Glad To Be Here

Beeve called yesterday to say they were having 2-4 inches. We are glad we are not there. We are having lovely 80’s weather with perfect cloudless skies. No whining here.

We are leaving the GrandFolk this afternoon (with their houseguest) to head over to our condo. We have had fun here, but it has seemed short. We had really good luck shopping the other day. Mom was right about that Bealls, pretty darn good place for bargains. We also found a Ross Dress for Less for the Mousey. We managed.

Yesterday we had fun at the Tiger game. Unfortunately, they lost, but not without 2 homeruns. Pudge and Sheffield were the men of the day. My Mom and I decided we were the reason they lost. We have some sort of bad juju for them. We really should stay away and just catch them on TV. I think we have caused them to lose everytime we have gone. Sorry Guys.

After the game, we went to The Trough (Golden Corral) for the Grandpa’s birthday, and you know everyone did right fine there.

Honey has been hooking up the Webcam down here so they can get their Little Goomba fix. We have Beeve’s address, but we cannot remember our own. So I need to end this and call Mrs. Schmenkman, so she can tell me who I am.

Hope Everyone has a Blessed Easter. He is Alive!!!!!!!


Sunny Warm Florida, How We Love You!

We made it! And in record time. For us anyway. 21 hrs. It started out foggy as pea soup, rained for a couple of states, almost got BLEW away in a few more, and then, once in the Sunshine State, the aforementioned sunshine and 85 degrees. It was So good to get here and see the GrandFolk. And get to see The Grandma’s new surgical scar from her recent appendectomy. Cause she likes to have a medical crisis about every 18 months or so. Very good to hug on BOTH of their necks.

And cause I know you are all wondering, the dog was a perfect angel. Best traveler in the car by far, cause she takes up the least amount of space. And that is saying something, cause all of our kids are good travelers. Having been making this trip since they were born, and one in utero. She slept in her bed when told to (or Ab’s lap) ate when offered food, did her business when put on the leash, and didn’t pant , except when warm, and that is allowed. It’s the neurotic panting that bugs us. And she felt SO included! Oh my, she has never been happier. Except sniffing at the rest area, that was pretty wonderful too. Her one bad moment came when we stopped the one and only time to eat at the Cracker Bear, aka Barrel  (In -circa around 1993 from The Ab Cat) and we had to put her in the cat carrier to prevent her from running around in the car trying to tell any random passerby-er that she had been abandoned to wolves and please let her out before she was frothing at the mouth and had barked herself to death . And to prevent those dreaded walking tinkles. But to soften the blow, we also put her breakfast in there. And once we let her out and walked around the restaurant 5 or 10 times, all was forgiven. Have I mentioned she is my  first and last dog? I cannot speak for anyone else in the house though.

After arriving at The GrandFolk House, The Boy, The Mouse, Honey and The Grandpa and I went down to the best pool ever (cause it is so big AND warm!!!!!!!), and had a swim. Then, we came back and were  surprised  by who was voted off  The Idol. Not because we were disappointed, cause we are not fans of the Biker-Nurse, but because it seemed  we were out of step with America on this one. Well, now she doesn’t have to look so horrifically uncomfortable when they do those group sing-a-longs. And really, it’s for the best, cause if she would have gone on the Idol tour, she may have been suicidal by the time it was over. So America had it right. Cause it’s not like we actually vote over here anyway. Well, Honey did one year. For Carrie Underwood.

We are all still tired, and some are still not up. It rained here this a.m., which The Grandma assures me that they would NEVER refuse around here, cause they always need it. I think, since the sun is not around, we will do some shopping, which will make The Mouse happy. And The Boy has need of something that is escaping me. I’m sure Ab will not be happy, cause shopping is one of her least favorite things to do. She may stay with her dog. And if the sun does show its face, we will head on over to the best pool ever. And I will sleep out there, in my cute swim suit.

I Was Wrong

Oh, I was so wrong to think that I was over “The Sickness” so soon. Very wishful thinking on my part. And ENOUGH is ENOUGH already!!!!!!! That is 7 exclamation points, because 7 is God’s number, and that means I am telling the truth.

