Don’t You Just Hate It When…..

You lose the drawstring on your pajamas or sweat pants when it gets sucked inside by the elastic?

Blogs you have read for a long time just peter off into nothingness? I am surprised that spell check agrees that is a word. Why wouldn’t you just post a final entry saying stick a fork in you you’re done? Or at least update periodically that you weren’t eaten by wolves or something. I guess I can understand that you have lost your mojo or interest in blogging, but we, your readers that you worked so hard at cultivating, sometimes grow to care about you and your family, and might have prayed for your situations in the past, and had various levels of blog communication with you, we are always left wondering if you are out having a wonderful life and got too busy to blog or you are in the grips of something truly heinous. I realize that they are not obligated to tell us all about their business, but it seems like a courtesy. A final chapter shall we say. I pinky swear promise that I will tell you all if I am getting out of Dodge. And if I can’t, I will give someone my password and they can.

The day you decide to debark The Eating Train is the day there are delectable treats everywhere?

You discover the reason you found that super good deal at the thrift store is because there is a flaw where you did not see it. True story.

The kitty witties that you so lovingly care for and feed and water daily and change their potty box, WILL NOT sit on your lap? Why you do me like that kitties? I have never NOT had a lap cat and now I have three.

And when you make them, it’s not really very satisfying. Trust me.

There is a little something bugging you on one of your boots, that you cannot find, and that wasn’t there the last time you wore them?

You wake up early on the one day that you don’t have to get up early? For no good reason.

These have been some of my ponderings this week.

What bugs you?

Have a satisfying weekend.


The Dinner Conversation

Honey had to go to work early last Friday night and he said to not count on him for dinner because someone was bringing in a big sub sandwich. Well, you don’t have to tell me that twice!

The Girls and I then had an in depth discussion on what we were going to do for dinner. Ideas were thrown out, places were vetoed, we almost went without Mousey, because she was being a pill about getting dressed.

Then we had an inspired idea. I called The Peanuts Champ to see what she was doing for dinner, and asked did she and her People want to meet with me and my People? They did! Mousey then decided that she would dress since others were involved.

The Peanuts Champ, along with her son, who used to be known as The Running Boy, which he no longer is, who will will call J-Pos for this post, and our friend Teri, who I am still sorry to say needs a blob name, met us at our friendly, neighborhood Middle Eastern restaurant.

There was much talking about this and that, and then I told them about the conversation we had with Honey before he left for work. He said he had slept well, but he had some vivid dreams. He had been in a spelling bee and had to spell PHYLOCYTES. He asked me if that was a real word because it really seemed like a real word! I goggled it and no, it is not a real word!

Then the dinner conversation veered over to food and I was listening in on Mousey and J-Pos’s conversation about date bread and how it was moist. I said I did not like that word, moist. It sounds icky. J-Pos did not agree, he thought it was a good word. We then discussed words we do not like. Everyone had a disliked word. Here they are.

Mousey-wisps. She doesn’t like that spsps at the end.

J-Pos-meta. He then had to go into GREAT detail to explain to me what that word was, because I had never heard it. I just goggled it because my notes were unintelligible. Here you go:

is a prefix used in English (and other Greek-owing languages) to indicate a concept which is an abstraction from another concept, used to complete or add to the latter.

Yeah, it’s all Greek to me.

Teri-musty. She has allergies and I am sure this had bad connotations!


The Peanuts Champ-tick. She has had Lymes disease, ticks are of the devil.

The Ab-Cat-bra. She is the only modest person in our home, I don’t know why.

Capri Kel-moist. It’s an armpit kind of word.

Someone then decided we should use all of the words we do not like in one sentence. Here goes.

A tick crawled into a moist, musty, bra lying by the side of the road, sending up meta wisps of odor.

And a phylocyte was watching.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


I am on The Boy laptop this morning.

There is some dumb pretend Google thing blocking our computer. Man, I hope its not another virus.

Just waiting for Honey, our tech guy, to take a closer look when he gets home from work.

My Wednesday Hodgepodge post is sitting in the Windows Live Writer, all ready to go too. Really big sigh.

Doings From Yesterday

On April 18, 2011, The Mitten was treated to…


snow. Oh yes we were. That is just wrong.


