The Day of The Father

We had a fine time over at my brother Beeve’s yesterday. Beeve and Stacey made a scrumtrulescent steak dinner, rounded out with salad, cheesy potatoes, corn on the cob and CAKE. What’s not to love?

There was even dancing, but not the kind you might be thinking. WII dancing, something that Goomba excels in. He is a big old fancy dancer, with a year of lessons and a recital under his belt!! Yesterday he and Uncle Honey were co-performing something about gangnam style. Honey handled the music, Goomba brought the moves. I did not have the camera out at that time, I busted it out to capture this rare event!

Oh yeah, The Ab-Cat was throwing down! She was on fire! Love Goomba riding his Dad in the background.


Then Ab and Beeve did pairs. The old guy did a’right! I even saw Stacey shaking her groove thang and she has still got it too!


The oldest father in the bunch with his old kids.


We then moved the party over to our place because Goomba had a hankering to swim, which I also did not get pictures of. But I will show you the first swim of the season pictures tomorrow. Why cram it all into one post when I can milk it for two?

The Boy and The Dane are working in Chicago this summer, so it was a girls photo shoot with the fathers. I must say, it went much quicker without The Boy and his shenanigans. We did have to take a couple extra shots because some girls didn’t like one shot or another, but heck, I do that!

With The Grandpa. I feel I must clarify here that people had already put on their tater clothes. Well, not Grandpa, he remained spiffy in his orange Tiger’s like attire until the end. And not Mousey, because she had guarded lives all day and had not been in attendance until now. So basically Honey and The Ab-Cat had tatered.  Take a hike spell check, tatered is TOTALLY a word at our house! It is the short version of changing into potato clothes. If you don’t understand that sentence, you had better check The NutHatch Dictionary in the left column, and welcome to the blob you must be NEW!


Honey, featuring The Boy’s hand me down shirt, with his favorite Girls.


They gave him all manner of Detroit Tiger presents. The Tigers are doing well. So far, so good.

We snuck in a Detroit Red Wings cling too, even though we all know how their season turned out. Now his super sexy (say it like Heidi Klum on Project Runway) grey Taurus will be all blinged out with his favorite teams!


He requested headphones for his iPod so he can get his groove on while cutting the grass. He also wanted a stylus for the iPad. My Uncle Bob had one when we were in Florida, and Honey thought it might solve his iPad problem of ending up somewhere he did not intend. It causes him great angst when that happens, and the weeping and gnashing of teeth is something we try and avoid around here.


He rounded out the rest of his Sunday by watching a little important golf. I think he had a pretty good day.


They like each other, except for Honey’s bird calls and his random shouting of things like “LIVE ACTION!!!!” and “GANGNAM STYLE!!!”, that wears on them.


Yessir, that’s his Babies!


Happy Fathers Day!


Christmas Eve 2011 Part Uno

Hi Guys! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and all was merry and bright! We had a good one and there will continue to be random celebrating throughout the week. We have yet to decorate the annual ugly cutout cookies, and there is still the CareGroup Christmas gathering this Friday to look forward to.

We hosted on Christmas day and once again I am reminded that this whole shebang could not be accomplished without Honey and his skillz in the kitchen. A special, big thank you to Honey, my very own kiss on the cheek from God!

I realize I have been on a bit of an unintended blogging break, and it has been nice. Not that blogging in any way is a nuisance to me, it is usually only a joy, but it was great to not be formulating posts in my mind for a few days. Especially when we had all the hosting business going on. But I am back, and ready to get on the stick!

Because this is another expression I have heard my whole life, and never understood, I goggled it for your viewing pleasure.

Start working, as in I have to get on the stick and start preparing dinner. This synonym for get going or get busy alludes to getting a car going by manipulating the gearshift, or stick. [Slang; early 1900s]

You are most welcome.

We will go back to Christmas Eve, because I need to record everything for future reference. You know, my forgetful brain and all.

As I mentioned, we celebrated on Christmas Eve with our dear friends, The Hostlers and my Dad. Ruby Tuby’s was selected as the place to gather, then we returned to our house for the nonsense that was sure to come. Because with this crowd, nonsense abounds.

Normally, we have Nurse Lauren, on right, take our family picture for the Christmas card. She was spared the arduous task this year because our cousin Lindsay got the tedious job done on Thanksgiving day. I hope you enjoyed the respite Lauren, next Christmas Eve will be back around before you know it!!!

We took pictures of their family instead. And I am here to tell you, they are a much more compliant bunch to photograph!


My personal favorite!


I believe I may have mentioned Rae Babe has had a BANNER year! She got a notion last January to get fit. She picked up that pretend ball and walked, rode her bike, and eventually ran with it! She trained and competed in the 5 K Turkey Trot in downtown Detroit on Thanksgiving Day! She is like Wonder Woman!!!


Hat tip to Autumn, I lifted this picture straight from her Facebook page.

Looking SCRUMTRULESCENT Rae Babe, we are all SO proud of your achievement!!!!!!!


Love her, love her family!


