Why is it?

Why is it you wake up at 4 when you don’t need to get up, and on days when you really need to get up you sleep until the alarm?

Why is it when I have time to read blobs in the morning, no one has posted?

Why is it the worst things happen to the nicest people?

Why is it I need to run errands on the coldest, bluster-iest days?

Why is it our three old lady cats are so….hefty, when they don’t eat NEAR as much as the new catten Sy?

Why is it our back counter in the laundry room is always a disaster? It’s an honest question.

Why is it I can overlook such disasters for a long time before I really see them?

Why is it some people are so much more likeable than other people? I could talk and laugh with some all the live long day, and others? Like pulling teeth. Awkward and painful. Awkward is a weird word if you look at it too long.

Why is it you can wear an outfit for a good long time, feel comfortable and confident, and then all the sudden you hate it and think you look awful in it and CAN’T BELIEVE YOU EVER WORE IT???? What changed? Seriously, I need to know?

Why is it I am so much more critical of the sins I see in others, yet so complacent with my own? In our BSF lesson this week we saw that God struck down Aaron’s sons, Nadab and Abihu on the very first day of their service as consecrated priests of the Lord because they offered “unauthorized fire”. The VERY FIRST DAY. They basically did not do things “as the Lord commanded”. Fire came out from the presence of the Lord and toasted them. I am pretty sure if not for the permanent sacrifice of Jesus Christ covering all my many sins I would be toasted daily. Crispy. God cares about how we do things.

Why is it when my neck feels better, my lower back is of the devil? Can’t we all just get along?

Why is it I had FIVE servings of chocolate yesterday? I know better than that.

Why is it when I want to pet and cuddle with Sy he is all spicy?

Why is it that I look so completely different in pictures than I feel I look in my everyday life? Do I really LOOK that bad? Really, we are friends, you would tell me, right? Good Grief!

Why is it when I have really good letters for Words With Friends there is no place to put them?

How about you guys?


The Weekly Sy and Other Schnibbles of Stuff

He was ever so glad to see his people after their week in The Mitten!


He liked the new duvet cover The Dane picked out at Ikea.



I Facetimed with The Boy yesterday to hear how his final Rituxan infusion went. He said it went well and he slept through the majority of it. Sy was especially glad to see him and I heard his happy chatting all the way up here. I then watched as he made biscuits and loved on his Dad. That cat is an excellent baker! A #1 kneader!!!!!

Hey Guys, look at all of the hyacinth beans I harvested! WOO HOO!!! I am going to start them in the house in early spring so they can get a jump start.


I ripped  this off from Pinterest, it’s what I do best.  I bought everything except the candle, which was given to me by Girl Cousin Robin! Thanks Robin, that candle smells DE-licious! I am very pleased with my copying skills.


Mousey and I bought this to try, it has evidently been around forever. She said she had read that some people like it. We then had a conversation about old fashioned things that really work.


We don’t do any corn husking around here but we gave it a whirl. Mousey slathered it all over, as she does. I tried it on my hooves. I like that it is oil free. I am not keen on getting oil all over the bedding. She loved it and I felt her legs and they did feel like silken magic. The jury is still out on my hooves. They are a tougher nut to crack. I may have to be more diligent than the one time I applied. We shall see.

Have a good weekend!

List of Things

I believe we are living in the dog days of summer. Things have been going on, but not much is noteworthy.

I asked The Dane to send me some pictures of last weekend from her fancy phone. She obliged me.

The Boy. Honey and Elyk. three very fine Tiger fans.


From our surprisingly comfortable handicapped seats.



I don’t know if I have mentioned this or not but Mousey has a thing for beards. She lives for No Shave November. The Dane sent this picture to her saying “I saw your boyfriend”. She declined. This fellow was a mystery to me. He had on regular clothes, a Tiger shirt and ball cap, was a decent looking guy, was with normal friends, carried an iphone, had a v e r y long ZZ Top beard. One of these things was not like the other.


In other news, we have men sleeping in our basement the next couple nights. Mousey is in her friend Beatrix Potter’s wedding on Saturday night and the groom and his posse are bunking down the basement. I just met them as they were leaving for the day. They seemed like very nice fellows, which would explain why I did not hear a peep out of them when they arrived last night well after midnight.

The Ab-Cat and I went to a neighboring town to see Jurassic Park at their cute little theater. Three dollar tickets and small town vibe. It was very fun and the velociraptors were were exactly as horrifying as I remembered from 20 years ago!


