mocha, the best cat we have ever owned. A moment of silence for The Bajoka.

7. Indiana Jones, aka Indi. The most unadventurous pet we have ever owned. Probably the prettiest, absolutely the quirkiest. Not a good kind of quirk.

8. Katie, Abby’s Yorkie. She will be my first and last dog. She is precious, but she is, you know, a dog. And she stinks. Even immediately after bathing. But she is SO cute, it is her saving grace. She also has the small dog Napoleon complex. She so badly wants to be the boss of someone.


9.  We adopted The Family that I wrote about here.


That’s Halle  Berry up front.  Mama Mia is the one who always has devil eyes. She is adorable, she is just not photogenic. And Lucy is beside her. 

And that is the whole bunch of them.

3.  What was your strangest pet?   

Our strangest pet was one of a pair of sisters that we smuggled into Canada when Honey and I were first married. We named them Isabeau and Navarre, after the lovers in “Ladyhawke”. And I’m sure I don’t know why now, but it seemed ever so appropriate then.

Isabeau, was one of my all time favorite cats. Her sister, Navarre? Not so much. Maybe she didn’t like the fact she was named after a man. Or she was severely mentally disabled. She was not a normal cat. She never wanted to be touched,  or looked at , and acted like she had been beaten by people. All people.  She was all hissy and skitterish. She also had an aversion to the litter box. Maybe she didn’t like to get her paws dirty. So she always had to be in a room with hard floors. She also had these weird mouth sores that NO vet could ever figure out.

 We put up with her for about three years, until I was 9 months pregnant with the Ab-Cat and we were moving to a new house that was entirely carpeted. It was time. It almost killed us, but we took her in.  Izzie didn’t even seem to notice she was gone. Navarre hadn’t liked her either.

4.  What is your dream pet?

 Unfortunately, our dream pet went to cat heaven about 12 years ago. His name was Mocha.

5. What is your nightmare pet?

That would be Navarre. No redeeming quality.

6. Your best/ funniest pet story…

It’s our best, but it’s not funny.

Well, once Honey had to save a muskrat from our 6 pound Yorkie, Katie.

Abby had let her out for her last evening tinkle and she said she heard some rustling in the rocks, then Katie was chasing a muskrat up to the front door!! So she slammed it shut!! And YELLED for Honey!

Honey had to run to the back yard with a flashlight, following the horrible noises. He picked Katie up, but she and the muskrat were one. She wouldn’t let it go! He finally clunked her on something and she let go. When he brought her in the house, she was covered in blood and some kind of foul stench. We washed her up and took her over to the All Night Weekend Emergency Room for some emergency surgery. That muskrat had gone for her eyes and did some serious damage. She had all around both eyes sewn up, as well as a spot on her head and a gouge on her back. She looked pitiful and had to wear a cone forever. She is an expensive pooch. But she didn’t loose her eyes. I have some pictures, but I decided they are too disgusting  All in all, not Honey’s favorite night either. But he loves his sissy-dog.

7. Tell your worst/ saddest pet story…

That would be when Mocha died.

 He was a big old Tabby cat that we got after Izzie died.  Since The Ab-Cat and The Boy were then 3 years old and 9 months, we weren’t excited about getting a  spastic kitten for claw type reasons. He was 3 years old already and had been raised by a man who did not have a lot of rules in his house.

He turned out to be a wonderful family pet, who never raised a paw to anyone, despite the man handling he endured by our two, then three children. He also never met a stranger, and no lap was off limits. When we had Caregroup at our house, he was an equal opportunity lap cat.

There were only three small things about him that were a problem.

1. He liked heights and he would jump on the counter to get on the fridge. I don’t like cats on my counter.

2. He was a major hunter. He was forever bringing me “presents’. Once he brought me a mole, that was still alive. And let it loose INSIDE the house! He was a great bird dog as well. So much so , that our neighbor asked us to keep him indoors because he was killing all the birds that our neighbor was feeding. He felt like he was an accessory to murder.

3. Because of the indoors policy, he would knock you over trying to get out the door. A regular Houdini Cat.

Unfortunately, after getting out one night, he came home and laid on the couch. He was never really right after that. I took him to the vet and told him I thought he was dying. I was right. We never did find out what happened. The vet said it could have been a bad animal he ate, or anti-freeze. Something. We were all heartbroken.

