The Shell Game

I believe I mentioned that I focused my laser like attention on finding heart shaped shells/rocks while on vacation last fall in Florida. I was surprised by how many I found!

They needed a vehicle to attractively display them in all their glory. Enter Little Nemo.

I first saw Nemo at my Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis’ new place in Naples. They had him on a little table on their lanai, full of colorful shells they have picked up on their beach wanderings. He was so stinkin’ cute!

Over the holidays I was in Homegoods and lo and behold, there was Nemo! I brought him home and told Honey I had purchased our first item for retirement! I knew just what to put in him, the heart shell/rocks!

Mia likes fish. In a chrome atmosphere. Was not aware the iPad had such capabilities.


Sy was also a fan. Glad to see he is assimilating like the other felines, everyone wants to be in the picture.


Still debating if I should spray paint some in silver or some other color so they will not look so…rock-y. What do Y’All think?


I heart them. And Little Nemo.



Mousey sent me this pin. Love.


Truth. Honey brought home Tasty Boy donuts. I don’t know what I ever did to him.




Read this book on vacation last month on Ab-Cat’s recommendation. Loved it!


I could copy that. I did something else with mine, I’ll have to show you later.


In the mood.


Have a swell weekend before Christmas!

Sinful Saltines

This week marks the end of the year for the Bible studies I attend. The study at our church and BSF will pick back up again in January. Coincidentally, both are studying the life of Moses. I am immersed in Moses. And I am loving it.

In both classes we are having a Christmas lunch together, as ladies do. I remember Mrs. Schmenkman teasing me once about going to “luncheons”. She said she did not do such activities, therefore did not need clothing for them.

I signed up to bring dessert. I decided to bring Sinful Saltines. I bring these to BSF regularly and to funeral luncheons, and if I don’t there are always women asking me “where are those little things you make?”.

They are super yummy and so easy a monkey can make them, hence my skilz.

I decided to use a festive plate I picked up at Hobby Lobby, or Hobo Lobby as Honey calls it, for 75% off one year after Christmas. I bought a ton that year and probably spent $9.99. Oh, I jest, but things were a good price!

Looks good,


even BETTER!!!


Little broken pieces of crack bark. The plate needs to be EMPTY when I bring it home, and that is not usually a problem. Women+luncheon+chocolate=G.O.N.E.!

I have posted it before, but if anyone needs the recipe leave me a message in the comments.

Have a loverly morning and I hope you get something yummy today!

Caramel Colored Boots, Check!

Just before we left for Florida I went to Kohl’s with a handy dandy 30%off coo-pin borrowed from Mary Zulker. I decided to take a gander in the shoe department. I was actually looking for boots  for The Ab-Cat. Not high boots, not low booties, but mid boots. Imagine my surprise when I found her a pair, me a pair AND three pair of shoes to take home for a trial run around the house!! The jury is still out on them.


I finally found the caramel boots so I could copy the Pinterest outfit! WOO HOO!!!

Imagine my surprise when I got them home and showed Mousey and she said they were the same as hers! I knew I always liked those boots! Well, this is a picture of hers, sprawled out on the floor next to the shoe rack. Mine are in the closet.


I wore the Pinterest outfit to church yesterday!


Sorta kinda the same.

teacher talk: outfits You'd have to do leggings not tights. Too see-through for the dress code.

I liked it, very comfy!


I found an Etsy store called Soulful Edges that had bracelets that I quite fancied. I think this outfit could use one!

The Weekly Sy and Other Schnibbles of Stuff

He was ever so glad to see his people after their week in The Mitten!


He liked the new duvet cover The Dane picked out at Ikea.



I Facetimed with The Boy yesterday to hear how his final Rituxan infusion went. He said it went well and he slept through the majority of it. Sy was especially glad to see him and I heard his happy chatting all the way up here. I then watched as he made biscuits and loved on his Dad. That cat is an excellent baker! A #1 kneader!!!!!

Hey Guys, look at all of the hyacinth beans I harvested! WOO HOO!!! I am going to start them in the house in early spring so they can get a jump start.


I ripped  this off from Pinterest, it’s what I do best.  I bought everything except the candle, which was given to me by Girl Cousin Robin! Thanks Robin, that candle smells DE-licious! I am very pleased with my copying skills.


Mousey and I bought this to try, it has evidently been around forever. She said she had read that some people like it. We then had a conversation about old fashioned things that really work.