We are almost ready to go. The bags don’t seem overly stuffed. Of course, I will think of at least 75 last minute items. This year we also have one extra 6 pound piece of baggage, the dog. You may be wondering why that is. And you would be right up there with 3 other people in the van. Complaining loudly, I might add. The Girl is not complaining, as she is glad to have her buddy with her. And I am not either. Don’t mistake that for happiness though. It really is just the best solution. Cause a dog with a bladder the size of a thimble is just not a good house-guest for anyone who cannot take her out every 5 to 6 minutes. I am kidding about that, but barely. But don’t worry about us on the road. For some odd reason, she is a good little traveler. I think it has something to do with her being with her Pack. And I think that is why she has been so horrible this past week. With all of the duffllebags laying around, and the unusual flurry of activity, ( except by me , of course, unless you count the activity of running to the bathroom) she KNOWS something  is going on. And she cannot abide not being part of that something. Please Lord, no more walking tinkles!!!!!!! (See that, 7 exclamation points, cause I am telling the truth!) Boarding her is not an option, as I may have mentioned that she is neurotic, and would bark herself to death in less than an hour.

So Katie Katherine (said with an Irish brogue) is going to stay at Grandmas’ and Grandpas’ in Lakeland. And you must be thinking that I am up for the Daughter of the Year Award. Let me explain. Katie LOVES the Grandma and the Grandpa. And going to their place in Michigan is one of the highlights of her LIFE. They have woods AND a boat!!!!!!! ( 7 again)Because what is not to love about having your very own people to fuss and fawn over your every facial expression and movement? And, since she is a known napper, she will not throw off their napping groove, if they are so inclined.  Plus, they have the added bonus of being retired, and are available for all those bathroom breaks she requires. And, throw in the topper that The Grandpa will take her out on lots of walks so she can piddle to her hearts content, and sniff up the entire state of Florida, well , it is a gift from Dog Heaven. With a bow on top. With streamers of cheese, carrots and meat dangling attractively. And they will proudly tell anyone who asks, that this is their Granddog from Michigan. Cause she is NOTHING, if she is not cute. It is her saving grace. 

I think I mentioned that I am going to try and post while we are gone. Cause any who know us well could tell you that we have been known to have things occur while we are gone. It’s like I always tell Honey, “Someday, this will seem funny”. So let the memories begin!!!!!!! (7 again!) We would appreciate your prayers for safe travels.

Have a Blessed Easter!!!!!!!

It’s Over Now

Whew, I am glad that is over. I had “The Sickness”, as Honey calls it. I think the last time I had the stomach flu was 7 years ago. After a field trip to the Cosi Hands on Museum in Toledo with Ab-Cats 6th grade class. I wasn’t sure if it was really “The Sickness” or bad mayo. I don’t remember what made me decide it wasn’t the mayo. So I guess I was due. And hopefully, I kept the contamination to myself, or else we may have a problem with our departure date to Florida. It would just be the Fella’s, as the Girls already experienced “The Sickness” last weekend. 

The only time I ventured up, I had to go out to pick The Boy up from work. And I looked and felt awful, as you can imagine. So then imagine, if you can , my disbelief when I saw the police lights in my rear view mirror. I turned into the parking lot at Meijers, and to be honest I wasn’t even scared. It just seemed like the perfect way to end the day. So when “Scooter”, the Little Baby Police Officer, asked me if I knew why he had pulled me over,  I just said “I have no idea” (maybe I was weaving?). I was having the irrational fear that he would make me get out of the van and walk a straight line, and you know  I had my jammies on. And I might have thrown up on him. It would have just looked bad. But to his credit, he took my information, went away for a long time and came back and gave me a warning. I guess I didn’t come to a complete  stop when leaving the Kohl’s parking lot.

  Bless his heart. I must have scared him.

He Promised

He said he would let me take his picture. So I could show you all his lovely braceless smile. Remember, I told you we made a deal, sealed with FOOD? But he really made me work for it. We took 24 pictures. Almost all looked like this:


 I tried to MAKE him smile, and it got rowdy and ugly. Honey had to turn “Everybody Loves Raymond” really LOUD! But Mousey got the shot.