He was the smartest, most patient, and intuitive cat I have ever known. And no, our neighbor didn’t poison him. He was a lovely, gentle, man who had already passed away by this time.

8.  Did you ever have a scary animal experience?

Nothing is coming to mind. Honey would possibly say it was separating the dog and the muskrat.

9. What was your favorite pet? 

I’m going to go with Mocha.

10.  What did you really want to tell us about pets that didn’t fit into the other questions?

 This story was a God Thing. After our car accident thirteen years ago, every member of our family slept in a different place. For quite some time.

 Mousey went home to be a Hostler for a while, with visits to my step-brother and his wife’s house, and other friends graciously kept her as well.  After The Boy was released from the hospital, he ping ponged all over the place. Abby remained in the hospital for the next 7 weeks, with either Honey and I spending the nights with her.

But right after the accident, I was home, with a chest tube, keeping my partially collapsed lung from collapsing.  I was alone. And it was awful. Our house was so quiet. Unnaturally quiet.

Every time I would try to close my eyes to sleep, I saw the windshield shattering. I would start to rethink that day, relive every step, think about Abby’s poor broken body.  Because of the tube, I could only sleep on my back. I don’t sleep on my back. I wasn’t really sleeping anyway. Despite a small arsenal of pain medication. This went on for days.

Mocha always slept with me, but always at the foot of our bed. One night, he came up to visit, as was his habit. But instead of going back down to the end of the bed, he settled himself right in the crook of my arm. He stayed there all night. And  that night I slept. It was like a kiss on the cheek from God. 

He also slept in Abby’s bed during the day until she came home. He missed her too.

 I still miss that Boy.

So that is way more information than you ever needed to know about all the pets I have loved. Except one, I didn’t love Navarre.

So now I have to tag others. This part doesn’t usually work for me, as my friends just ignore it. But, I AM HOPING, because this meme is pet related, they may comply. They love their pets too. So here goes.

Capri Lis over at Life on Sassy Cat Hill

Capri Deb from Life in Stitches

Your IT!


What Shoe Are You?



You Are Clogs
You are a solid and down to earth person.
You seek – and almost always achieve – a really sound balance in your life.You are stylish yet comfortable. Mellow but driven. Excited yet calm.
You are the perfect mesh of contradictions.No matter what happens, you have the ability to stay well grounded in your life.
People know that they can truly depend on you.You should live: In EuropeYou should work: At a company dedicated to helping the world  




 I ACTUALLY wear these!!! The first part seems acceptable, but the last two? Not so much.

I don’t want to live in Europe, and not that I wouldn’t want to be dedicated to helping the world, but I don’t want to work right now.

Oh, and I have no idea what that symbol means. Can anyone help a girl out?

I’m Trying, Folks

Seriously, I’ve got nothing. Now that I have waxed poetic on our snacking tendencies, the tank is empty.

I saw this on another blog, so I will again do what I do best. Copy.


This shouln’t be too difficult. I think I have mentioned before that I am NOTHING, if not random, or strange.

1. Mousey is sitting here eating a bowl of cereal and I asked her how I might be strange or random. She said “when we are driving in the car, and talking about something, then you see something else, like a puppy, or a squirrel, and have  to tell us about it, in the middle of the conversation. And then go right back to the other conversation”      Well who doesn’t do that?

Mousey says:

 This is Mousey i just hijacked the writers chair. OK, right when we were having a conversation about not knowing what we had for dinner last night, Mum had to blurt out ” omigawsh, smell these Kleenex, I think they were sitting on some candles or something”. Which automatically proved my point in “strange random things” number uno. I had to write this for her because she was laughing too hard.

2. When the kids come into the house, I greet them with “hello, go wash your hands”. Because I don’t want the cooties of the world in our house! And you know, they touch things. All the time. And that grosses me out to no end.

I have perfected the art of leaving a restroom using a paper towel, so as not to touch the door handle. Or using my knuckles or elbow or the back of my hand to do simple tasks. I do it naturally, without thinking. I’m sure no one would ever notice.