I have been walking with Jip the Farm Dog this summer on the days that I don’t walk with Keelyody. It’s nice to keep momentum going on solving all the worlds problems. I have to say that walking in Jip’s neighborhood is a far more strenuous path than my own. Her area is hilly, unlike my own flat path. Keelyody is moving into Jip’s subdivision next month, so it appears the path will be a constant. Bring it on.

My days seem to run together in a mix of walking, lawn cutting, weeding and trimming, wondering what to make for dinner, bringing food and goods into the house and toting out the trash on Sunday nights. There have been fun things sprinkled in to cut the mundane. Our Birthday Club has their annual South Haven Girls Trip next month and that is always fun.

Other than that, I will be home.

Cleaning out cupboards.

Brushing cats and getting enough fur to build a new kitten.

Watering and weeding, they go hand in hand.

Going with Honey to replace the things that wear out and break around here. This week? Spare bedroom bed frame and dehumidifier.

Alternating going to Sam’s and Meijer for groceries.

Viewing Pinterest. That takes a lot of time.

What have you been doing?

Karaoke is Not My Style

I asked for a cd and a book for my birthday last September. I did not get them. I asked for the same cd and book for Christmas. Again, did not get them. So after the holidays I put in an order to CBD. Merry Christmas to me!

I chose the cds Sing Like Never Before by Matt Redmon, Here For You by Passion and the book Sparkly Green Earrings by Melanie Shankle, aka Big Mama from the blog of the same name. I have read this blog daily for about the last 6 years, ever since Mrs. Schmenkman sent me a link and a note saying she thought this was something I might like. I like.

When my order came in the mail, it was clear there was a mistake. I did not order Southern Gospel Hits Vol. 2 Karaoke Style!!!!


I called to let them know, they corrected the mistake and want me to send it back. Oh darn.


I have a variety of unconnected things this morning.

The carpet measuring guy came yesterday and measured. Did you know they do not use a tape measurer anymore? It was a handy dandy little gizmo that shot a red dot on the adjacent wall and he wrote the measurement on his iPad and it made an architects plan of the inside of our house. Almost science fiction. I am out of touch.

The carpet bosses will call today with a quote. It will probably be a doozie. Bring it on Boss Man.

I feel like fall has officially arrived. I used the crock pot yesterday and that is a sure sign.

Plus I have been wearing a hoodie when Keelyody and I walk, and THIS morning I may break out the gloves. Especially for my right hand. The left hand seems ok.

I need to cut back our day lilies. They are beyond redemption and have passed into the territory of just plain ugly.

I am beginning to wonder if there is anyone in the world who truly loves Miley. Somebody help that girl.

I finally colored my hair yesterday.

I knew I had waited too long when Honey mentioned my grey. He doesn’t usually mention my hair. I was a little skunky.

I blame my parents. They were both grey very early. I had no choice.

Honey has hardly any grey. It will be interesting to see how this affects our children.

Speaking of Honey, he has been laboring long and hard to find us a place to stay on vacation in February. It has been a real chore. He FINALLY found a beautiful house for us. We are a little disappointed that it is not in the area of Florida that we usually stay in.

We are willing to try it though and see if we like the area.

Did I mention that The Ab-Cat is joining us this year???!!!

We sort of made her, because we like her.

Ok, I need to git. Have a productive Tuesday.

Moving Day

Today is the day, Dad is SO excited!

I will be back soon with some pictures, if I remember to take some.

I have things to tell you about, if I remember to tell you.

Have a good Monday.

Friday’s List, Presented on Tuesday, Called… Tue-ist (or Twist)?

Hi Guys!

Thank you for your kind words and prayers for my concerns. I always hesitate to have a post like that, but People, I was struck by the fact that those of us involved with the BSF study seem to have the same things touch our hearts and we all have completely different situations! If it encouraged even one of you to wait patiently, or pray, or even ponder what you believe about God’s words, then I guess it hit the mark.

Nothing about the situation has been resolved yet, but I felt your prayers and have had a calmer heart since that day. Maybe sometimes I write it to remind myself of what God says.

I didn’t post yesterday because I was busy. Busy doing a truly heinous thing that one must do when one is 50, and when one has experienced the bouts of cholera that I did last year. I have one thought about it, well, actually many thoughts but I will only share one. People, if we can put a man on the moon, can we not find a better way to do this???