We don’t do any corn husking around here but we gave it a whirl. Mousey slathered it all over, as she does. I tried it on my hooves. I like that it is oil free. I am not keen on getting oil all over the bedding. She loved it and I felt her legs and they did feel like silken magic. The jury is still out on my hooves. They are a tougher nut to crack. I may have to be more diligent than the one time I applied. We shall see.

Have a good weekend!

Saturday List and The Weekly Sy

Hello my People!

I have a list, because they’re my faves.

Guys, I was SO encouraged at BSF Thursday morning! We had around 150 ladies return and 18 women came to the Welcome Class!!! I know it’s not a numbers game, but growth is exciting and encouraging!

Women of all ages, mama’s with babies, Grandma’s with TWINS, like Capri Deb!!!!

My heart swelled with joy seeing her there with those precious punkins! Even at their young age they will hear that the Bible is God’s true word.

A friend, Lisa, aka ShaqTwo, from Birthday Club came with her friend. She had heard much talk of BSF at dinners and on the South Haven trip. She texted after the morning that she felt she was right where she was supposed to be.

Do you want to hear a little God thing? Lisa also texted that when Jip the Farm Dog was giving the lecture she mentioned that she had been struggling with her empty nest since her boys had left for college. Especially struggling because her youngest was struggling. Lisa said she could totally relate to that because she just dropped her son off at college in Minnesota, and she is feeling some of the same struggles. I mentioned the text to Jip, as encouragement. Jip said that it was a total God thing that she even said it. As she was going over her lecture she had mentally edited that part out, but when giving the lecture she totally said it anyway. She said God must have had that just for Lisa!!!

He’s a really good God. He created the whole universe but cares about a Mama’s sad heart.

In other news, it’s 51 degrees out there!!!! Big sigh of….. refreshment!!!!

We are seeing a few signs of autumn on our morning walks.

I pointed out a couple bright red burning bush leaves to Mousey last night. She said she didn’t want to hear it. She is dreading winter with all her being.

Jeff the Pool Guy came and closed the pool yesterday, so the season is over. He predicted a winter colder and snowier than last winter. How can THAT be????

I don’t know how he knows that, but I have heard the same thing from others. I am afeared.

Honey and I have a goal this weekend, to take the lounge chairs and solar cover down the basement to their winter storage home. I think that could be doable. We have a larger goal of not getting caught by winter storms before we get all of the outside jobs finished, like we did last year.

Once the pool is closed and the lounge chairs are gone, I lose interest in watering down there. So the pots will start to die. I will water the back porch until it frosts and makes everything ugly.

Honey also has a goal of making some sense out of the garage. I think he is going to have to take some time off work for that one. I can help him clean it, once he puts it aright, but I don’t even know what half the stuff out there IS.

The hummingbirds are drinking us out of house and home. They are loading up to get out of Dodge, that’s for sure. Maybe they know something we don’t?

If it stays this chilly I may be switching my clothes much earlier than usual! I wore a hoodie yesterday!!! I KNOW!!!!

Is anyone watching Project Runway? The Peanuts Champ came over last night to watch the Rainway episode and we could not believe how awesome Kini’s dress was! We liked the other fellows too, but I am sorry, his name is escaping me. We are fans of Kini!

Mousey just informed me that she would like to have Coney Island cater her wedding. OK.

The Girls and I had a fun night this week. We looked at Pinterest, sent pictures to The Boy of ugly Christmas sweaters, then laughed so hard we cried about something I can’t even recall, then Mousey braided her sisters hair. If we had scratched backs it would have been a perfect night.


Mousey and I sound like seagulls when we laugh hard. Really, we do.

Here is the grandcat, looking all cute as can be!





He is so uptight.


Can hardly relax at all.


Have a relaxing weekend!

Party at the Top!

I am late today, we had no magic internet this morning for some reason. And then we did. See? Magic.

The hyacinth bean plants have finally met in the middle of the trellis, for the first time ever!!! They are intertwining, flowering, podding, and having a good old time!


I am going to take Schmenkie’s advice and gather the pods at the end of the season. Then I can plant them in the house in April or May, so they get a jump start on the growing season.


I am pleased!

Just My Bag

We did a little shopping on our trip to South Haven. Of course we did.

One of our favorite little stores is called Just My Bag. They have cute purses, wallets, clothes and jewelry. I think all of us have bought something there at one time or another.