Here are the Girls who bravely went to Chicago the week of Christmas. Disney on My IPod Lauren with her companions; I’m Done With Chicago Autumn and My Legs Are Freezing Abby. Abby sang Hakuna Matata for days after returning.


Grandpa, looking festive in his new holiday sweater, taking in all the nonsense.


Because we had already had the NutHatch Family Picture of 2011in the bag, there was a surplus of extra time. We decided to get a shot of the kids, in which they each had a turn at being Ruin-ers. Mousey smiled appropriately in all, but sort of ruined them all because she was enduring a splitting headache and had already ‘tatered up.

Lauren’s turn.


Aut’s having a go and why is Abby blurry?


The Boy, as usual.


The Boy number 2.


There’s a good one!


And even better!!!


A lovely evening spent with dear old friends.

I will be back after the Hodgepodge tomorrow for Christmas Eve Part Dos. Thank you for your patience.

Things I Am Loving

I mentioned that I did a little reading on our vacation. I had been hearing about this book for a while. Back in the summer, my friend Marlene gave it to me to read, but I never seemed to get around to it. I was more than happy to finally get around to it!

Can I just say that I loved it? I really did. I wasn’t ready for it to end. I cared so much for Abilene that I wanted to know if she was ok for the rest of her life. I wanted to know how Skeeter’s life unfolded. I was hoping to hear, in detail, how Hilly could live with herself for the rest of her born days! I could have just cried at several parts. It was all of the things that I love in a book. I have a line waiting for it. Jip the Farm Dog has it, she will pass it on to The Heifer, and then The Ab-Cat gets it. Anyone else?


On Friday afternoon, we were Secret Squirrels and pulled Mousey out of school early for a special trip! Honey, Ab, The Boy and I were all available and we decided to go see Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1. We liked it! I even liked it and I have not read since book 4. Honey and I had a lot of questions, but our own 3 Potter-heads were more than happy to fill us in. We are all looking forward to the final movie next summer.

Those kids sure have grown up. When the first movie came out, Harry and the gang were 11 and so was Abby. It’s like they have all grown up together. I read the first four books aloud to Ab and Boy, Mousey never wanted any part of them. Until last summer when she devoured them one after another. And thoroughly enjoyed them.

From left to right, British actors Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint pose for the photographers as they attend the world premiere of their latest film' Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows', at a cinema in central London, Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010. (AP / Lefteris Pitarakis)

We recently watched a movie on TV that we had seen before called Freedom Writers. I forgot how good this movie was. It shows the difference one person can make in the lives of others, even when the odds are against you. And as one character said, she was not a hero, it was the right thing to do.

Freedom Writers Poster

Things are all joofered up this week because BSF is today and tomorrow due to the holiday. We’ll manage, we always do, but man, that was a quick turn around!

What have you been reading and watching? Inquiring minds would like to know.

A New Word For The NutHatch Dictionary

During The Capri Week Extravaganza, Honey created a new word. Out of thin air.

He said he couldn’t use something, because it was all joofered up. I specifically asked him how that was spelled. It could have been joophered, you know. I then clarified what it meant. It meant exactly what it sounds like it meant. All messed up, broken down, ruined, not right, put together poorly.

Since then, we have all been using it with abandon. We like it so much, we are inventing new ways to insert it into conversation. As a verb, a noun, adjective, and preposition.

Field Trip

I am going to a store today with Capri D and Capri P. We are looking for mosaic supplies. It is called Munro’s.

I think I may have been there once with The Oreo Mom, looking for beading supplies.

It is evidently Craft Central.

I need to go and get my wig on straight. That will be featured over at The NutHatch Dictionary. Alphabetically.

Have a crafty day.

The Fifth Time is the Charm

I had a little problem with my watch last week. Actually, for the last 2 weeks. I have been wearing Honey’s 20th Anniversary watch from Ford. It was just a smidge too big. It was a temporary fix, because the battery in my watch died.

A very solvable problem, if I could just get over to Meijers to pick up a new one. I have probably gotten the last few watch batteries at Meijers. It’s an in and out procedure. There has never been a problem.

This week, there was a problem.

The elderly sales lady took the watch and installed the new battery in record time. When she brought it back, she said she couldn’t get the back of the watch on. Poor thing, she mentioned that it had been happening to her a lot. I tried to snap it back on, but had no better luck. I told her it was ok, my husband could put it back together.

He couldn’t put it back together. He tried his fingers, got tools out, and finally came to the conclusion that she broke something, and that watch was never going back together. In all his trying, he accidentally cracked the face. He said “Happy Birthday, you get a new watch!”


My Mom happened to be there that day and gave me her 30% off Kohl’s coupon. She said it expired the next day. I was going to use that baby to get myself a new watch!

People who know me well could tell you that I have rules for things. Guidelines, really. And some of them, like the laws of the universe, cannot be challenged. Purses, jeans, cream and butter, DaVinci Sugarfree Chai, cats, Meijer Kettle Chips and watches are a few things in this category.

As I set off for our friendly, neighborhood Kohl’s, I had these guidelines in mind.