All to say, I am as fit as a fiddle and they would like to see me in ten years. The nurse did try to encourage me with the old “who knows what improvements will be made by then” line. so I am clinging, clinging to that hope.

I am going to surprise you all right now with the next statement. Ready?


I know, I know, you can close your mouth hanging open in disbelief. I was not heavily invested, as I was having my own engagement with my own bowl, and it was not super, but I was present. Mostly. I played a LOT of Words With Friends, watched some of the pre shows where I was introduced to some of the players, saw Beyonce and company be all booty-licious, enjoyed some of the commercials (Clydesdales, the one about the farmers, and sorry, the Dorito’s goat one), puzzled over the power outage, and was worried that the team Honey wanted to win might be overtaken. They were not, so that was nice.

I always ask him why he wants a particular team to win. His answers vary from year to year. Sometimes he feels they are a better team, sometimes he likes some of the players. Sometimes there are notable Christians on the team, or the behavior of the other team is poor. When I asked him why he wanted the Ravens to win this year, the only reason he gave was the coach of the other team was an unmentionable word. Alright.

I always have profound and important observations about the game. Like, how weird, the coaches are brothers! And, how can some football players be so….fluffy? All of my other comments were concerning the alarming display of tattoos I was seeing out there on the field. The NFL must be single handedly keeping the tattoo industry thriving.

I must git. Have a good Tuesday.

The Doings

I fear I have not gotten back into the swing of things yet. Hence the late posting. I am going to now bombard you with many random things.

The Boy and The Dane return to Chicago this weekend. Mousey resumes college on Monday. BSF does start back up tomorrow and I need to get cracking on finishing up my lesson. I have only had THREE WEEKS to do it. All this down time has made me….unproductive.

I have been focusing some of my time trying to learn how to use my new iPad. I mainly wait for Mousey to become available and then she tells me what to do.

One of my resolutions this year is to make better use of my camera. Taking pictures AND learning how to use the settings.

Next Monday the eating train leaves the depot. Honey and I are getting back on the right track.

There is a lot of television happening this month. I dvr’d  the premiere episode of the third season of Downton Abby because I have not finished season two. I’d best get right on that.

Between The Biggest Loser, American Idol, Top Chef, and not to mention the new shows we are going to try, I will almost be too busy to grow my toenails. Almost.

Our CareGroup starts back up on Friday. I have missed them and it will be nice to catch up. Another reason why the eating train leaves on Monday and not sooner.

I have been wearing nail polish for the last month or so. After not wearing nail polish for several years. What up with that?

My Christmas cards are in the mail as of yesterday!!!!!!! Better late than never, right?

People who know me well don’t expect to get our Christmas card before Christmas. Therefore they are not surprised. To all the others? SURPRISE!!!!

I only have one Christmas present to return, and one to exchange. Pretty good for all of us!

What have you been doing? Do share.

I will just be here waiting to read what you say. And growing my toenails. It’s a full time job if I want to be sandal ready by our vacation to Florida in March.

Last Bargains of the Year and A Brown Dane

Hi Guys!

Happy New Years Eve! We are going to get our celebration on later this evening with a little homemade pizza, maybe some banana splits and surely some cards. There are things to do before that though. Things like vacuuming and last minute grocery store visits and the last chiropractic visit of 2012.

I went up to Kohl’s over the weekend  to spend the twenty dollars in Kohl’s bucks that were burning a hole in my purse. Not exactly burning a hole in my purse, more like a constant nagging that I would forget to use them. It has happened before and it’s not a good feeling. I usually give them to the Girls to buy unmentionables but I had offered and no one took me up on it, therefore they were squarely back burning holes in my pocketbook and nagging me.

The last time we used Kohl’s bucks our coffee maker had conveniently died, making our Kohl’s bucks purchase easy. We ended up paying $9 dollars for a new one, pretty good deal! This time, there was no obvious purchase so I started perusing. I had a vague idea that I would like a new pair of swippers. I have a quasi new pair, but I really like to have two pair. Because sometimes you can’t find one pair. This wasn’t the pair I had envisioned, but very similar and they were only $7. I am nothing if not flexible.


I was not looking for a new scarf but this one caught my eye with it’s purty colors and tiny bit of sparkly bling. When I read $3.60 on the tag I snapped it up! You can’t even buy yarn for $3.60!!!!! The regular price said $36.00 but who would pay that? For a scarf!! At Kohl’s!!??