I have been on the hunt for a new winter pocketbook for most of the summer. Looked in stores and looked online. I have had very good luck with purses on ebay, so I had been spending a little time every day checking the newly listed for bags to put on my watch list, and time ending soonest pages to make sure I didn’t miss a prospect. I focused mainly on the Tiganello crossbody purses, because I like the look of that brand and they have the built in wallet feature that I have come to depend on.

I have mentioned before that I have a LOT of purse needs and purse related rules, so I am working within parameters people. Gone are the days when I change my purse with my shoes, or just pick a purse all willy nilly because I think it’s kind of cuteOh no. Purse buying is work and it takes patience. Even I think I am a pain in the rumpus.

This is my present purse, purchased on ebay a couple years ago. I am very careful to buy pretty much new bags, because once again, I am a pain. I have loved using it for the entire time!! It was a great buy! My only complaint was it didn’t have a built in wallet, causing me to use a long, slim, credit card holder with an attached change purse. Not my favorite, but it works. Well, it works until summertime. Then all heck breaks loose because there is not enough room for the slim wallet, the little camera I like to carry for blog-tography, and last but sure to joofer up the works, my sunglasses and their case.


I can get it zipped if I work at it very diligently, but how many times a day are you in and out of your purse? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Plus, you have to take everything out to get at the stuff underneath. More work than I care for to get at the Burt’s Bees, I can tell you that.


The Peanuts Champ was also in the market for a new pocketbook, having broken the zipper of her Tiganello on that very trip! What are the chances? We walked in and I am happy to say, both found success!

I think I remember seeing this brand in previous years. the tag said it was made from 20 recycled water bottles! Fancy that!!!


I loved the color and felt it would go nicely with the colors I usually wear.


It did not have a built in wallet feature, but it did have another slim credit card wallet.


With a zipper for money. All attached to a handy dandy tether to make it easier to find.


The reason that I agreed to this was, LOOK HOW MUCH ROOM IS IN THERE!!!!!


The camera AND sunglass case are already in and there is STILL room!


The salesgirl did a good job of telling me about the many satisfied customers she had talked to. She said her boss had owned one for years and had recently bought a new one only because she was tired of the color she had. Another customer said she had even thrown hers in the washing machine with great results.

One of my favorite things about this purse is how light it is. My silver purse was heavier with nothing in it! Honey will be thrilled, he often wants me to hold his keys and wallet and his glasses, and with my usual smallish purse, I could not be very accommodating.

The Peanuts Champ was pleased with her purchase also! Hers had plenty of room as well!

Our new bags!


We went back the next day to show the salesgirls and they took our picture for their instagram!! How fun, we are basically celebrities now!!!!


Two satisfied customers!

Touring the Grounds

Hi Guys, August 4th here, moving right along! It is a delicious 67 degrees outside, always makes for a nice walk! I thought I would enjoy the cool of the morning and take you for a walk outside.

We start out down by the pool. It’s hard to take pictures down there without showing HUGE expanses of pool cover. Not attractive pictures. Therefore, you get areas of the pool area.

This area is coming along nicely considering I had very low expectations for it. I was pretty sure the zinnias would put on a show, but the other two pots seemed like lame ducks. Not a lot of growth or action until recently. But look at them now!!!! I seriously thought the lantana might quit on me.


Once again, a slow moving lantana joophering up the joint. I regretted not getting more zinnia this year. I did get 2 flats. They are so loverly and reliable. Alas, when I returned to the favorite flower store, they had no more. Sad face.


This bad boy is going to town! See the hydrangea behind him?? Thought it might not have survived The Polar Vortex! Glad to be wrong!


The hyacinth bean I bought at the Trailwood Garden Walk finally shot up to the top of the trellis!!!! The other side is not doing as well. Something is lunching on it. Why one side and not the other? I mean I’m glad, but just yearning for understanding.


The other gate is growing nicely after experiencing much PV death. Cut down to the nubbins, but Schmenky was right, it rebounded.


As did the Rose of Sharon!


Now we are up on the back porch. These guys are in various stages of growth. I could be happy with them all but again, I wonder why the third one down has not grown an inch since it was planted. Scratching freshly de-greyed head.


These guys, like Sheldon, really like their spot.


i saw a plant like this when The Peanuts Champ took me to the Ann Arbor Garden Walk earlier this year. It’s called a candy corn plant.


Get it??? It also meandered it’s way up to the tip top.


I am very pleased with the coleus this year. I so enjoy all of their colors and lushness.