And finally, we got this. And that’s our Boy!


Florida in a Week!

 I realized last Thursday that I had my dates wrong, and we were not leaving for Florida in three weeks, but in two. And that’s fine, cause I’m not a big planner and we can travel semi light cause there will be a washer & dryer where we are going. And as Honey tells me every year, “it’s not like we are leaving the country and they don’t have a Target.”, or since it’s Florida, a Super Wal-Mart!  Now we have Wal-Mart here, but I don’t go. I used to go a little, but then Honey asked me not to, something about a show he saw on TV, and China, and evidently it’s just a bad place to shop. I also need to clarify that I do shop at Wal-Mart in Virginia as well, cause Mrs. Schmenkman and I have been known to visit. And I have been known to have some luck in finding something to purchase.

I am hoping I will be able to post while I’m gone, cause Ab is bringing her laptop. Now this is thrilling for me, (notice I said “for me”) cause sometimes you can feel a post coming on.  And in no way would I want to waste that, cause to be perfectly honest, I would have forgotten it by the time I came home.

Here is a little test for you all. It has been sitting by the back door in our laundry room since November. What could this be? You would be correct in guessing a box of caulk, gloves, a Michigan hat and a scarf. But, ultimately, you would be wrong.


Does this make it any better? That would be cat nip, a Glade plug in thingy, and other things that I am not really sure about. But we’re not there yet.


 Grand prize to the lucky person who guessed my unmailed Christmas cards!!!!!!


And No, I had not forgotten them. I was waiting to get a picture of my children to put in those Christmas cards. Obviously, I didn’t get the shot. So that is my goal in Florida, to get the shot. We all look better sun kissed anyway. And you might be wondering if that is not a huge embarrassment for me to mail them out this late? I’m sorry to say it is not. Cause those who know me well could tell you that it would not be the first time I have done so after Christmas. I must confess it has never been this  late before, but I don’t care. Cause I didn’t get them out at all  the year before and you can take your pick, call them late or 8 months early!

It is our opinion that either Stripper Guy or Horse Girl will go Buh Bye tomorrow night on American Idol. What is yours?

I Don’t Really Have Anything To Say.

I am sitting here doing my morning thing. Having a cup of Chai and checking all the recent postings on my favorite blogs. And thinking that I should post. But I’ve got nothing. So I’ll just tell you about some of the random things flying around inside my head today. Cause if you know me well, I am nothing,  if  I am not random.

The Boy had the bottom part of his braces off this morning.  He had the top off last month. I had to beg and plead with him to take his picture, so I can show you all just how handsome he is with his purty teeth.  And his new haircut.  Cause I couldn’t stand looking at him one more minute! He said he will allow my request. This blog would have been far better had I started it when my children were younger. But at this particular time in our lives, the children are at ages where I have to ask PERMISSION to share things. I wanted to take pictures and show you poor Mouseys’ mouth last week. She had three metallic things put in there, a Herbst appliance, an expander and her braces, and it is truly  a sight to behold. But NO, that would have been horrifying to have a shot of her mouth online!  And what was I thinking anyway???  So, The Boy has agreed to let me post the picture,  but only after much finagling. Which resulted in me having to take him to Leo’s Coney Island after getting the braces off. All I can say is, it’s a good thing he was hungry. But the picture is going to have to wait a few days because he wouldn’t let me take it, and there is a reason, but then he wouldn’t let me say why. So there you have it, my sad, sad tale.

Today the Little Goomba was here. And he was his usual charming self and was in fine form to have his picture taken. This is what we got:


And this one. He’s a happy boy!


And as I was looking at the papers this morning, I came across this:


I may have mentioned that I went to Target last week, to see my close personal friends at the pharmacy? Well, I picked up 8, yes 8, prescriptions. And I did not have a one of these. No $10.00 gift card from Target for Capri K. The papers saved it for this week.  And of course, I have no prescriptions to fill this week. I mean , how could I?