On April 18, 2011, Honey, Mousey, The Boy and I went to the Value World to use the last 50% off coo-pin. I am sad to see them go. A moment of silence for the last coo-pin.

Honey needed some sort of a raincoat for his fishing trip with The Boy next month. He has a rain suit, but it quit on him last year. He is going to spray the pants with some kind of water repelling spray, but he felt he needed an actual raincoat to brave the cold, possibly rainy, spring of The Great White North. The fellow from the lodge where they are staying said it is not uncommon to have ice still hanging around in late May. Guess who is glad they are not going fishing up in Canada in late May? Guess who is just glad she never has to fish, anywhere? Guess who is SICK of the winter of 2010/2011? How about EVERYONE in The Mitten.

I believe that I may have mentioned Mousey’s stinky, cat pee smelling cleats that her friend loaned her. Evidently, she has another friend, who has the exact same cleats, and they are stinky as well! Honey suggested she take a gander at Value World for some replacements. You never know, stranger things have happened.

Look what she found! Brand new!


Never been worn! For 1/2 off of $5.90!! Extra special bonus? No stinky cat pee smell! Yet.


This is my bargain of the month, because I have actually paid full price for one of these before. We use our food chopper all the time. The one I actually paid full price for has just about had it. I just looked on The Pampered Chef website, and the cost for this little darling is $31.00. We paid just under $2.00!!!! I don’t think it had been used either. Old Eagle Eye Honey found it.

Here comes Mama Mia, making sure it is safe to let the food chopper in the house.


Another treasure for The Future Grandchild Book Shelf. A favorite of  all of our children, and one I remember from my elementary school years as well.


This was their favorite page, DOG PARTY!!!!


You can’t beat a classic for 40 cents!

The total of our bill, after using the 50% off coo-pin, was $28.00, so obviously we bought other things. The Guys each bought jackets to wear fishing. To spare the jackets they already own from getting fish guts on them. The Boy found some flannel shirts, I know that is surprising. Mousey chose a few things, but most notably, a black bikini top from Lands End to wear while sunbathing. And also surprisingly, I found a pair of capri sleep pants, that had cats on them. I hope I love them!

The rest of the day was spent packing for Florida! And being sad that my hindquarters are now larger than the last time I wore my summer capris. I am really looking forward to discontinuing the hormone I have been taking. The hormone that so helpfully says in the side effect panel, may cause INCREASED APPETITE. Thank you. Thank you SO much. Why doesn’t it just say “may cause you to be able to consume an ENTIRE bear, without salt, at one sitting”? Since they were being so helpful and all.

We leave 36 degree Michigan tomorrow morning, and we will have lunch in warm, sunny, Florida! I hope they have bear on the menu, where ever we choose to dine.

Glad the “holiday” is Over

Every year around this time, I get a whole truck load of traffic looking for all things leprechaun. I had a post in March of 09 where you could find out your leprechaun name. Really, it was a dumb little post, but I get more search engine hits for that than anything else. Here are the top 7 searches of ALL TIME. Clearly, The Leps have it.

leprechaun names

no whining allowed

ed grimley

no whining



chronic itp


This is of all time, since the blob was born! That is a lot of St. Patrick’s Day Men.

This was from  this week. They were looking for the usual, small green clad men names, and other various leprechaun things. Plus a variety of No Whining searches, which is not at all unusual.


leprechaun names

no whinning allowed

leprachaun names

no whining allowed

baby beaver

I am so glad the holiday is over and my stats will get back to normal. Maybe I should go back and delete that post. Hmmm.

I Am Keeping A Secret From Myself

I am super excited about daylight savings time this year.

Ever since last fall, when we fell back, I have been waking up at 5. Or earlier, as if 5 were not ridiculous enough.

I am hoping that my stubborn inner clock will not be aware that we are springing ahead, and it will allow me to sleep until 6 again. Which is when I need to get up anyway.

No more random 3 or 4 o’clock wake up calls. No more routinely waking up at 5. No more napping at 1 so I can make it through the evening to a staggering late 10:30!

Maybe now the 4 or 5 o’clock awakenings will be the random, and 6 will be the norm.