I perused for quite a while in the rug section because our bathroom rugs died a noble death a month or so ago. They were a color that could not be duplicated this season so I focused my attention on greens. They will do, and then I found some for The Ab-Cat’s bathroom. And then I remembered that I needed one by the front door where folks take their shoes off. I was regretting my decision to forgo a cart at this juncture. Especially when I saw that I was going to have to wait in line for many minutes

When I reached the cashier she informed me that clearance was an extra 25% off! I had no idea! So my swippers were $5 and my scarf was $2.90! Bargains of the month!

The Dane has been wanting to do a little something with her hairs. She makes a loverly blonde, but the upkeep is a bane to her existence.


She needed to do something. Clearly.


She decided to go brown. Light brown, not a shoe polish dark brown, or heaven forbid, black. We mixed up copious amount of equal parts chestnut and brandy, applied liberally, and plunked her under the dryer for 13 minutes, then cooled her jets for 10.


Then rinse, rinsing, rinsed all that color off.


It turned out well, and made her pretty eyes look SO blue!


A new look for a new year!

Have a wonderful evening and I will talk to you in 2013!

The Christmas Recap

Well, that was fun!

How about a little recap, starting from last week or something. I have lost track of time.

The Boy and The Dane came home from Chicago last Wednesday on the Megabus. They came with heavy suitcases, tired minds and The Boy came with copious amounts of hair.


We remedied that.

He has since been redecorating the house.


They are a shy people.


Overjoyed, but shy.





I have to tell year that this was my worst year ever for taking pictures. We spent Christmas Eve with my Dad and our Dear Friends The Hostler’s and I have not one shot. Not a single, solitary picture.

We open our presents on Christmas Eve. I have about five pictures of that.

The Ab-Cat was happy with her new iPod!


The Boy was very happy to receive Bear Paw slippers! He says they are like clouds on your feet. He and Honey are partial to that brand.


Mousey is hoping that her new memory foam mattress pad will help her sleep like a little lamb.


But first she had to wrestle it out of the packaging like a ferocious bear!


The Dane is moving into an apartment when she returns to Moody, so she had many needs of the housekeeping variety. The essentials of a coffee pot, tea kettle, garlic press, ice cream scoop and Sanders hot fudge, along with the nonessentials of wooden spoons, cutting boards, a peeler, and such.


Honey SURPRISED me!! I LOVE it!!!!!!


I have no idea how to work it, but I am willing to learn! I have this game worked out pretty well. Whirly Words. Our little obsession these days. First Mousey and I, then The Ab-Cat and I , and now you can find The Dane, The Boy and I all huddled around it. We are dang good I must say.


Looking forward to playing this in the evenings while Honey and I watch television, and he snoozes on the couch. Mousey and I have to figure out how to get the paid version so there will be no more pesky ads. That in itself will be heavenly.


On Christmas Day we went up to my Uncle Bob’s and Aunt Phyllis’ for the day. Here are my three pictures from that.

Goomba spent the majority of his day as close to The Boy and The Dane as he could get. The Ab-Cat napped behind them.


Uncle Bob, Mousey and Honey after dinner.


And the other side of the room, Grandpa and Robbie with Stacey and Aunt Phyllis behind them and Beeve and Bob’s friend Jerry on the back right. There are many not even represented, they must have already been napping.


I received a text from my cousin Lindsay when we were more than halfway home that Mousey left her iPod charging in the kitchen. Lucky for us that Lindsay and her fabulous husband Rob E. Bernard were going to be in our area before they drove back home to where ever the heck it is he lives, Indiana, Cincinnati, Kentucky? He lives in one and works in another. While I was waiting for their arrival call, I needed to find something to occupy myself. I occupied Homegoods and Hobby Lobby and picked up some necessities at Meijers. You know, cream, bananas and ice cream, and the like.

I scored at Homegoods though!! Four bottles of chai! Candles for next Christmas for about $3. Four packs! In a most loverly mossy green color that looks swell in our house. The dish cloths and towels were not on clearance, but you know how sometimes you look at what you have and think, WOW, these should be demoted to car washing rags? I had that epiphany. Yes, yes I did.


The wreath was the winner here, $10.00. I am not certain if it will be a wreath or a table centerpiece with a candle in the middle. I have not tried it yet. At the moment it is happily hanging on the inside of our front door looking all pretty.


We have had fun, been lazy, played cards, ATE, been lazy, played with the iPad, watched movies, and then were lazy again after we ATE.

Sounds good. We will keep it up. We are very, very good at it.

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