I was also thinking how much I love our new appliances. I mean it, I really do. My wash gets done so fast, and I have actually been searching  for things to make a full load! Cause that baby holds a LOT!  And at first I was not putting enough in. But I am NOW!  And another very cool thing is the washer and dryer take the same amount of time, as opposed to the triple time that the old dryer took. The freezer is still waiting for spaghetti sauce, but it will most likely wait until after vacation. But that’s ok, cause I can dream about the possibility  of sauce.

Well, considering that I didn’t have anything to say, I certainly seemed to fill the page. And I apologize for leading you on.

That Nap I Mentioned?

Well, that nap didn’t really happen. I did lay on the couch to try. But the dog insisted on being there. And she snores, just ask anyone who comes to Caregroup. Then the phone rang twice, complete with answering machine message. And every 15 minutes Grandfather did his thing. And the kids were banging around doing who knows what. So I gave it up. I’ll just go to bed early at 10. Which will really be 9 for me on this Daylight Savings Day.  I see these Girls did not have any problem catching 40 winks.


I love these kitty-witty-Boolie-woolies.

Daylight Savings Time

There was a light  crowd in church this morning. I’m sure it was spring ahead clock related. I am thinking a nap is in my future.  I was up later than usual last night to boot. Both The Boy and The Girl were out gallivanting, so it was just Q. Mouse and I finishing the last couple of “Project Runway” episodes from the marathon last Wednesday. Just before 11 Mouse said she was going to bed and she couldn’t believe  that I was still up! At 11 The Boy came home and the first thing he said was, WOW, look at you still up! At quarter to 12, The Girl came in and commented that she told me I didn’t have to wait up. But you know that I had to wait up. Cause I am a Mom, and that is what we do. So when I FINALLY was able to go to bed, I remembered that I needed to change the clock. And it said 1:15, and for me, that is shocking. Cause I am almost as old as a Grandma and I wake up at 5:30 for some ridiculous reason.

New Pretty


I had wanted to get a new candle holder for our powder room. I had one that was a Christmas gift from my friend, Barbara Payne, that I loved. Unfortunately, candles don’t last forever and it is now gone. I had also bought a little jar for seashells that the Girls and I collected on our visit to Naples last Easter. We were at Ummel Bob’s and More Ummel Bob’s place, and that place  was very lovely to behold. And they have since sold it. Anyway,  it was there that I borrowed  the idea of displaying seashells .  Cause my Aunt has clever ideas like that.  And it was a fond memory. So, my problem with the candle and the jar for the shells ? They were the exact same size, and it bothered me. I should have bought a taller jar,  and it should have had a lid, cause our shells were getting dusty. But I hadn’t thought of that at the time.

Then, while shopping at Michael’s, I saw this cool thing. And it solved ALL my candle holding-seashell displaying problems in one fell swoop!

 Sorry, but I have to go off on a rabbit trail here. As I wrote that last sentence and saw the idiom “one fell swoop” , I had to ask myself , was that a real  idiom?  Or something that was made up? That no one in the real world would have a clue about. Because when you really look at it, it makes no sense whatsoever. And that is my gift you know, using words and phrases that I have picked up from from somewhere.  And while innately understanding what they mean, I can’t explain  it. So I went and got my book “Dictionary of Idioms, more than 600 phrases, sayings and expressions” (you think I’m pulling your tail don’t you? Well, I’m not ) to check. And it WASN”T in there! Well, then I got worried. So I googled that phrase, and much to my relief , I’m here to tell you that, YES, it is a real line, and they went through this long, boring explanation of where it came from.  13th century, William Shakespeare, red wing hawk, blah, blah, blah. But what it MEANS is “swiftly, all in one movement”  Which is what I had thought all along.

So I happily purchased my find for $8.99, minus my 40% off coupon that they so thoughtfully give us customers for one non-sale item every week, for a grand total of $5.71. I thought I would have a candle for it at home, but of course I didn’t. So on my other trip out, to Target, to see my close personal friends at the Pharmacy, I picked up a new candle for $3.99. They had an adorable one the right size that was rolled in SAND! Would that not have been perfect??? Unfortunately it had a truly heinous  smell and was not really considered. 

So it had its debut last night at Caregroup. I personally  thought it was the star of the evening.

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