I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I am trying to keep it a secret from my sub conscious.

Back in Business

Our computer is back! I am so very happy!

It is not quite the same, a little pokey and confused sometimes, but I am hoping that will smooth out when Honey gets everything loaded back on it. Or maybe, this is the new normal.

When I downloaded the Live Writer thingy, my blob format did not appear. It said for some reason it couldn’t. I am writing on a big white page. Which is fine, but I am certainly hoping that when I push the publish button, the post will conform to the space allowed by the blob format. If it doesn’t, we are going to have a problem with the Live Writer thingy. We shall see.

There seems to still be uncertainty about why our backup hard drive cannot be put back onto our computer. The computer guy said something about a poor design. My question would be, WHY would someone have a backup hard drive if it couldn’t be put back on?

Honey is not finished tinkering, so maybe he will one day find our pictures that are out there, somewhere. The word tinkering is amusing.

I spent a little time reloading my favorite games. All 3 of them. I couldn’t find Bookworm though. Where could that be?

This morning, I was about the laborious process of adding my preferred blobs to my favorites folder. This could be problematic for me. I hope I can remember them all. I would hate to lose a favorite, and not be aware of it. On the other hand, maybe that is the blessing of forgetfulness. The unaware-ity. I realize that is a totally made up word. But it’s a good one, don’t you think?

I need to go and walk with Keelyody, but I wanted to show you this, the first picture featured on the blob in sweet forever.

This is what Honey replaced on the pool pump. This little hunk of plastic.  It cost $75 American dollars. Oy.


Here goes. Publish.

***EDIT***  It worked!!!!

We Want To Welcome Our Men Home From The Sea

The Guys return sometime this afternoon from The Great Fitchin’ Expedition of 2010, WOO HOO!!!!!

Just in the nick of time, too.  Honey has himself a To Do List as long as his arm.

Just a few of the Honey-Do things?

1. Take a little look see at the pool pump. I have to say though, the water looks fine, really.

2. Call Charles, or George, or whatever his name is and find out what we need to do to get our computer back. Before Abby’s laptop and our pool become ONE. That ought to cool the dumb thing down.

3. Mousey’s BRAND NEW PHONE quit working. It says it is looking for service, all the time. I need to ask Honey if I should just take it in. Some of you my be thinking, why don’t you just take the thing in? WELL, because all things technological seem insurmountable to me, but not to Honey. He could take one look at the blasted thing and push one button, and say here, now it’s fine. Since I have not had the opportunity to discuss this with him, I will wait until he tells me to take it in. Thanks for listening to my long, drawn out, tale.

4.I think he is going to decide who will fix our sewer debacle. He was waiting for one more quote, or he would have had it done before he left.  If you missed it, I was just doing the happy dance!!!! NO MORE HOOPTY HOUSE!!!!

5. I was thinking, as I think every year, if he is going to build Abby’s deck on The Doorwall To Nowhere, he should do it now so we can enjoy it. And not for the next owners of our house.

6. I want him to help me get the Rose of Sharon bushes/trees out of my perennial flower bed, because they are trying to rule the world. Like Tears For Fears. I was thinking that their new home could be by the new deck. The one off  The Doorwall To Nowhere. Sounds good, huh?

7. Last one. I’ll end on 7 because it’s God’s number.

I need him here. Period. I have a week worth of things to tell him about, and complain about, and SHARE.  Like about Mousey’s drivers ed, and how I know her instructor. And how I got a spider bite on my ankle that WILL NOT go away. And maybe it is turning me into a spider, or had babies under that big lump under my skin. And now behind my knee hurts. Is that related? Or do I have a blood clot? Did I pull a muscle walking? Are there spider babies growing there????

  I need to complain about my ugly toes. It just keeps getting better in the toe-al area. One chip of a big toenail on the left, another messed up big toenail on the right, AND a black second toenail. Because I dropped something on it. Add that to my blister between the 3rd and 4th toes, and the spider bite?  This has been a HUGE band aid summer is what I can say. And, WHAT THE CRAP?? To Quote Autumn.

We need some good cooking around here. And the Guys might like something other than fish for a change.

SO, as you can see, we need Honey home. And The Boy will be welcomed as well, because he just makes life fun!

