A List For Your Monday Viewing

I have a variety of unrelated things to share. Sounds like a list.

The Girls and I went on a girl outing. To the eye doctor and then over to Sears to pick out some new frames. We are super fun.

Mousey has decided to get contacts, but she still needed some glasses because she is basically driving around town like Mrs. Magoo. Pure road hazard.

The Ab-Cat chose a cute new pair for everyday and also a super cute new pair of sunglasses! There was another cute option that she discarded because they were the Kardashian brand. She said in no way was she supporting them. I get that.

I always need other people to come with me when I get new spectacles. It’s hard to choose wisely when you can’t see what you are doing.

I think I chose a flattering pair, but it has been my experience that I never like the new pair when I get them home. There is great angst and gnashing of teeth and severe doubt about how I could have picked so poorly, so I resort to wearing my old pair until they break and then I am forced to wear the new pair. 

It’s a complicated process. I have been doing it for over 40 years now.

We gals also had a Friday Night Lights marathon. Honey asked me how I could enjoy  watching what I had already seen? I told him it has been a couple years since I had been immersed in Dillon, Texas, and I had forgotten entire story lines! So it was basically almost all brand new!

Had a loverly Skype session with Mrs. Schmenkman yesterday afternoon. I like her face.

We were discussing our annual Memorial Day Extravaganza visit. I moved it last year because we had a family wedding. She needs to move it this year because she has a family wedding and will be here in The Mitten!!! We may move it to later in the summer.

Two years of not having The Memorial Day Hootenanny on Memorial Day. We are so flexible I don’t even know who we are anymore.

Just so long as we gather, that’s our new motto.

We thought The Boy’s new steroid was helping, but then it wasn’t. He had IVIG last week and is in the throes of some very bad side effects. Prayers are welcome.

Oh my goodness. Those cats are fighting down the hall like junior high school girls.

Seymour is a punk.

When I picked up some cat food I also purchased a new laser pointer. They think it’s the BOMB!!! Even the elder ladies are getting a workout!

Have a productive Monday.



Mousey sent me this pin. Love.


Truth. Honey brought home Tasty Boy donuts. I don’t know what I ever did to him.




Read this book on vacation last month on Ab-Cat’s recommendation. Loved it!


I could copy that. I did something else with mine, I’ll have to show you later.


In the mood.


Have a swell weekend before Christmas!


Maybe this would fit in my stocking?




I am drawn to this. I have seen several tutorials and I think I could swing it. Don’t need a wreath.


Love this too. Still don’t need a wreath.


Don’t be a  grump-a-sauras.


I could copy.


In the Future Grandchildren folder!


15 days until Christmas. Get cracking!


LOVE this!


It’s coming. #puremichigan


Have you seen the trailer for the new Star Wars movie? It’s a year away and my people are EXCITED!


A worthy skill.


I think I can do this, sorta/kinda!












May the real Force be with you.

Caramel Colored Boots, Check!

Just before we left for Florida I went to Kohl’s with a handy dandy 30%off coo-pin borrowed from Mary Zulker. I decided to take a gander in the shoe department. I was actually looking for boots  for The Ab-Cat. Not high boots, not low booties, but mid boots. Imagine my surprise when I found her a pair, me a pair AND three pair of shoes to take home for a trial run around the house!! The jury is still out on them.


I finally found the caramel boots so I could copy the Pinterest outfit! WOO HOO!!!

Imagine my surprise when I got them home and showed Mousey and she said they were the same as hers! I knew I always liked those boots! Well, this is a picture of hers, sprawled out on the floor next to the shoe rack. Mine are in the closet.


I wore the Pinterest outfit to church yesterday!


Sorta kinda the same.

teacher talk: outfits You'd have to do leggings not tights. Too see-through for the dress code.

I liked it, very comfy!


I found an Etsy store called Soulful Edges that had bracelets that I quite fancied. I think this outfit could use one!

The Weekly Sy and Other Schnibbles of Stuff

He was ever so glad to see his people after their week in The Mitten!


He liked the new duvet cover The Dane picked out at Ikea.



