The Weekly Sy

Peeking a boo.



The Weekly Sy

He is a swaddler.



The Weekly Sy

What cha got?


Nachos? Do I like nachos? I do, I DO like nachos!


Cheese coma.


The Weekly Sy

It was a good day! Sy enjoyed all aspects!


The Weekly Sy



The Weekly Sy- The Sassy Spot

We are making some progress around here. The older ladies are sometimes a little more accepting of the frisky newcomer, and occasionally Sy curbs his relentless…enthusiasm for interacting with them. He is even doing a better job of trying to be friendly to us humans.

I have caught them all, more than once, sleeping together on our bed, aka known as the cat hotel.

He is very fond of the cat tree and the elders are ok with his being on this perch. It has been my observation that there is nowhere in our house where he acts sassier, and gets himself in more trouble. There is also not a single place where he gets his nose bopped more often for being an ugly citizen.


For some reason he thinks it is his right to hiss and bite freely while positioned here. I usually don’t try to interact with him on his branch, but on occasion it becomes necessary that he needs to be moved elsewhere. Unfortunately, nothing puts his sin nature on full display more!

That’s why I call it the Sassy Spot. I should call it the Naughty Spot. Or the Beast Tree.

The Weekly Sy With a Side of Potent Quotable

We are making progress over here. The two steps forward, one step back kind. Sy is persistent, I’ll give him that. I think he is finding that our old ladies have a little persistence up their fur sleeves as well. He is just so…so…ruthlessly, stalkerish-ly, engaged. They are engaged nappers.

The difference between perseverance and obstinacy is that one comes from a strong will, and the other from a strong won’t. ~Henry Ward Beecher


I have been trying to stay out of things, I realize they need to establish some feline ground rules. The pecking order, as they say. Ay times Sy is very submissive, calm and at those times there is peace in the land. I only intervene when the fighting gets loud, then everyone is in trouble.

See everything; overlook a great deal; correct a little. ~Pope John XXIII


When he has had enough he retreats to The Ab-Cat’s room and cries SANCTUARY! Unfortunately, he comes out rested, refreshed and full of vim and vigor, ready to stalk another few hours. There have been good days and not so good days. Yesterday was hard, we are hoping for a better day today.

Give thanks for what you are now, and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow. ~Fernanda Miramontes-Landeros

The biggest problem is the ladies are afraid of him. They stand their ground, he submits, they then turn and run away, and he chases thinking, THIS IS FUN!!!! You can imagine how that goes over.

Never miss an opportunity to make others happy, even if you have to leave them alone in order to do it. ~Author Unknown

Sy is beside himself trying to interact with them. They are beside themselves trying to avoid him. A beastly conundrum to be sure.

He is getting brave and forcing things. They all slept peaceably for several hours. But if he would only note that they allowed this because he was not in their face or tails, or jumping them around a dark corner.


He sleeps with Abby at night, because EVERYONE needs a break. He is a pretty good sleeper. Apparently he is an early riser and thinks someone should rise and release him from confinement. She noticed he was biting at the carpet so we put an old rug down.  He has been working hard to tunnel underneath, but the rug has thwarted him.


Little punk.


Poor Sy is getting it on all fronts. He is regularly taken to the woodshed by his elders, and he has been often biting us in his frustration. This cannot be tolerated, resulting in more trips to the woodshed. Mrs. Schmenkman and others have encouraged us that it just takes time and all involved are just complaining. Mightily and LOUDLY. I prayed with Mia this morning and asked for God to soften her heart, help her to stop being a junkyard dog, and that she would love Sy. I would say as her own, but she can be an abusive mother, just ask Lucy. And Halle.

At times Sy is precious, usually when sleeping or otherwise engaging with us. He has been very friendly to all visitors in our home. If only he would spend HALF as much time interacting with us as he does annoying the girls!

He conquers who endures. ~Persius

Let us hope and pray!

The Weekly Sy

Seymour is in a strange new land. He is thrilled to see other cats. The other cats cannot say the same about him.

He has recovered as easily as can be from his procedures. He is eating and drinking well. He is making full use of everyone’s litter box. He has had two accidents, fits of frustration and naughtiness.

At first the felines were interacting through a closed door. There was not much action on that front. He was thisclose to the door, our girls were as far away as they could get from the door.

Then he was a captive on display in the kennel. Like Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes. He was beside himself with excitement to see other kitties. They had nothing but growls, hisses and hate in their hearts.


We then started the supervised visits. Surprisingly, Mama Mia is handling this the best. I think she would be fine to ignore him, but Sy has a little personal space issue. Mia is not crazy about him being at either of her ends.

Halle and Lucy are just big balls of hissy growls. Bless Sy’s heart, he just keeps trying. He is submissive, even groveling, to try and make friends.


I have to say it’s a tad more relaxed on occasion. When he is not shadowing them within an inch of their lives. There have been some good signs and then there was The Bad Morning.


Sometimes he goes downstairs with his mom and dad for a little break. He kept putting The Dane’s hand on his head, it was soothing him.

They said he has been very busy and distracted since he has been here. Not much cuddling, no biscuit making, not his sweet, personable self.


Everyone had gone their separate ways last night, it was just Abby and I on the couch. I guess he decided he had had enough with the aloof and he jumped up between us and had a nap. Just a short one, then he was back stalking the girls like it was his J.O.B.


I am praying for a little acceptance over here. I just keep telling ALL of them that they are ok, we have enough loves for everyone.

The Weekly Sy

Continuing with the worst 72 hours of his life.


Hoping to pick him up from the vet around noon today.

The Weekly Sy

He’s a poser.


A male model cat.


He’s also a native Michigander, transplanted to the Windy City.


A height enthusiast.


And veddy, veddy sneaky.He’s almost invisible, or so he thinks.


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