I showed you a close up of the other side a few days ago. To be fair, this is the remaining side. It seemed only right.


Oh, here is the other side again, it’s my favorite! Shhh, don’t tell them I said that!


Because Windows Live Writer lives to cause me angst and grievance, I have one more picture of the pool area that was overrode. It’s a long story, no one needs to hear it.


On to the front porch. I am very happy with the front porch chair pot! And the leaning stalk of coleus! But the top pot of alyssum? Has not bloomed again since planting. It is a shame to it’s breed.


I decided to give Creeping Jenny a whirl in the front porch pots. I think I would like them better if I rearranged what was in the pots differently. The coleus, who I am loathe to say anything bad about, have completely shoved out everything else in there. This was not quite the look I was going for. I thought there would be some other loverlies cascading out of the pot instead of a shock of scared coleus, standing straight up in fear, and an uneven dribble of Jenny creeping around, like a bib of drool. Plus, the Jenny on the left is being munched and is downright mangy. I have some ideas to try next year, to rectify the situation.


And there you have it. The grounds of The NutHatch.

Still praying for The Boy to grow, grow, GROW those platelets. More tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers, they are so very much appreciated!

In Need of Prayer

I am producing a list today, for lack of anything else to offer.

Here we are on the last day of July. How did that happen?

It has been unseasonably cool here in the mornings, not that I am complaining. Walking has been much more pleasant.

In some ways I feel we have gotten a few things accomplished around here, in others, not so much.

The last few days have been occupied by concern for our Boy.

His ITP is rearing its ugly head.

After a month or so of having his platelet count kept afloat by steroids, his platelet count has sunk below the surface.

Just in time to joopher up his trip to Denmark.

He and The Dane are very frustrated with his doctor in Chicago. To put it mildly.

His doctor had told him about a new treatment she wanted to try called Promacta. She said it works in 90% of the patients. That’s encouraging!

But when she saw him toward the beginning of the July, and it was apparent the steroids were not doing their thing anymore, instead of starting the new therapy so she could monitor his reaction to the new meds, she increased the steroids again.

She knew he was leaving the country because when he left that appointment she said she wanted to see him again right before he left.

That was last Monday. They were leaving on Wednesday night.

His counts on Monday were 21,000 and she told him not to fly. They could not believe what they were hearing!

She wanted to start him on the new drug, two days before he was to leave the country, another reason she did not want him to leave.

Her timing has been truly….. inconceivable.

There was then considerable runaround trying to get the Promacta, which apparently was only in stock at one pharmacy of the 40 or so that The Dane called.

Even then the doctor had to call and have it approved because our insurance did not cover it. They do that sometimes when there is not a generic alternative.

He finally took his first pill on Tuesday.

The medicine was $6000 for 60 pills. He paid $12. Thank you Lord for insurance!

After much back and forth, they decided The Dane would leave for Denmark as planned last night. Without her husband.

If all goes well and his platelet count rises, The Boy will follow on Monday.

Minus the $500 to change his flight. There is a possibility this will be refunded if his doctor writes a note.

The Dane also has an uncle who works for the airline who has offered his services to try and help in that regard.

So far he has had no known side effects from the new meds, for which we are thankful. He said the information sheet that came with the prescription said the side effects were all pain. And blood clots. Yikes.

So The Dane is on her way and The Boy is home with his cat and his friend Critcher, who came from Ohio to babysit Sy and apartment hunt.

On the off chance that the meds do not induce platelet growth, he said he and Sy are just coming home for the duration of his non trip.

To say they are sad and discouraged is an understatement of epic proportions.

In addition to screwing up their vacation, it is also jeopardizing a wedding reception The Dane’s parents have planned for their friends and family who were unable to attend their Chicago wedding last December.

Also there is uncertainty as to when they will be able to visit with her people again, because once she applies for her green card she cannot leave the country until it is approved. We know of one that took almost a year.

Angst abounds.

But they have seen much evidence of the Lord intervening on their behalf, that always helps.

If you think of him, prayers would be appreciated.

How about a happier subject?

I don’t know about you, but this makes me happy.


I am sincerely hoping there will be coleus in heaven.


Just as I am sincerely hoping there will not be Japanese beetles.


They are making a big old mess on the sweet potato vines.

I think we have driven them away. There were no unwanteds this morning and only 2 yesterday.

Enjoy your Thursday. Thank you for your prayers, they availeth much.

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