The one most on board with this quirk is The Boy. We wash our hands everywhere we go. We have our favorite soap smells.  We actually discuss who has soap smells we like. His favorite is U of M Hospital soap. My personal preference is Arby’s. And our powder room, Vanilla Brown Sugar.  I’m so glad I could pass this quirk on. It’s good to have a companionable quirk.

3. Honey could tell you that I have a small  window of opportunity to be fed. And then I turn into a horrifically crabby  BEAST. I get a splitting  headache and feel sick. This never causes me a bit of problem in my everyday life. Cause I am in control of my own eating. It usually only rears it’s UGLY head when we are on vacation, or when Honey is holding me hostage to HIS schedule. He could go all day without eating. Even if he said he was hungry hours ago.

I can be “thinking about eating”, or “getting peckish” and it would be ok. But if I am hungry? He has learned that is NOT the time to drive around looking for that certain place that he can’t quite  remember where it is. Or try and find the “voted Orlando’s best pizza” in a driving rainstorm/ thunder and lightning display. OR not want to stop, because he is not ready yet. I guess you could say he has learned this lesson the hard way. Having actually MET the Beast, on numerous occasions.

I was having a conversation with my Folks last week and they said that my Grandma Georgia was the same way! Another companionable quirk!

4. I am an advocate of personal space. I don’t like to sit too close to people. If I can smell them, it’s too close. I don’t like to talk to people that are thisclose to my face. Ever. Step AWAY.

I don’t want to make myself appear to have a phobia about this, cause I don’t. I can touch and be touched by others, can give and receive a hug. And we are known gerbils at my house, all piled up together on the couch. Just want to clarify  that.

5. I can remember all the words to every song I EVER learned. And it is taking up way too much space in my brain. I need to find the delete button. Cause I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast yesterday.

 A lot of that 70’s and 80’s music could go. As well as jr. high choir songs. Just ask Mrs. Scmenkman. I launch into “Oh, Shenandoah” every time I visit her and we drive over it. EVERY STINKIN TIME!

I have no need for the entire catalogue of Beatles material. I could keep the ones I especially like and get rid of the rest. TV theme songs? Not necessary for my quality of life. It could go on and on.

So there you have it. A short  list of my random/strangeness.

I will invite you to either tell me something random/strange about yourself, OR you may add your observation to the collection of random/strange about me. Please be kind.


Oh, my GOODNESS, I have had a little of “The Hectic” going on!

 Shesh !!!!!!!

Mrs. Schmenkman even called today to see if everything was OK.

 But it’s over for the moment, so we are moving on.

Something exciting happened a few days ago. Or maybe it was last week. I’m not sure. You know, “the hectic” was happening.


For a meme. Which, I so helpfully  learned on another blog, was pronounced as rhyming with theme. Because I always thought it was Me-Me, as the questions are usually about me-me. It’s good to be in the know.

I have never been tagged for a meme. I have read  many, and I did participate, anonymously (of course), in one that was just thrown out there to anyone who wanted to participate. I didn’t credit her with it and I didn’t tag anyone else, so I don’t think it really counted.

But NOW, I have officially  been tagged by Beachy Mimi.


 I will just apologize right now. I have STILL not learned how to do the here and here thingy. But, this is the only way I know how to get you over to Mimi’s place.

Which I highly recommend, by the way. Because she is a fountain of information. On life lessons, middle age dating, and , ummmm, “grooming”.  Plus, she is all about the funny. Which I always appreciate. She is one of my every day reads. AND, we share a birthday month. That has nothing to do with anything, but common ground is good.

Here are the rules:
1. Write about 5 specific ways blogging has affected you, either positively or negatively.
2. link back to the person who tagged you
3. link back to this parent post
4. tag a few friends or five, or none at all
5. post these rules— or just have fun breaking them

Since I received “The Tag”, I have been thinking  about how blogging has affected me. So here goes.

1. The most positive way that “blobbing” has affected me, is that I am able to keep in touch, much better , with family and friends. I am not much of a phone person, and an even worse e-mailer. This way , I can type ONE  little update on our family , or what is going on around this nut hatch, and then press publish, and, all done. Then they comment back. Well, a few of them do. It can evolve into several back and forth, quick e-mails, in which we interact in each others lives. : )   I love that!