I Facetimed with The Boy yesterday to hear how his final Rituxan infusion went. He said it went well and he slept through the majority of it. Sy was especially glad to see him and I heard his happy chatting all the way up here. I then watched as he made biscuits and loved on his Dad. That cat is an excellent baker! A #1 kneader!!!!!

Hey Guys, look at all of the hyacinth beans I harvested! WOO HOO!!! I am going to start them in the house in early spring so they can get a jump start.


I ripped  this off from Pinterest, it’s what I do best.  I bought everything except the candle, which was given to me by Girl Cousin Robin! Thanks Robin, that candle smells DE-licious! I am very pleased with my copying skills.


Mousey and I bought this to try, it has evidently been around forever. She said she had read that some people like it. We then had a conversation about old fashioned things that really work.


We don’t do any corn husking around here but we gave it a whirl. Mousey slathered it all over, as she does. I tried it on my hooves. I like that it is oil free. I am not keen on getting oil all over the bedding. She loved it and I felt her legs and they did feel like silken magic. The jury is still out on my hooves. They are a tougher nut to crack. I may have to be more diligent than the one time I applied. We shall see.

Have a good weekend!


Proverbs 3:5-6 is my life verse. One of them.




I think I have all the ingredients to copy this!


So dang clever and purty too!


Where can I find this? I need it.


Yes please.


Have a good Thursday.


Think I have it.




I would TOTALLY subject my children to this!


Thank you Lord.







An October List

It’s Friday and October, time to get my list on.

It’s dark out there! Keelyody and I are supposed to walk in 15 minutes and we may need a flash light. I think a little daylight savings time will help, but I goggled it and that doesn’t kick in until November 2.  :/

I wanted to take my camera on our walk and show you some pretty things, but I can’t tell what the weather is yet. I was hoping to do that on a sunny day.

As you know, I am all about the Pinterest lately. I found a recipe for streak free window cleaner that I would like to share. 2 cups of water, 1/2 cup white vinegar, 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol. I think it could be magic. Of course we have had no actual streaming sunlight since I wiped down my door wall, but it looks awesome anyway. Mousey and I used it on our car windshield too. Once again, looks real good, but need the sun. To be continued with the onset of sun.

It’s getting a little lighter, see some pink, could be a good sign.

Has anyone seen Fixer Upper on HGTV? I am quite liking it.

I am still working on getting my fall wardrobe ready. I am having second thoughts about my brown boots. I kept the B.O.C comfortable ones, and I do love them, but there is a problem. Of course. When I tried them on, put all the pieces together to copy the Pinterest outfit, I realized they are not really the color I need. I wanted more of a caramel color. My boots are sitting squarely in the dark brown camp. I think I need the more caramel color for all the plans I have for the brown boots.

I am going to wait on them and look around in Florida. Wait, do people wear boots in Florida?

Just got back from walking. It was surprisingly warm and windy. Keelyody said she had looked at the weather radar and observed the chances were good of getting get caught in the deluge hurtling our way.

It got increasingly ugly, so we cut off the end loop of our walk. When we were back on her street, the hurtling deluge caught us. Goodness!!

Did I mention that I am also liking Trisha Yearwood’s cooking show on Food Network’s  Saturday morning roster? I can’t remember if I did. She is so cute. I think we could be friends.

Saw this on the Pinterest. Truth and Love.


I apologize Warren.

I am guessing that everyone has heard about some Ebola in Texas?

Is anyone else wondering why this man came home right after helping someone who DIED of Ebola? Did it not occur to him that he could be infected????

Is anyone else wondering why this man was turned away at the hospital when he admitted being in Africa?

Is anyone else wondering why people are living quarantined in his apartment that has not been CLEANED?????

Does anyone remember the kids movie Tiny Tunes Adventures How I Spent My Summer Vacation?

And Hampton’s family put on hazmat type suits so they could clean the public restrooms, and they sprayed disinfecting foam everywhere?

That’s what I would want to do.

I highly recommend Tiny Tunes Adventures How I Spent My Summer Vacation. It was a highly quotable movie. It was memorable.

Is anyone else excited that Gilmore Girls came to Netflix on October 1? I think excited is too strong a word. But I am pleased. I never saw the beginning or the end.

Ok, that’s enough. Be back tomorrow with The Weekly Sy. Have a good Friday.







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