1. I would like a silver watch.

2. I would like a stretchy band.

3. I would like the Indiglo light feature.

4. I would like all of the numbers on the face. Nana needs to be able to read the watch.

That’s it. I don’t think that is a  difficult, hard to accommodate list. Really, I don’t perceive myself as overly fussy.

Right away, I found one that suited me. SEE, I am not difficult!!!!

It was a  full numbered face, stretchy banded, Indiglo lit, silver, Timex beauty!

When I tried it on at home, it was apparent that it was too big. I have never had a one size fits all stretchy band be too big. Evidently, my wrists have lost weight.

Well, that sliding watch was not going to work for me. So I immediately took it back. I tried on all of the stretchy banded watches they had. I even expanded my all silver plan to include some that had silver AND gold tone. All were made for beefier wrists. I am a delicate flower. Who knew “Shaq” would have such a tiny wristal area?

I switched guidelines. Always a source of agitation. DEEP sigh. I decided to try for a fold over, metal link band. The sales lady removed 6 links to fit my, in Timex’s opinion, skeletal wrist. It didn’t slide around, it was snug! WOO HOO! I wore it home.

By the time I got home, it was bothering me. The fold over thing was poking me GREATLY. I asked Honey if he could bend something in there because it was hurting my vein. He said NO he could not bend something in there, the watch was not meant to be manipulated that much.

I was going to take it back that night after the swim meet, but after that little drama, it just didn’t happen. I made the decision to go the very next afternoon, after lunch at Mexican Fiesta with my buddies Jip the Farm Dog and Joni, who seriously needs a blob name. Thanks again for lunch, Jip!

I tried on everything that could possibly work. The only one that had the majority of guidelines, did not have an Indiglo light. I bought it anyway. 😦

I was showing it to Honey when I got home, lamenting the lack of Indiglo light. Maybe once, maybe several times.

He held up his hand, and asked how important the light was for me. Well, I like to use it in the morning to help me find my way to our bedroom door, so I don’t trip over a cat or crash into something, and I like to know what time it is in movie theaters. I told him it was very important to me.

He said “Take it back, I don’t want to hear about it forever“.

Because I live to obey him, I took it back.

He also asked me if I had looked at Target or Meijers? Why, no. No, I hadn’t. I was blinded by the 30% off coo-pin. (NutHatch Dictionary!!)

Next stop, Target. By this time, I am almost willing to settle for a serious breech in the guidelines, if only the dang thing will fit and light up. And if I can read it.

I was pleasantly surprised to find, after a minimal amout of looking, that they had one that met all my criteria!  I opened the box to try it on, no more buying a horse with a blanket on business for me. Oh, I have gotten savvy.

It fit, but I decided to buy the one still in the box, because the one I tried on was running, and I had the irrational fear that it would run out of battery next week and the whole charade would begin again. Like “Groundhog Day”. Make a note of that last decision.

I then brought the perfect watch home to live with me. I put it on. It fit like a glove. I went to set it. The pin would not turn more than a number at a time. IT.WOULD.NOT.TURN. I think I screamed.

I went and got Honey’s tools. I was going to make that pin TURN. At this point I had a lone rational thought. I don’t want this watch.

I took that dumb watch back. I tried on the watch I had rejected, because of the whole Groundhog Day scenario, and because I am an idiot. I tried the pin. It turned!


Here it is, “my precious“.

Only took 5 tries.

The Boys Contribution to The N.H.D. (Nut Hatch Dictionary)

 Hey Guy’s! Guess What? The NutHatch Dictionary is up and running! There are only a few words and phrases in it so far, but I will be sure to alert you when I add more to it. I know, you are on the very edges of your seats!

Look over there on the left, under pages, and BAMBO! there it is!

The Boy has offered to contribute the first  phrase in a post. Bless his little pea pickin’heart. You all have a great Thursday!

After many years, my mother has switched the duties of the parent and the son around. The norm is that the parent will tuck  the child in bed at night. That’s the way we always did it. Since  my mom now goes to bed with the pumpkins, and I am such a night owl, I usually tuck her in, or come in her room for some reason after she has gone to bed. I come in her room to the sight of her reading, watching right wing news stations, or the Discovery Health Channel, and sometimes, if  she’s in a crazy mood, she will watch animal cop shows.

The phrase I am contributing is,Pull the door to”.

Now, from the look of it, it makes no sense, but from the beginning of time I have known what to do and exactly what it means. One night, I picked up on the nonsensical nature of the  Hatch phrase, and questioned my mother. Her response was “I’ve just always heard it” which is another typical response to the questioning of our unusual vocabulary. 

Now the definition of this phrase is, swing the door all the way to the frame without actually shutting it, so the kitty’s can get out. This is because if a kitty gets locked in her room, which she always has all three in her room at night, and that kitty has some business to take care of  elsewhere, it will howl incessantly to get out, waking my dear, sweet, mother. To respond to my mothers request, I would sarcastically say, “Pull the door to where?”

After awhile, I stopped questioning my mother’s requests and did my duty.

Sincerely, The Boy