Hurry home, Day-Go’s!! We would like to hug your necks!

There’s a Happy Mousey!

Mousey would love to tell you she is the only girl in her ENTIRE high school without a cell phone. She tells us, regularly.

Did we realize that? Do we care that she was living in the stone age? Were we AWARE that she was so thoroughly behind the mainstream? How massively this hindered her lifestyle????

We told all our kids that they could get a cell phone when they started driving. It’s not our fault that The Ab-Cat and The Boy decided that they never  wanted to drive.

Seriously, Abby was 20 and The Boy was 18!!!!

And even at that, they received their phones early. Abby getting hers for graduation when she was 18, and The Boy receiving his the Christmas he was 17. So don’t blame us, we were MORE than generous.

Mouse had been sharing Abby’s phone all year. Or borrowing mine. Or using Honey’s. We were all used to getting strange texts from her friends. I will say her friends were remarkably flexible, willing to text her at which ever phone she happened  to be using that day.

During all of the sharing of Abby’s phone, they wore the poor thing out. It was time to upgrade the phone and let it rest in peace.

Honey and I had a conversation about getting Mousey her own phone. We had one more service line available on our plan, and she would be driving very soon. It was time to stop all the sharing.

We went to the phone store, under the guise of them picking out a new phone. To share.

For reasons that I still do not quite understand, my phone was due for an upgrade, while Honey’s, which was purchased at the exact same time, was not. Abby would get a new phone to replace the loved to DEATH phone, while Mousey would get the new phone from my upgrade. I would keep my same phone, which is perfectly fine, as Mousey hadn’t had the time to text the living daylights out of it yet.

While perusing the new phone selections together, they were already disagreeing on the choice of their new phone. One wanted a slide. The other wanted a flip top.

At this point, I mentioned to Honey that he might want to tell them about the new deal, because they were beginning to dig in on their choices, and it seemed silly for them to come to words over the phone they would NOT BE SHARING.

You should have seen those Girls faces! Mousey was BEAMING! Seriously, glowing and pink! The Ab-Cat was not glowing. She was glowering. Similar, but not quite.

Tell me if this is a common thread at your house. Things have to be exactly fair, or else you forfeit ALL credibility.

The first thing Ab said was, it just proved  that Mouse was our favorite child. We made HER wait until she was out of high school. SHE had to be 18. Blah, blah, bblllllaaaahhhh.   Oh, for goodness sake. As I recall, the driving was the main issue.

The only thing that gave her pause was the fact that she wouldn’t have to share her phone anymore. She then got over it.

The Phone Store Man then showed The Girls which phones they could choose from. The free ones.

Do you know those Girls picked out the exact same phone? Oh yes they did. They did choose different colors though.


That’s a happy Girl.

I am leaving with the Gals from CareGroup this morning. We are heading over to the other side of The Mitten for a little bit of R&R. Along with some shopping, eating, and cards. Sounds like a perfect time to me!

Be back Friday, have a good week!

Feelin’ HOT, HOT, HOT

It’s hot. Too warm. 95 and sunny is broiling.

I mean, it’s really, boiling, lava, hot up here in The Mitten.

The pool is 87 degrees. People have been IN it!

Poor Honey works in a factory where it is core of the earth, hot. In his un-breezy coveralls.

Keelyody and I have returned home from walking the past couple of mornings with wet clothes. And the swarming nature has been bothering us intensely. She heard we should keep dryer lint sheets on our person to ward off all the buzzing, biting, nature. I think it helped, but what would probably help more, would be a break in the temperature.

Getting into a scalding car almost makes me flame out. Remember, my internal thermometer is several degrees higher these days.

I can’t remember what it feels like to be cold. I will be reminded again in about four months. Why do we live here?

I haven’t worn my hair down in sweet forever. Which is not all  bad. Because it needs to be colored, and wearing it up hides my silver grandma hair.

The plants are just wilting. The heat is sucking the life out of them.

Except for the tomatoes. They must like it hot, hot, hot.

They say today is the last day of the wave, then we will slide down to a more reasonable 80 something degrees.

Maybe then we will feel less like rotisserie chickens at Sam’s.

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