I love having these little conversations with people that I would not normally have. I can have the best of intentions, but I’m telling you now, I am not going to be in phone or e-mail contact with even a quarter of these loved ones every week. So for me, it is a little like a Round Robin letter.

2. Another way in which it has affected me, is I no longer watch the morning news channels; Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, Today, ect. I don’t know that this is a positive or a negative. I think it’s a neutral. Instead of telling someone what I heard about on the TV, I just tell them about what I read about on a blog. And GOODNESS, there is a lot to tell! Just ask my family and my walking buddy, Keelyody! They get to hear all about it!

3. Since my scrapbooking is haphazard at best, I do feel like this is a journal for me. Hopefully, I will be able to put this onto a disc or something so I can keep it forever and ever. While my children think that this WHOLE blogging thing is “re-tah-ded” at the moment, I have high hopes that they will someday appreciate this home we have created together, and will want to fondly remember it. I know I will.  PLUS, I know it will be easier to make three copies of a disc, than it would be to make three copies of the dang scrapbooks!

4. I love so many  of the blogs that I have found. I can’t say that I interact with many. I am STILL a world class “lurker”. I am trying though. And exibit A and B would be Beachy Mimi and her delightful daughter, The Queen B, both of whom I have actually had  contact with. I cannot tell you how shocked  I was to have had Queen B reply to a comment I had made on her blog, or when Beachy Mimi left a comment on MY blog! It’s a good thing.

I can’t figure myself out on the comment issue. I am so reluctant to leave comments on other blogs. I guess I think they don’t need my comments. But, on my blog? There could NEVER be enough comments! I love the comments! I don’t get it.

 I have my little morning routine. I get up, turn the computer on, put the kettle on for a cup of chai, feed Mia (she’s a little bit demanding  about her meals), check my e-mail and then go to my favorites file. There are probably 35-40 there. Some I read every day, some post less often and I check them once a week. Some are keepers for life and some get deleted as I find betterfunnier, and more inspirational  blogs to replace them with. I guess I am getting choosier.

 For example, one blog, that I have read for quite a while now, is on the chopping block. At first, I thought her dry sense of humor was amusing. But I have now come to see her as just a  cranky, crabby person who takes offense where none is offered, and I don’t really care about her thoughts anymore. So BAM, she is deleted! If only it could be so easy in real life!

5. I would have to say that the only negative I can possibly think of would be that my family thinks that I am a little obsessed with this. But they would be wrong.

 For one thing, I am always a little obsessed when learning a new thing until I get the hang of it. It’s how I process things. And for another, I don’t spend any more time on MY hobby than others do on THEIR hobbies. So get YOUR plank out of MY eye!  I am fairly certain  that I spend no more time on “blobbing” than you all do on watching golf, Facebook, making music mixes on cd’s and IM-ing. And, why no, that wasn’t in any age appropriate order!

As for tagging others?  Your IT !





So, thanks Mimi! For everything. The tag, your blog, and your comments. It’s been fun!



I have never been tagged or participated in one of these. So I thought I would tag myself. I saw this on a blog  I read. They always encourage others to join in, so I don’t think I’m breaking any secret  blogging rules. And NO, I don’t know her. My kids think that is so stupid.

All of the answers have to be one word only.

1. Where is your cell phone?  Charging
2. Your significant other?   Bed
3. Your hair?   Humidity-i-fied
4. Best quality?  Friendly
5. Worst quality?  Forgetful!
6. Your favorite thing?  Family

7. Least favorite thing?  Stink

8. Your favorite drink?  Water
9. Your dream/goal?  Finish-strong

10. The room you’re in?   Den
11. Your hobby?  BLOG!!!
12. Your fear?  sharks

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Home
14. Where were you last night?  Chili’s
15. What you’re not?    Dramatic
16. What you are?  Practical
17. The last thing you did?  Ate
18. What are you wearing?   Jammies
19. Something you’re not wearing?  BRA!
20. Your mood?  Content
21. Your summer?   Beginning
22. Person you tag?  All of you!

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